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Big Brother After Dark - Another Day, Another Dozen Alliances - 6-28-13

This episode of BBAD aired at midnight on Friday.  McCrae Olson is still the HoH, and also won the PoV this week.  The PoV ceremony hasn't happened yet, but is expected tomorrow.

Jessie and Candice are on the block, and David was added to the chopping block courtesy of the MVP.

OK.  Let's go.

As the show opens Andy and Amanda are in the HoH talking about what they think will happen in the house, and Andy wonders how they are being portrayed on TV.

They think Jeremy is being portrayed as an idiot.  And they talk about Elissa too, of course.  They don't think Gina Marie likes Candice.  Spencer comes in and they ask him to join their assessments.  Amanda thinks Jeremy would be a good guy to backdoor, because he doesn't know the game.  Spencer thinks Jeremy will self-destruct on his own.

Amanda refers to the showmances as Beiber Fever and she wonders how America is embracing that whole thing.  She thinks people love showmances and Spencer says Aaryn is tailor-made for America to love, and then jokes and calls her "Aryan".  (!)   Amanda says she tries to act like she is so sweet, but the other day when McCrae won PoV she told me he'd better watch out!

Andy:  Three quarters of the time I really like being around Aaryn and she has funny things to say, but the other one-fourth of the time I feel like she's just a robot performing.

Andy demonstrated how in the backyard Aaryn and Elissa positioned themselves in the back yard right by the cameras, posing.  Amanda brings up Aaryn in the bathtub last night and Jessie rubs Amanda the wrong way, too.

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Spencer tries to get the conversation back on track.  Oh, it turns out McCrae has been there the whole time, sitting off to the side.  They discuss how McCrae will approach Elissa about her nomination and Amanda takes over the conversation (Shocker!).  Andy is going to talk to Elissa and use the right tone.  They believe that there are 5 in Bieber Fever, and they want to get David out of here this week but they want to handle things the right way.

Spencer thinks after David is gone the other 4 will not know what to do.  No one knows if Elissa knows what the plan is or not.  Judd comes in and joins the group and tells Amanda that he talked to Elissa about it so she knows that she might stay.

Andy thinks Helen and Howard are okay, and Spencer vouches for Howard.  Andy says Howard has approached him to say he is "cool with me, Helen and Spencer".  Spencer says he'll talk to Howard.  They have a group of eight that are in this, but Howard cautions everyone from telling Candice about this because she will ruffle feathers.

Judd is a mumbler, but says he is committed to this and he wants to be here.  Spencer cautioned them that once David is gone, the "target is gonna shift and you need to be prepared for that".   Spencer also says they need Elissa so they can "weaponize her popularity" for their benefit.

(Spencer is no joke.  He gets it.)

Spencer instructs Amanda how she should approach Helen to discuss this.  They seem to think Nick and Gina Marie aren't aligned with anyone.  Amanda is convinced of this and they decide to keep those two in the dark, and not even involve them in this.

(Spencer is in the Moving Company with Nick....and Howard.....and McCrae....and Jeremy.)

They plan to tell Candice that "Jessie has to leave this week", and then just let her sit "off to the side, drop her off so she won't know". That idea comes from the Dastardly mind of Spencer, who wants her to be shell shocked.  They all agree that Candice is going to be hard to deal with down the road and expect her to have emotional outbursts.

Spencer:  You let me worry about Candice.  I'll be the one to tell her that.  No body else needs to say anything.

They agree to put this matter to bed tonight and not talk about it again until after the live eviction.  McCrae agrees they need to keep it really quiet.  Approaching Helen is on their list of things to do, and Spencer thinks she needs to be a little intimidated first.  Howard is the other person to talk to, and Spencer is leaving to talk to him now.

Andy said Elissa freaks him out and worries that if they tell her, she  might jump out of the window.

Spencer:  She's going to act weird, anyway.  No matter what.

Spencer leaves and they say they have a Final Five deal

Judd:  Final Five.  Right here!

Amanda:  Holy crap.  This is Big Brother.

Now we see Aaryn in the bedroom with Jessie.  Aaryn is describing all of the different competitions where you have to roll balls on a ramp, or throwing them like skeeball.  David is there listening too and thinks he could do well in some of those games.

Now in the backyard Elissa and Gina Marie are wearing black workout clothes and are doing different acrobatic stunts.  Gina Marie just did some tumbling and it was impressive.   The funniest thing is that we could hear a few of the guy's muttered comments as they watched from afar.  They weren't really being nasty, but it was implied.  And they said Gina Marie is a tomboy.

The cameras shift around from room-to-room quite quickly as the control room shows us what everyone is up to.  Or maybe they are trying to taunt us with what we aren't going to be able to see.

Aaryn says that David and Jeremy are so chummy everybody is going to think they're like "Brokeback Mountain".

David:  Yeah, well at least I'm not like him walking around and saying I'm gonna win every single challenge!

