Thursday, June 20, 2013

Behold Our Big Brother 15 Houseguests #BB15

Here are the 16 lucky Big Brother house guests, all shiny and full of hope.  They look like normal people, don't they?

Of course, the chatter is loudest about Elissa Slater, who is Rachel Reilly's little sister. ( I discussed the rumors about her being cast here.)  I don't know about you, but I'm expecting some Game with a capital G from Elissa. 

As usual I will be watching all of the videos and summarizing my thoughts about each BB15 house guest in next few days.  With a FeedWatcher Forecast for each as well, of course.

I ended up having an extraordinarily busy afternoon at my "real" job and haven't started to dig in yet.  But trust that I will get through it all as quickly as I can, but with my usual attention to detail.

I am super-excited about this year's show and am hoping every single one of these people are In It to Win It.

I'm ready for a few good villains, aren't you?  Some dastardly deeds?  Some backstabbing and blindsiding?

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