Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hey Hey McCrae #BB15

McCrae has been pried away from his HoH suite and is sitting on the patio.  As usual, he is quiet and appears at least half-baked.

Are you happy because your friend Amanda is out there with you?

Amanda just told Andy that her boyfriend is a lawyer, and does "entertainment contract law, or something like that'.  Andy made her clarify that he indeed was a bona fide lawyer.  The topic came up because she had been hanging all over Howard who was laying outside on his stomach.  Amanda started kneading his buttocks and stated that her boyfriend would be so mad at her for "this and a few other things".

And Andy? He tried to explain why one of his bosses wanted to get rid of him, and the "explanation" ended up being like 30 sentences strung together really fast one after the other and made me think for the first time that Andy might be a little unbalanced.  He said there was so much more to the story, but he couldn't say it for legal reasons.

(I believe you Andy.  I believe you.)


 I hope McCrae will get over any heartbreak over Amanda having a boyfriend lickety split.  One thing that would improve my opinion of Amanda's game is that if she pursues and bangs every single HoH, no matter who it is.  Spencer, Candice, whoever.

How eff'ing BOSS would that be?  No one has done that before in the US, or maybe even in the UK.  She could really make a name for herself.  Let's all just go ahead and go straight to hell along with this cast, huh?

In the background Jeremy gets called to the DR and calls out "Yes Massah" and Amanda tells him to watch out saying stuff like that.

I think there's been a few sit downs already in the DR about this.  A few cautionary warnings.  Just a guess.

I tried to find a picture of Judd that made him seem as intelligent as I think he is, deep inside.  Way, way deep inside, but it's there.  He has a natural curiosity and sincere way of talking to people that is good for his game.

But he does look rather dull in the pictures.  A few crayons short of a box?

And Elissa always looks "posey".  These pictures are from about an hour ago, in the HoH Room.

Howard and Spencer were both talking about how they wanted her to stay in the house this week.  Howard pointed out that the young alliance in the house would self-destruct, and those girls are jealous of Elissa because she is "strikingly gorgeous".

Spencer assured her that it is better for his game if Elissa is there.  

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