Howard came up and Amanda filled him in on their new alliance of eight, and how they will be keeping Elyssa and voting David out.  After Howard leaves Amanda kind of gushes that they're playing Big Brother right now, and this is so cool.  One of her little speeches got bleeped, and I think she referred to the showmancers as "fuckbuddies" and the censor caught it.

(What a fucking job that would be, huh?  The BBAD censor?)

Amanda says their alliance is so solid they never have to worry, and points out that all of them really love this game, and they will all make $13,000, at the very least.  (i.e. the full stipend).  Andy thinks it was meant to be, all of them, and he thinks they all know it.

McCrae:  We're playing with the people who we really want to play with....not just people who walked off the lot.

(i.e. the movie studios)

Andy mentions that Aaryn is a shit starter and they all agree.  Andy said she came up to him yesterday all of the sudden and said "everyone notices that you were talking to Elissa and Helen".

McCrae:  Well I'm going to talk to her because she's a nice person.

Andy:  Oh I'll talk to anybody about anything I want to!

Now they discuss how David never says anything of merit to them about anything, and doesn't even seek out conversation.  Andy says he knows they are all together and thinks they are trying to hide it.  Kaitlin tried to tell Andy that this is how BB is played and Andy says "Bitch!  Don't try and tell me about this game!"

Andy:  I want her out of here.  She doesn't even know what is going on.

Judd:  They were all lookin' in the manual trying to read about the Power of Veto.

Andy:  I will be devastated if somebody who doesn't know about the Power of Veto gets to the jury!

Amanda shudders with horror and is bleeped constantly as she apparently tries to say something along the lines of "We are the fucking Big Brother fucking fans and fuck that if those fuckers try to fuck up our fucking game."  I mean, allegedly.

Andy is really getting cranked up now, and is speaking in an indignant, whispery tone.

Andy:  You know what's really getting to me?  All of the constant camera mugging...

Amanda:  You mean the fucking pageant show?

Andy:  And I'll just say it.  There is zero chemistry that I can see between Aaryn and David.

Amanda says Aaryn acts like she's David's girlfriend and orders him around.  They all crow that their group will implode once David is gone.  Andy says he doesn't want to play against people "of those caliber".  They all start leaving the room in dribs and drabs so it doesn't look like a meeting was held.  McCrae and Judd are going to meet in the backyard to have a smoke, and then Andy and Amanda will stay and talk about "movies".

McCrae is wearing a cute kind of fishing/safari hat, not unlike a desert combat hat.  Andy says he is very sure about trusting Helen, but Candice is another story.  Oh now they see Candice coming up the stairs and Amanda quickly says "I think my favorite movie is The Goonies".

Andy asks Candice about her favorite movie and she said Sister Act Two, and adds she has also seen Pretty Women "like a million times".  Candice is eating a big tub of popcorn and the sounds are unmistakable.

Now we travel to the backyard where Helen and Howard are playing pool.  Helen is wearing a black ensemble and the balls clack into each other as they move around the table.  Now we whiplash back to the bedroom where David and Jeremy are talking shit about someone that I'm guessing is Amanda.

David:  Dude.  She's been up there talking to him for like, hours.

Jeremy:  She needs to go!

Then apparently Kaitlin came in (I think it was her.) and from off camera started beefing about something.  Jeremy tells her that they need to get it out in the open, talk about it.  When she starts to talk the cameras jerk us back to the HoH where McCrae is threatening to wear the same T-shirt every day, "Dan-style".

(He's wearing a crimson T-shirt with a big yellow M on it.  Minnesoooooota, I guess.)

Amanda:  You're going to be so stinky!

McCrae:  Hell yeah.

Amanda remembers the "gay guy who wore gray T-shirts all of the time on the enemies season".

Andy:  You mean Dustin?  Yeah.  He lives right by me...I've seen him a bunch of times. 

Amanda:  Yeah?

Andy:  I told you I know Joe.  I went to high school with him.

Amanda:  Joe...from here?

Andy says yeah and the cameras change quickly as Andy starts to elaborate on Joe and Dustin.  (Remember the whole gonorrhea situation?  Watch episode #1 of BB8 and enjoy that priceless classic moment.)

In the bedroom apparently it is Jessie who had the beef with Jeremy, and they are wrapping up their chat as she sniffles and says it's hard, and Aaryn bursts in, swinging her hair around and laughing.  Aaryn has a name for their alliance that is "just so's Boats and Ho's.".

Jeremy does a big belly laugh, but I don't get it, do you?  I mean Jeremy has a boat, but does anybody else?  Is every other alliance member a Ho?    Aaryn says it is so funny she had to run down the hall to tell them.  Aaryn is eating something in a bowl that might be ice cream, but might be something else.  She reports that Nick and Gina Marie might join them, but they are going to go with their other alliance name, and it's a group of six.

Jeremy:  Are you down?

David:  Oh yeah, I'm down.

Aaryn thinks no one would expect that those two would to join them, and Jeremy says that Nick "sketches him out".  Now they all file back in the kitchen and out to the patio where a group is sitting around the hammock.  I see Nick, Spencer, Judd, Gina Marie and Elissa.  Helen is there too.  They are discussing watching Big Brother Canada and Elissa starts giving a few casual shout outs to people in Canada that she knows....her husband.....some other names...

