Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meet Aaryn Gries - This Year's Blonde Bombshell #BB15

Meet Aaryn Gries, who is 22 and hails from somewhere in Texas.  Most of the square footage of the  Lone Star State is vast, sprawling land, just waiting for you to approach, drive by, and leave.

(Makes me think of that song Texas, from Chris Rea, a long slow lazy jam about the state.  Listen to it and get your chair dance on while you read.  Go ahead.  Then support the artist on iTunes.  He deserves it.)

Aaryn is a very poised young lady, and will be one of the Big Brother Blondes this season, but with a twist:  She actually watches the show, and is a fan.  Jeff probes that statement a little, and she admits that she hasn't been watching since the beginning, but she's a big fan.

Aaryn wants to win badly, but won't jeopardize her morals to do so.  She says her family knows her very well, so she doesn't expect to do anything on Big Brother that would surprise or embarrass them.

Jeff:  No skeletons in the closet?

Aaryn, giggling:  Nope.

Aaryn is single, but might not be Showmance material because she is very picky.  Jeff wonders if she will backstab her showmance or other friends she makes in the house, and she says it really depends on the relationship they have.

Her downfall is probably going to be that people judge her, and it's not always good.  Jeff jumps on this response and Aaryn clarifies that she is very girly, and likes to dress up all of the time, and some people don't like that.

She's not afraid to be "bummy" (Jeff's word.) in sweatpants while she's in the house, though.

When Jeff asks her why she wants to win the show, (besides the money), Aaryn gives a strange answer.    She wants to win so that she can be a part of the Big Brother Family forever.  Jeff makes her repeat that a few times, but she sticks to her answer.  Big Brother is important to her and she wants to be connected to the show forever.

That's a new one for me.

FeedWatcher Forecast

Aaryn is pleasant-enough.  She's standard as far as I'm concerned, for the Big Brother Blonde archetype.  I wish she had quantified her Big Brother fandom with some sort of special information, but we didn't see that here.

Let's get this out of the way now.  Aaryn is a model and pageant girl.  Look at the following pictures, which I'll title Wowza and Yowza.

The models are frequently the first ones booted from the BB house.  If Aaryn is a True SuperFan than surely she knows that.

Does she have a strategic plan to ensure that doesn't happen to her?

Who knows, and who cares.  She will look great doing whatever it is she does in the BB house.  I'll be sure to snap some poolside pictures for the fans as soon as I can get them, because she probably won't be in the house very long.

Just a guess.  Ask Kara Monaco.

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