Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New Tweet From Malcolm to Stop the Chatter. But Will it Stop? #BB15

Malcolm just tweeted a new Tweet, just as were were all working ourselves into a tizzy about him being the "familiar face" on BB15.

But this IS NOT the Tweet from Malcolm that I saw that disappeared.  What happened to that Tweet, Malcolm?

My real business is going to go right down the toilet if Malcolm is indeed one of the Big Brother 15 house guests.  I can barely keep up with things today, just fretting about these Malcolm rumors, and have let three calls go to voicemail.

There will be Malcolm Shower Watch, Malcolm Showmance Watch, etc to fill my time.  Damn damn damn.  I will be kind of unhappy if it happens, and kind of unhappy if it doesn't.

Know what I mean?

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