Sunday, June 23, 2013

Meet Andy Herren - Full of Gingie Spice #BB15

Meet Andy Herren, who is 26 and from Aurora Illinois. Jeff is thrilled to have another house guest from the Chicago area and I can tell Andy is a Big Brother fan.  He looks really excited when Jeff is introducing himself like he couldn't wait to get started.

 Andy has a Masters in Communications, and is a teaches at a college that teaches people to speak in public.  Got it?

Jeff wonders what Andy will be willing to do to win --does he have any morals or limits?  Andy thinks people will know he's not super-religious and he won't swear on the Bible.  If he won the money it would be such a stepping stone for the rest of his life.  He admits he doesn't know much about finance now, but he would invest the money so that it would insure a "good, bright future for myself".

Jeff:  Good enough.

Jeff:  Is there anything special that you're leaving behind when you go in the house?


It's a funny moment and if I haven't mentioned it already Andy is the Gay One so far this year (not sure he's the only one but I guess we'll see...) and when he said this to Jeff he just kind of owned him and it was laugh-out-loud funny.

Andy is a "cryer" and he's going to try really hard not to break and start sobbing in the house.  He's not a big "sad cryer" and is more of a "happy cryer" and he wonders if this would change over the summer.

He's worried about it. He mentions that the last few days he's been "talking to a lot of people" (i.e.translation:  lots of interviews and evaluations) and he's been surprisingly calm and collected.

Andy: But I'm worried that I'm going to crack.   I'm worried and I wonder when it will happen?

Jeff jokes about getting a betting pool going but then says he thinks Andy will be strong.  He knows Andy can speak on his feet and comes from a good place and is well educated.


Andy says he's going to try and assess who his threats are in the house and act accordingly.

Jeff:  You seem pretty logical and I think  you'll make the right decisions.  You'd probably throw me out of there.

Andy:  Oh!  I would get you out immediately!  You're too likeable Jeff!

Jeff:  I'm used to gettin' the boot!

Jeff wishes him the best of luck, and jokes that we'll all look forward to watching him crack.


Jeff:  No, you're not.  I'm looking forward to watching you and it's going to be a great season.

Andy:  Thanks Jeff!

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This Andy is going to be a piece of work.  It's kind of hard to describe, but he just has this sort of coiled energy that is bubbling right under the surface that could blow any minute.  It is clear that his mind moves at lightening speed and it is a struggle to keep words from rushing out of his mouth.

Quirky.  Sassy.  You see every emotion on his face, and they ripple through quickly.  That's going to get him in trouble if he's not careful.  Maybe he focuses everything on the words that come out, rather than the delivery, since his profession is Communications.

Or maybe he is just thrilled to pieces to be there sitting next to Jeff.  Could be.  He kind of reminds me of Mike White in Chuck and Buck, if Mike White from Chuck and Buck had three Adderall for breakfast.

And I don't think we've seen this type of human in the house yet....I think Andy's prospects in the house might be quite good, depending on his ability to lose the Fan Boy persona about Big Brother.

Don't get me wrong he's going to have problems in there from time to time.  I can't see him NOT "sharing his feelings" about the way someone left the kitchen sink, or the fact that SOMEONE drank his soy milk.  He's going to have some DRAMA in there and it might be really good.

But I don't think he will be Public Enemy #1 in that house at all.  Not at all.  He of course can latch on to the girls and pursue the "I'm not a threat" route.  I would rather he be very evil in that house, befriending people and cutting them with devilish precision.  Complete with a maniacal giggle and cursing so much that he has to be bleeped in his Diary Room sessions to soothe the censors.

But that will never happen.  I can only dream it will.  

Andy will make the jury and more, because there will be other people who need to go before he does.  I don't think anyone would suspect that he's not exactly how he conducts himself, that he's hiding something that will beat them.  That's why it would be such a brilliant ploy.

Of course, he might end up being the cryer he is so worried about becoming, and be scared of his own shadow in the Nomination Ceremony. A little neurotic.  But very, very funny.  I'm wondering how this whole mix of people is going to work, and who's going  to earn the fist boot.

Nothing bonds like a common enemy.  But I certainly don't think it will be Andy.  I just found his Professor he must be good.

 I don't always think Jeff is right, but he was right about something:  This is going to be a good season.


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