BB tells them to stop talking about Production and Spencer wonders if that refers to them or some one else in the house.  Nick wonders about that too, and jokes about BB saying "Nick, stop talking about nutrition!".  Then they mock house guests who might as well hold their business card up to the camera to do a commercial.

Elissa mocks Amanda by saying that I'm from Boca and I'm a real estate agent over and over and over, asking people to call her.  Spencer says "that's just about it".  Nick jokes that he will offer to sell his body to the highest bidder and Gina Marie tops that by saying that she will auction off her virginity right there on camera.

In the HoH suite, McCrae comes out of the bathroom and wonders if the cameras can hear them pooping.  Andy wonders that, too but Amanda said you can take off your microphone before you go.  McCrae has a hairbrush and brushes his hair.  He's been growing it since last summer.  He cuts it himself about once a year during the summer by putting it up in a high handful and chopping it off.

McCrae:  That's why it's always a little uneven.

He says he doesn't want to pay money for a haircut, because they always do a shitty job and at least now he can only blame himself for the bad haircut.  Amanda thinks he would look younger with shorter hair and he has a "pretty face".

(All of this time Candice has been chomping and crunching her popcorn.  Did she offer anyone a handful?  Maybe she did it and I didn't hear it.)

Back at the hammock the group is laughing at Judd, who is sitting in one of the little beach chairs.

Judd:  If I'm a Have Not again next week ya'll just wheel chair me over to the next challenge and I'll try to do some shit to win.

They all crack up and Elissa says Judd has lost at least 7 pounds on week.  Today Judd has had "two of them slop balls, a protein shake, and some pickles".

Elissa:  People say, at least you get protein shakes, but it's not that good if you have to drink them.

Gina Marie:  Yeah, totally.

Elissa talks about the brand of protein powder that she likes and spells out the name, causing Big Brother to not only change channels, but to tell them to stop talking about production.

Nick:  Elissa, stop talking about GNC!

Candice wants to get up and dance, just dance.  McCrae says that when Prince played he got up and danced and Amanda had to cosign that to make sure everyone knows she was there, too.

McCrae:  One morning when they played MIA I walked downstairs and Andy was dancing around in the hall.

McCrae has now donned a hat that looks like a Canadian Mountie would wear.  He makes several noises in a Bullwinkle the Moose accent.  Now they talk about Aaryn and David and call them Barbie and Ken.  McCrae says that name is perfect for them, and they say that Aaryn is only 21 and that is so young to be there.

Amanda moved to Los Angeles when she was 18 years old.  She can sing and wanted to dance, too.  Then she mentions meeting her ex-boyfriend and says he works in post production and the cameras change.

Back at the hammock they laugh about how bad the losing team was for the Have Not competition.  Elissa says the yoga teacher was just shaking and I guess they were pretty pathetic.  Nick's team had three "cans disqualified because Spencer came up and touched the dock". 

Back in the HoH Candice says that she's never seen BB8, Evel Dick's season.  McCrae says he was so bummed out when the live feeds came on for BB13 and Evel Dick was gone.  He really wanted to see him on the feeds and was really disappointed.  (Me too.)

Amanda has seen all of the seasons except BB9 and heard it's bad, but McCrae said it was crazy and had it's moments.   Now they discuss BB10's Jerry and McCrae says he loved Jerry.

Now back at the hammock Nick apologizes for having gas and says he has been eating so many things that are extra-nutritious that he would never have time to prepare food like this at home.  Elissa says the Slop Diet is really rough on your system and Nick says his apartment is so small in Manhattan.  He has a 2 bedroom apartment that is 10 x 30 feet that enters directly into the living room and kitchen.   Elissa agrees that New York apartments are tiny.  Nick says when you are cooking in that apartment you are really cooking in the living room, so nobody really does it.

Judd describes his place and how big the living room is.  He goes into A LOT of detail about the hallways and where they lead and the various turns and rooms to go into.

Judd:  I know it's not Manhattan or anything...

Nick:  Manhattan is the trip, dude.  Everybody wants to be there, so they just don't care about the space.  Our place is really just a hidden gem, for where it's located.  I don't mind walking to the subway....I don't mind.

(I guess he doesn't watch  Millionaire Listing New York on Bravo, huh?)

Judd:  I've always wanted to go there.

Nick:  It's a trip.  It's totally different.

Judd:  Everybody I know just does the tourist stuff, but I hate that.

Nick: It's the only true city in America.  In the sense that you don't need a car and everything in the world is there for you.  You could be there for years and never have to leave.

He compares New York to "downtown Columbus Ohio" and apparently New York wins. (Shocker!)  It beat Los Angeles and Chicago too in Nick's opinion.

Back in the HoH McCrea is revealing how big of a BB fan he is.  He and his friends use to "party while the feeds were on so they could party too" and Amanda accuses him of being a big nerd.  Candice thinks it is exciting that he's fulfilling an item on his Bucket List and McCrae kind of shrugs it off.

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