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Big Brother Canada - Live Feed Chitter Chatter - 3-5-13 #BBCAN

Yeah yeah, I know.  These pictures are from the live feeds two days ago.  Sorry.  Unfortunately I need to earn a living and the producers of Big Brother Canada didn't ask me for my feedback before scheduling this season during the US tax season.

Better late than never.  (Right?)  I had the live feeds on while I worked yesterday and will intersperse some more current chit chat where possible, if that makes you feel any better.

These are scenes from breakfast, brunch, or lunch.  I'm not sure what time zone the BB Canada house is in, so I'm not sure what meal this was for them.  Gary is dressed up in the type of clothes that a zombie might have worn in Michael Jackson's Thriller video, but he  did not do his make up yet.  He is now a central part of any gathering, and provides a lot of energy and conversational fodder for the group.  He's one of the girls, but the guys like him too.  I haven't heard anyone bitch about the glitter lately.

Someone made fries.  They sounded crunchy and delicious.

Alec looked foine topless in the kitchen.  That slop does a body good.  (Remember Shane?)

There was a lot of kitchen chatter, but Aneal was silent and seemed very lonely.  He was nominated, you know.

Gary wore dangly earrings.

Alec drank his slop shake without complaining.

Peter is a great conversationalist and everyone seems to enjoy spending time with him.  Yesterday on the live feeds, he told AJ some personal stories that were fantastic.  He described how his father dropped the bomb on him and his sister by telling them that they had a long-lost older brother.  His father had gotten a girl pregnant when he was young and then moved away (in the service, maybe?) and the mother had to give him up.  So Peter learned he had a big brother at least 20 years older than him.  I think he even lived in his house in college.  Peter's parents divorced, and now his dad is engaged to marry the lady he got pregnant as a youth!  What a story!


Peter had a long term relationship for four years.  (Those of us who have done that know what's coming, right?)  He learned on New Year's Eve that she got pregnant by some other guy.  This happened a few years ago (I think.) and Peter was really torn up about it.  He doesn't see her anymore and knows that his life cannot include her in any way.  He still holds her up as the ideal girl, though, and knows he unfairly compares her to other girls he casually dates.  He knows this is wrong and is trying to work through it so he can be happy with someone else.


Emerald-Topaz is not impressed.  She's not a morning person, I guess.  She and Alec are still flirting.  She told him yesterday that she thought about getting a tattoo, but hasn't pulled the trigger yet.  It will have to be something meaningful and not just a "BBCAN trampstamp".  Alec gets a new tattoo whenever he "publishes something", but states he is behind on getting the tats.

Then the guys took a long soak in the hot tub.  I have to say, this guy is my favorite hottie.  His name is Andrew Monaghan and he kind of reminds me of Roddy (***sigh***) from BB3.  He is conversant about many topics and is a man's man, but also sensitive.  In the hot tub looks-wise he kind of reminds me of a cross between Johnny Knoxville and Vince Vaughn.

He is in his 30's and lives in his parents' basement.  Yep, sounds like my type.  (Unfortunately.)

The guys were chatting about how someone in the house was using the word "homo" and other inappropriate slurs and Andrew said it was totally unacceptable.  No one would say the name, but everyone knew it was Tom.  (**cough cough loser cough cough**)  I think Emmit is the one with the gay twin brother---he said Tom's comments offended him but he thinks Tom just doesn't know any better and Emmit is there to win the game so he let it go.  (I think he should rethink his showmance with Jillian, if he is there to win, but whatever.)

So, in summary, Andrew is also foine in my book.  I love it when he wears those little nerd glasses, like the "Can You Hear Me Now" guy from the commercial. (I may or may not have made out with that guy in Vegas one time.  I say "may or may not" because I certainly did suck face with a guy wearing a black turtleneck and nerd glasses in the MGM Grand Sports Betting Arena, but he "may or may not" have been the actual guy from the commercial.  Everyone lies in Vegas, but everyone wants to be lied to, right?)

But I digress.  Andrew.  Me likey.

And other guys were in the hot tub too, of course.  Alec is very open about his education and social training.  During the conversation with Andrew he shared some statistics about bi-sexual men, about how statistics show they experiment with girls earlier in life then hetersexual men, and get more girls pregnant.  Or something like that.  This is not his area of expertise, but he shared what he learned and it was interesting.

I love smart men.

And of course we will have an update on the Homance between Jillian and Emmit.  They lounged on the hammock, which is not squeaky at all.  (Note to Ian Terry:  This is the way God intended Man to relax on a hammock.)

And they went up to the HoH Room and made out like bandits in broad daylight.   I know America's Sweetheart wouldn't do such a thing, but maybe Canada's Sweetheart gets a free pass.  She's a school teacher, you know....

Jillian has a severe case of HoH-itus, which is a common occurrence for the first HoH in every BB US season as well.  (Remember Willie Hantz?)  She carries herself around like the Queen Bee  and it seems like the girls totally kiss her ass.  

Emmit likes to kiss her ass, too.  Not to be a bitch, (ha ha ha) but that is A LOT of make up for a young girl to have to wear during the day, just hanging around.  Emmit it very attentive to her and is going to pull a lot of bitches when this season is over because of it.  But I have to say I think those tattoos are horrid.   What's wrong with having beautiful smooth skin?  Why cover it up with all of that?  I honestly don't get it and sense a huge tattoo backlash coming on amongst America's youth.

Calling Doctor Tattoff!


I will be watching Episode #4 of the show later today and will post my update shortly thereafter.  I need to get caught up, even though my work life is BLOWING UP.  But in a good way.....

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