Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big Brother Canada Episode #4 #BBCAN

This is a summary of the episode that aired on Wednesday night, March 6th.  Jillian is the HoH and Aneal and Gary were on the block when the show started.  Someone is going home on Thursday night.  Or where ever it is that BB Canada is sending them when they leave.

As the show opens Aneal is boo-hooing big time about Jillian nominating him for eviction.  She told him on Day #1 several times that she wouldn't be nominating him. But she lied.  Boo hoo.  Boo hoo.

Danielle hates that bitch Jillian and is worried she is going to get backdoored.  

Aneal says that he was acting the whole time to get sympathy.  He claims he wasn't really crying.  Okey  dokey Aneal.

We saw a showmantic segment about Jillian and Emmit and how much in love they are.  In one of Emmit's DR sessions he said their relationship was "pure". 

Uh...okay Emmit.  You know about the live feeds, right?  And the After Dark Show?  When you were humping Jillian right there on camera?

Liza sure got a lot of camera time tonight.  She was laughing about how close Jillian and Emmit are and how fast they hooked up. I like the way they are all trash-talking in the DR.  Good job DR crew!

Gary was upset at being nominated, so he piled on a bunch of makeup and blue glitter to get pumped up for the PoV competition.

Liza was the host of the competiton. The girls got to wear really cute white miniskirts with fur boots.  I'm not sure why I didn't snap a picture of that, but trust me.  It was cute.  Gary impressed everyone with his snowball-throwing skills and won the competition.

We learned (or maybe only I learned) that Alec and Peter have been secretly aligned from the very first day.  The name of their alliance is Team Shield.  They are both very smart and big fans of the game, so I think this is a GREAT alliance. If they can keep a lid on this things look very good for both of them.

Emmit and Tom are aligned and have a Bromance.  It's Bro's before Ho's for these two guys.  I had no idea that Emmit is a milkman.  I also had no idea that milkmen still existed.  Does Emmit work on a dairy farm?  If so, that's kind of hot.  I'm not sure the Slice TV audience realizes what a dick Tom is. 

And we saw that Liza and Jillian have an alliance of their own.  They realize that their showmance guys (Tom and Emmit, respectively) will never take them to the end.  So it's Ho's before Bro's for them.  At least that's what they told each other. 

 A moose on the wall started talking to Peter and issued him a challenge.  

No, I'm not stoned.  Unfortunately.

 This really happened.  A wimpy voice emitted from the moose head.  The moose had a name but I don't remember, even though I am not stoned.  The moose wasn't very creative.  He wanted Peter to  use three quotes in conversation with the other house guests without being detected.

Peter was successful.  Of course.  Because Production wanted him to win and have a "Ski Party"for the house that would involve everyone including the Have Nots.  (Wouldn't it have been more fun to exclude them?)   So they all shoveled down HUGE plates of macaroni and cheese and there was a scandal over a bottle of vodka.

 Here are the quotes below.

 And the mac-and-cheese shoveling.

 The scandal over the vodka involved Gary grabbing the bottle and running in the house where he and Danielle started boozing hard.   Would Gary have done this if he didn't win the PoV?  I think not.

Somehow this evolved into Thalla screaming at everyone and then angrily stabbing at her mac-and-cheese all alone in the kitchen.  I think she must have guzzled the vodka, too.  She's a mean drunk, that girl. 


Finally we had the POV ceremony.  I like the big PoV necklace.  When asked to make a brief statement, Aneal rapped about it.

Yes, Aneal rapped.  Then Gary took himself off the block and Jillian replaced him with Danielle.  Danielle had been sucking up to Jillian and somehow offered to go up as the pawn.

Uh oh.  That never works out, does it?

Here is Aneal rapping.  How embarrassing.  If Aneal is evicted on Thursday (tonight) he is going to be asked about his rap over and over and over.....

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