Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Answer: What is Big Brother Jeopardy?

Survivor Jeopardy is yet more Reality Infotainment from the great minds at Rob Has a Podcast.  Actually, I think it is only Rob's mind, but don't let that keep you from admiring Rob's continued streak of creativity.

Rob put out the call a few weeks ago for brave Big Brother Superfans to compete in this first-ever event.  One of the contestants is Ian Terry (Winner, BB14) and the other two contestants are civilian fans.  Rob did not include any BB14 questions since that would give Ian an unfair advantage, and avoided all BB1 questions since no one on Earth cares about that season.    Note that one of the civilians sports a red T-shirt identical to the one we saw Dan wear for 94.2% of BB14.  Did he buy that shirt from Dan on Ebay?  If so, is he also the guy who bought Dan's filthy flowered board shorts on Ebay?  Unfortunately Rob didn't ask him these crucial questions, so I guess we'll never know.


Rob paid tribute to Alex Trebek with his mustache here, but refrained from donning a curly wig.

This was a really good match of wits that is well worth 50 minutes of your time.  I actually listened to it on a podcast from iTunes and was pleased that the game was not as one-sided as last year's game of Survivor Jeopardy.  I did not know who would be the triumphant winner until the very end.

Here is the link to Rob's website where you can watch this.  You might be surprised how many of the answers you know.....or don't know.


The BB "civilian" wearing the "Dan T-shirt" who was a contestant on Big Brother Jeopardy has contacted me on Twitter, making himself available for questioning.  (How did we manage the summer BB process without Twitter?)

Just so you are well-informed, this is the "Dan T-shirt" in case you were under the influence of crack last summer and either didn't see it, or don't remember it..  Let's call this Exhibit #1.

There was conjecture that the BB Civilian Ryan had purchased some of Dan's rare Big Brother collectibles that may or may not have been thoroughly cleaned, or not cleaned at all.  By conjecture, I mean that I, the FeedWatcher, typed up a sentence stating that on or about June 18, 2013.

Allow the court to introduce Exhibits #2, 3, and 4.


After further questioning, BB Civilian Ryan has testified that he purchased the "Dan T-shirt" on Mr. Dan Gheesling's website, along with some other items he referred to as "wristbands".

Let the record show that BB Civilian Ryan claims he did not buy the Filthy Flowered Shorts, and is not  the dreaded "Vern from Wisconsin".

If "Vern from Wisconsin" would like to come forward and give his or her testimony with regard to said Filthy Flowered Shorts, know that I will be fair but firm in my reporting, and will not divulge sources or names, at your direction.


I think this goes without saying, but if anyone has information they'd like to share with me about any of the BB15 house guests, please get in touch and I will do my best to protect your identify, while still dishing your dirt. 

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