Friday, June 28, 2013

Evening Shade #BB15

Helen, Andy and Candice lay in the HoH suite and Candice pretends to sleep while Andy and Helen discuss the pending nomination of Elissa.  Helen talks about how the worst time for her is the first thing in the morning---she misses her sons and her husband and it is very painful.  Once she gets past that, she's fine.  But every morning it is very hard.

 Andy actually tears up when Helen talks about how she wonders how much of the show her husband showed her sons, and she wonders what their faces looked like when they saw her on TV for the first time.

She gets emotional about it and says this is why I was happy to have Elissa here,  because she's a Mom too.  And I thought that would help me, but it doesn't.

Helen totally leads Andy to believe that Elissa would be up and out of the house the first week.  But she was totally convincing last night when she told McCrae that David is the biggest threat and needs to go.

 Helen, Helen, Helen.  I'm liking your potential for doing Dastardly Deeds that we all know need to be Done.

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