Saturday, June 29, 2013

And Now, a Few Words from the FeedWatcher #BB15

It's a Saturday morning and I have some Big Brother to catch up on.   All of the house guests are in bed right now, if you're wondering.  Here is the Have Not room, where everyone is on a plane to La La Land.  Except if that were the case, the First Class Flight Crew would soon be rolling the breakfast cart down the aisle and passing out those customs declaration slips.  No such luck for this week's Have Nots.

And here is another shot of various passed-out house guests --I think this is the Love Nest of David and Aaryn.  In case you're worried about McCrae hooking up with Amanda, rest assured that he is super annoyed with her constant, yammering presence and that if The Moving Company alliance has it's way, she will soon be released into the general human population, far away from both the Big Brother and Jury Houses.

(McCrae  may be smooching a little with her, but hey he's only human, right?  And everyone else is doing it, too.  That Amanda is a real ball buster, though, so I hope he keeps that in mind.)


Amanda's Big Brother game is playing out much like I expected it to, except she is actually Double or Triple the Amanda that I thought she would be.  She is one of those people who seem to act without a single shred of self-awareness, and is not tuned in in any way to how people around her feel about her.  Don't you know when someone doesn't like you?  Can't you feel when you're not being received well?

Well, Amanda is missing that gene.  She is going to go through some big changes in the next few weeks that should be interesting to watch.  She really thinks she is running things right now, and is stepping all over McCrae's HoH reign.  What she is really doing is setting herself up as a scapegoat.  They are going to blame all kinds of stuff on her and she is going to be SHOCKED when she learns the truth about how her house guests feel about her.  Or maybe she won't be.  Maybe she won't care.  As a Hyper Vigilant Pleaser I really can't relate to Amanda at all, but I do enjoy being able to watch her operate much like a scientist would stare at a petri dish full of germs.  Or whatever it is those guys look at.

But having said all that, it would be interesting for her to win HoH next week, and watch everyone scramble to pucker up and smooch in her presence.


Yesterday morning, I was out walking my dog and a friend called me with an offer I could not refuse.  She needed to go somewhere kind of important to see someone kind of important and wanted me to go with her as a sort of buffer and support system.  We both own our own businesses, so we can just say Eff It at any given time and change our plans.  We ended up having an Afternoon to Remember, but if I had stayed much longer, I might not remember much of anything.

So, yadda yadda yadda I came home last night and watched the live feeds for a few minutes but found myself nodding off here at my desk.  I posted a few pictures, but realize now I left off some information.

I posted this snippet about a conversation between Andy, Helen and Candice, but did not mention the following part of the conversation. 

The three of them can't understand why Elissa doesn't just come out and explicitly state that she is Rachel Reilly's sister.  They compare notes on what she has told them, but each one got some sort of vague acknowledgement that was inconclusive.

Helen thinks that Elissa is going to get a cash prize or something if she goes a certain number of weeks without being discovered. Candice and Andy both agree that the situation must be something like that.  Helen is talking carefully about Elissa---if Elissa gets evicted this week Helen will have tried to separate from her by painting herself as a victim of Elissa's lies.  But if Elissa stays then Helen is really her best friend in the house.  And I'm sure Helen knows that it is a good idea to be on the right side of America's Choice.  Smart.

I also took these pictures and remember thinking there was an interesting conversation to report, but I have no idea what it was, even 10 minutes after snapping the pictures.


But I hate to just delete them so I will post them so my wasted efforts are not totally wasted.  Or whatever. 

I think Andy was totally toying with David and he had no idea.  He was asking him about wakeboarding and David was explaining it to him.  Then Andy asked questions that made it seem like he didn't understand what David said, and then turned around and Zinged David really good.  Except David didn't even realize it. 

I like that Andy will go there....there were Dastardly undertones detected.

I know I took these to capture Elissa's statuesque bod as she strutted across the backyard.  I think she needs to just sit down and chill with the other kids and start blending in a little more.   The house guests are up now so I will wrap this up and move on to more current matters.

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