Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Big Brother Goes Back to the 60's #BB15

Pictures of the new Big Brother 15 house started surfacing last night and it is clear that Scott Storey, Production Designer is a fan of the AMC show Mad Men.  In fact, after watching Julie Chen's tour of the house, I was expecting to see Don Draper blowing smoke in the back yard and maybe see Megan Draper come out of the WC to powder her nose.

Here are a few snaps I took of Julie's video.  As usual the Chenbot is enthusiastic and excited about the new season, and is looking fab in a 60's inspired frock.  Before we start our tour, I must remind you that the design elements chosen for the house do not necessarily indicate anything about the new season.  Sometimes they are just that....part of the decor.  (Remember the BB8 Alice in Wonderland house?)

Julie tells us that the BB15 house will be filled with "16 new house guests", but with "one familiar face".  Hmmm..  Does that mean that a former Survivor will be in the house?  A celebrity?

She also says that America will have a HUGE role in the game this year that will impact nominations.  In fact, America will be asked to get involved before the first nominations take place (I think that is what she said.).

There are a lot of arrows in the house, and the designer says he was inspired by the opening credit sequence of the movie Catch Me If You Can.  If you watch these credits, you can certainly see the influence.  Here it is if you'd like to take a short, calming break before continuing Julie's tour.

OK.  One of the first things Julie pointed out is the little couch that has replaced the nomination chairs, but she won't tell us how that fits into the BB15 theme.  To me, it's obvious the house guests will be playing in pairs and will be nominated together (at least at the beginning of the season), but what the hell do I know?  Julie also points out the new fireplace, but tells it it doesn't work before reminding us to "Expect the Unexpected".

Julie then pointed out something else that doesn't work---the typewriter.  I am showing you this picture so you can see Julie's enormous rock!  Wow just look at that!  You know that it was just announced that Julie's husband Les Moonves made over $62 million dollars in 2012, right?  (You can read about that here.)  And yet Julie still works so hard on The Talk every day, and of course slaving away on Big Brother all season.  She's an earner too, our Julie.

And here is a Bar Cart where we would expect to find Don Draper sloshing a few fingers of scotch.  I already wish I had a dollar for every time the house guests complain about the lack of booze in the Bar Cart.


The kitchen has been fashioned into a circular shape, and Julie points out that there is a stripe that runs through the space, culminating in an arrow-shaped counter.  Things get pretty crowded in that kitchen for the first half of the game, but I guess they had to sacrifice function for form this year.  I predict plenty of broken plates and glasses falling off the edge of that thing.

And here is Julie showing us "The Lounge", which is obviously tricked out to resemble sitting by the window in an airport lounge.  I have to say I LOVE this room and would set up shop in there.  Not necessarily this view...

But this one, the one you would see if you were lounging in that space.

Julie points out that the blue lights are "actual runway lights", which may be the coolest thing I see this week.  Now, I'm not recommending that everyone visit their local private airstrip to lift a few of those lights for yourself, but I'll admit I'm tempted.  OK, I'm tempted.  Lucky for the private airstrip located just a few miles from my house, Big Brother 15 is here now, so I don't have time to leave the house to begin a criminal career (but Catch Me If You Can...).

This is the "Eames" bedroom that looks somewhat like an office, with filing cabinets to store the house guest's belongings.  The drawings on the wall are sketches of the famous Eames furniture designed by Charles and Ray Eames that defined the shape of modern furniture.

I have some friends who collect vintage Eames pieces, but I never really feel like I can sit down and be comfortable because they are always pointing out how much everything cost.  Let's face it, that is tacky.

And this bedroom is described by Julie as the "It's a Small World" room.  No it's not the Have Not Room.  These colors are too much for me, so I guess it's a good thing I will not be a house guest on BB15.  I would probably cop a huge 'tude if I was forced to sleep in here.  (By the way....where will everyone sleep?  If this season has the most house guests ever?  Just asking, Julie.)

If you have ever lived in Orlando, then like me you have probably ridden the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney World at least once with a ripping hangover.  If so, you will know what I mean about this room.  Maybe it will look better when everyone has strewn their clothes all over the floor and hangs them over every available surface.  Which should happen within about 30 minutes of entering the house, of course.

And here is the bathroom, where many whispered conversations will take place.  It looks just like a spa, and apparently it is built from cedar so it smells like one, too.  I would love it if Julie excused herself during one of these annual tours to visit the WC.  But of course, we all know The Chenbot doesn't have standard bodily functions.

One room Julie didn't show us was the Have Not Room, which was all locked up.  She said that the house guests might find that they can't sleep in there, because they just can't seem to lie down.  I know Julie wants to surprise us, but of course she probably means that the Have Not Room has airplane seats for beds.  And probably not those new British Airways First Class Seats that fold out flat, with cubicle walls for privacy.  The "beds" are probably similar to this, but we can still act surprised when we see them.

And the HOH room is simply spectacular.  Unbelievable work, Scott Storey.  They have created it to appear as if you are living in a glass-walled penthouse overlooking downtown Los Angeles and LAX.
Wowza.  Everything is decorated in shades of black, white and gray, with the skyline being the pop of color.

There are a couple of places where you can find the videos of Julie touring the BB15 house to watch for yourself, but here is the one with the video from ET.  It looks like Dreamer from Jokers Updates was the source of this video, even though I found it somewhere else.  Thanks Dreamer, for your work every year on Big Brother videos.  We SuperFans all appreciate it!

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