Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let the Sleuthing Begin - Elissa Slater #BB15

All Big Brother house guests are well aware that the Super Fans are going to be trolling for information about their personal lives and accomplishments.  I'm not on Facebook, or Google+, or any of those social networking sites, but I know that there are Super Fans analyzing each house guest's list of Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, and so forth, to glean any information they can about where the BB15 have been, who they know, and where who they know might have been.

This nugget of information comes to you from me, straight from one of the comments left on my website, and then a basic Google search.  Old school, you might say.

We all know that Elissa is a newlywed just like her sister Rachel, getting married within the same year and drafting off each other's nuptial excitement.  But then during the BB15 interview process we learned that Elissa has a young child--I think she said it is a son somewhere in the 7-10 year old range.


Elissa has not mentioned her son's name, so that is a line that I don't believe we should cross at this point.  Until she puts that information out there, it is off limits here.  Please don't post that stuff here or I will have to delete it.  I've let all sorts of other things be said here during BB14 (oy vey that Danielle Murphree....) but let's not involve a minor child.  I have reason to believe that it is the father's wish to keep the son's life private, so let's respect that.  The Reilly family has been a reality TV staple for nearly 4 years now, and are obviously comfortable with the spotlight, but let's leave the child out of it, OK?


So way back on Thursday June 18th (a year in BB time) I wrote a blog post about the latest rumors, that Rachel's sister Elissa would be a contestant on BB15.  I thought it was a brilliant rumor that got everyone's blood boiling, but I didn't really think it could be true.  I know Rachel is a CBS Company girl and I really thought it was all in good fun to build publicity for the new season.

Then, almost two days after I posted, the following comment was made:

I was surprised by this, but didn't mention it in any of my posts or tweets.  When I click on the name of the commenter, I get taken into Google+, where I can't see anything else about the commenter, due to my stubborn refusal to participate.  So I just waited.  The post was one of the most popular preseason posts, so a lot of people read it, but no one commented on the comment.

Who is Chase Clanton?  Well, I think he was Elissa's first husband.  I have no idea if the person who left this comment was an imposter or not, but I did find evidence that Elissa was known as Elissa Clanton just a few years ago, as late as 2010.  I did find a few Chase Clantons out there, but none of them really jumped out at me, certainly not enough for me to post here.

Elissa Clanton is noted as the hair stylist on this photo shoot.  (Not crazy about the model's do, however, but maybe the picture is about the dress, not the hair.)

And I found a North Carolina-specific magazine from 2010 that lists Elissa Clanton as one of the models.  I scoured all of the pictures in the magazine, but I think they have the credits wrong.  I think Elissa modeled in the poolside shoot and not the "Uptown Finest" as listed below.  With Elissa's bod, I think the poolside shoot was a much better choice.  (Editing is a lost art, I think.  I can find the typo(s) on just about any menu within 10 minutes of scanning it.)

Here are the poolside pictures I found.  Those pale, rather plain looking models are brave to pose next to Elissa, who looks like she's ready for the cover of Cosmo.  Check out blondie there on the right sucking in her gut for the camera.  Nice to know that the skinnys feel the need to do that too. 
This male model has no problem posing next to our girl Elissa.  Hell no.  That dude is foine.

So Elissa was married before and it didn't work out.  Shit happens to all of us.  I know she loves her son, so it is a shame if she is unable to speak freely about him due to some sort of prearranged agreement with third parties.  Elissa is choosing to lead a public life, though, and saw the hell that Rachel went through on BB12, so she must be aware of what she signed up for.

Is this Chase Clanton trying to grab the spotlight for himself?  I guess we'll know soon enough.  Posting what he did about Elissa's summer plans was very foolish if he wanted to stay in the shadows.

Here is what I do know about Elissa, straight from Rachel's mouth on the BB12 and BB13 live feeds.

1.  Elissa met her new husband through Rachel--I think Rachel met him through one of her Vegas cocktail jobs and then made the introduction.

2.  Elissa moved to Canada to be with her man.  We know that Canadians can't be on BBUS (right?) so I'm not sure if she really lives back in North Carolina now, or what.

3.  Elissa kept Rachel's dog Benz during BB13, when both Rachel and Brendon were playing BB again.

4.  Elissa is Rachel's best friend, and I think Rachel will kick your ass if you don't respect her.  I always wished I had a sister so I could have a relationship like that, but I do know a lot of sisters fight and hate on each other.  Not these two, though.  At least not now.

***AND NOW***

As I immerse myself in BB15 for the summer, I think Elissa might be in a little trouble in the house.  It didn't take long for them to start gossiping about how much she reminded them of Rachel.  When the truth comes out (and it may have already) then this MVP twist may hurt Elissa as much as it might help her.

For example, Rachel's army of Twitter followers may vote her MVP all summer long, but it won't take the other house guests long to realize this is an unfair advantage, and kick Elissa to the curb.

Now let's all sit back and enjoy the show.


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  2. Sorry, but it is what is, just thought I'd let ya know.

  3. That's her in the photo, can't you tell? Before the lip implant and whatever else she had done with it (I learned all about these things on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...they were proud of their plastic). Maybe had her chin refined a bit? But the resemblance to Rachel in this photo is striking as well. It's her!

  4. I meant in the first photo--that is not Elissa in the swimsuit. Completely different facial features. Ask a plastic surgeon if you must know. She has an amazing body and is very pretty now (except for the duck lip) but that doesn't mean she is simply the prettiest girl in the photo shoot from the past. She's the awful one in the dress.

  5. that model in the "poolside" pics is Britney Kerr, go look it up, it's not fugly Elissa, she wishes she looked that good!