Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big Brother Canada - Live Feed Chitter Chatter 3-7-13 #BBCAN

Here is a a glimpse of what is going on in the house today, as I procrastinate doing my work that really matters.

The Homance continues, with Jillian giving Emmit a massage on the living room couch.  Andrew and Liza (who?) sat nearby and joked that they were transfixed watching this intimate moment.

Apparently this is Liza, and the back of Andrew's head.  They discussed movies, and for some reason they keep talking about Catherine Zeta Jones. They also discussed Michael Douglas' bout with cancer.  I think Liza is the girl with the tanning business.  She likes to talk but is not very flirty.

And this is Thalla, the self-proclaimed Persian Princess.  She just laid on the couch during the chatty movie discussion and I think she was trying to sleep.  It must be exhausting in that house, with all of the energetic bursts of activity.

Of course Andrew is good at conversation, and seems to remember every line in every movie he's seen.  I even heard him mention writing scripts---is he a writer?  (More shades of Roddy....)  


I've noticed AJ talking part of the conversations, but he is always standing up like he is just passing through or waiting for an invitation to sit down.  Make yourself at home AJ and try to act natural in there. 

Tonight is the "live" eviction show, and Danielle and Aneal are on the block.  Emmit and Aneal had a quick conversation in the storage room.  Based on that, I think Aneal thinks Emmit and the gang are keeping him, but Emmit is telling Jillian he will vote out Danielle.  I heard Emmit say "she was going to be mad".  Danielle will be mad?  Or Jillian?  Or both Danielle and Jillian? 

Who knows.   Everybody lies anyway, right?  Check out how neat and tidy their storage room is--but where is the produce?  The fresh fruit and veg?  (I would wig out in there if there was no produce.)

Alec continues to be topless, 24/7.

 Something kind of juicy happened at one point, but I only heard the aftermath.  Apparently there was a conversation about a website that was supposed to be negative and hurtful, and when Thalla tried to give her opinion about it, Tom said something like "no one cares what  you think".

Well, Thalla started fucking crying about it and had a mini-meltdown.  (How stupid is that?  Of course Tom is an ass, but just let him be an ass and get over it Thalla.)  I heard the guys talking about it and for some reason I think the website was something like "The Dirty" but I could be wrong.  Could be Survivor Sucks for all I know, but I did hear the guys talking about it later and saying they didn't want to name it anymore and give it more publicity.

Here is Thalla "crying" about it and Liza jumping to her rescue to cheer her up.

Liza tried to distract her like you would a child by asking her "what is your very favorite thing in the whole wide world".  Thalla ignored her, so Liza elaborated "is it penis?  or vag?".  I'm not kidding, people.  Liza said that.

Who is more useless and irritating...Thalla...or Liza?  I say throw both of them out of there and we'd never notice.

For the record, Thalla finally replied "boobs".  Yes, she said that.

This is the hallway to the smoking area and hot tub.

Jillian, Danielle and Suzette sat outside and chatted.  Suzette doesn't understand why Tom hates her so much.

Suzette:  What did I do to make him hate me?

Alec and Emmit took a soak in the hot tub and said things to AJ to indicate that Aneal was safe in the vote tonight.  But when he walked off they said things that made me wonder who they are voting out tonight.  I'm not sure at this point, who is going.  Note AJ standing up, never looking comfortable enough to take a seat.

***ALSO***  That is real snow you see there.  Alec told us that, so it must be true.

In a shocking conversation, Alec and Emmit discussed how they hate Dan Gheesling and would not want to be friends with a liar like him.  They brought it up after talking about Gary's lies and how the audience hates BB players who lie.  (We do?)  Alec clarified that it really depends on how honest they are in the Diary Room.  They say that Dr. Will lied to everyone, but was honest in the DR so everyone loved him.   They give Dr. Will props for wooing the lovely Janelle and say she is the most beautiful BB house guest ever, and were impressed at how tight her body was last summer after having a baby.  Someone also mentioned "The Friendship" (aka Nerd Herd) from BB6 and then listed Janelle's stats winning HoH or PoV every week to stay in the BB6 house.

Enjoy your last day as HoH today, Jillian.  You'll have to take that Homance elsewhere after tonight.  Unless Emmit wins, of course.   Alec told Emmit that the tree HoH contest really shook him---he wasn't prepared to be bad at something and not be able to win.

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