Sunday, June 30, 2013

David Puts Aaryn on Blast #BB15

Kaitlin and Aaryn were sitting in the bathroom, lounging and gossiping while Kaitlin does a little cleaning, too.

David came in and Aaryn adjusted her microphone in front of the glass, saying something about her boobs.

Aaryn:  Not that I have any, anyway.  They're so small.

David:  They felt pretty good last night.

Aaryn, slapping him:  DAVID!

 They started wrestling around and I'm not sure what this type of "move" was.

Aaryn is changing the bed she and David sleep in and is upset that David hasn't bathed in two days..  She says the pool doesn't count, and he needs to take a shower to keep the bed clean.  She is complaining about how dirty the room is and David tries to shift the blame as follows:

David:  Well, black Candice was over there....

Aaryn:  David!

They have a long awkward moment and David laughs.  Aaryn says something like she's ashamed of her own behavior, then says the following:

Aaryn:  At least she doesn't have Asian eyes.

Yes, she said that.

Here are some pictures of Aaryn and Kaitlin hanging out in the bathroom before David came in, in case you care.  Aaryn was eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream that Kaitlin polished off for her.



I just try to report what I see and hear.  I'm not candy coating, nor condemning.  What happens is what is captured, and there are certainly lessons to be learned.

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