Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just Your Typical Thursday Afternoon #BB15

And they are still trapped in there on an indoor lockdown, while the PoV competition is built in the back yard.  Production knows that the longer they are locked in there, the more tension will build and build.

And yes, there has been tension.  Elissa's game is getting blown up and if she doesn't get picked to play PoV, or she plays and loses. then she's going to be in a tough spot.

At the chess board, Nick and Jessie were sitting opposite Spencer playing chess, while David perched nearby. For some reason Jessie stood up to do some cheers for the guys and they just sit and watch.  All guys love cheerleaders, right?  Jessie should look on the bright side and realize that thing's aren't so bad for her, after all.  Even though she's on the block.

Then she sits back down and accuses Spencer of cheating when he wins the chess game.  She says he was supposed to say "check".  He claims he did say it while she was cheering and she put up quite a little stink about it.  He finally graciously backed down in that way you do to patronize someone that will make your life miserable later.

Isn't Jessie on the block?  I think she just lost some of the lingering goodwill from the cheers.

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