Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And The Award for Best Set Design.....#BBCAN

Well, the Big Brother Canada house is breathtaking.  Really gorgeous.

I am unable to watch any of the Big Brother Canada content on the Slice website---apparently the whole "US" thing is a problem.  But if you are able to watch it, there is some content out there for you to see on the Slice website..  You probably know that the house guests were announced last week, and they held a Media Day last week, too, allowing reality bloggers and other media personalities a chance to see the inside of the house.  It's also a technical rehearsal.  Obviously.

Here are some pictures from Media Day.  These ARE NOT the Big Brother Canada house guests, so don't get excited.  Or angry. 

But check out how fabulous this house is the entryway, which is up a flight of stairs from the living room.  Just like the BB US house guests, the Media People started complaining within seconds of entering the house.  ("It's so hot in here...")

And this is the stairway down to the living room.   This part of the house seems very similar to the Big Brother UK house, where the evicted house guests must do the walk of shame up the stairs and then exit to a HUGE studio audience with live music, dancers, and Vegas-style lights.  Seriously.  I have seen some tweets about getting tickets to the Big Brother live audience, so I am assuming that the Canadian version will also feature a live exit-show extravaganza.

And here is the living room.  You could live there, right?  Love those little tuffets.

Up on the screen  you can see someone addressing the Media People.  She is the Julie Chen of Canada, who will host the show.  Her name is Arisa Cox and  I think she some sort of Canadian radio personality.  I'm sure she will forge her own identity on the show.  It's hard to imitate the Chenbot, and she doesn't have the wacky persona of the UK hosts.  She's got cool hair, though.  And no discernible Canadian accent, that I could tell.

Look who turned up on screen, issuing instructions to the Media People?  Yes, it's our own Dan Gheesling, sporting his headband.

Here is the Diary Room, complete with whining Talking Head.  I already know more than I wanted to know about this guy.  ("Me, me, me, me, me....")  But I digress....

Here is the hallway, and at least one of the bedrooms.  This bedroom also resembles the BB UK house, with all of the beds in one room.  I recently watched the last two seasons of the BB UK Celebrity Big Brother and I think this bedroom set up prohibits alliances and scheming.  I think you need the separate sleeping areas to divide the crowd.  But the beds surely look fresh and comfortable, don't they?  Love the storage benches at the foot of the beds, too.  But I'm sure that bedroom will be a filthy mess in no time, right?

And the Media People were already whining about covering up the cameras for privacy.  Don't worry, we don't need to see all of that.  Not that we are allowed to, anyway, down here in the US. So much for NAFTA, huh?

The bath room has a "Union Station" type theme and is also to die for.  If not a little small.  Love the tile, though.

And here is the gorgeous dining table and kitchen.  The nomination ceremony is sure to be a different experience at a rectangular table.

Here is the storage room.  Seeing this, I realize how BADLY the BB US house needs a makeover. 

And here is the backyard.  The entire set is on a soundstage, so the backyard is not really outside.  This is also like the BB UK house, but the weather demands it, I'm sure.  I hear there is actually some sort of secret door to an area that is actually outside, with a hot tub.  There is a dark blue pool over to the left of the blue lounge chairs.  Surely it is a heated pool.  There is a sandbox set up in the middle of the shiny blue floor that the Media People used for a challenge.  Not sure if it will be a permanent part of the set.

Recognize this Media Day guest?  Yep, that is Murtz Jaffer, who is a legend in the reality media world.  Murtz is a big Boston Rob fan, so he's okay by me.  Go get 'em Murtz.

 You can watch the entire video below.  I will not be able to post links to the Big Brother Canada shows because I'm pretty sure it won't be kosher to do that.  But I plan to keep up with what is going on in there over the entire 10-week series.   The live feeds are free, if you can access them.

Watching this video, the importance of casting is emphasized.  I ran through this video twice while writing this post, snapping pictures and trying to keep up with the action.  But I have no idea who won, even though apparently I watched that part twice.

But I know who got evicted.  Because he said "Well, Fuck You!" before he left.  Funny.

That is another big difference between the BB US and the BB UK version.  They get to say the Eff Word CONSTANTLY and many other words and topics off limits here in the US, even on the live shows.  The Celebrity UK version also featured a well-known local TV celebrity in her 70's (Julie Goodyear?) pretending to go down on a banana held in the crotch of a male go-go dancer.  And they showed this footage OVER and OVER and OVER, including Julie's highlight reel.  (Julie Chen would never!)

One more thing about BB UK Celebrity----I can't say I am a big Jersey Shore fan, but I watched the Summer 2012 version of this series to see The Situation, who was part of the cast.  I felt strangely protective of him, because I realized the US made him a TV star, then chewed him up and spit him out.  I think he went on the show right after he got out of rehab, but I never heard him talk about that.  Nor Dancing With the Stars.  I never heard him mention that, either.

He did very well on the show, and gained a huge following in the UK.  Without all of the drinking and carousing, he is kind of a quiet guy who cooked for everyone and didn't make too many waves.  He had his heart broken on the show by one of the other cast members.  He thought she was a beautiful, sweet, innocent girl (with HUGE TITS), but he learned that the reason she is famous is for doing porn, and being on some reality show where she did nasty things on camera for money and gifts.  Mike was shocked when he found out and that was the big storyline on the series.

I'm certainly not begrudging the girl for earning a living (Danica Thrall?).  I was just sad that she hurt The Situation's feelings and gave him the boot for "The Prince", who was on The Bachelor a few years ago.  Remember him?  Yeah, this show was like an acid trip.  The whole thing made Jersey Shore seem like a G-Rated family show.  If you have the time, you should look for the series and watch it.

Oh, I nearly forgot.  Big Brother Canada. Here you go.


Slop Sucks, Eh? #BBCAN

I think the marketing department is hitting this out of the park up there in Canada.  You know, except for the fact that even the Big Brother Super Fans in the US still have no idea whether we will be able to watch the show or not.  But that's just a minor detail.

In order to publicize tonight's premiere of Big Brother Canada on Slice TV, a "Big Brother Slopmobile" has been tooling around Toronto offering samples of slop to the public.

Oh yeah, Dan Gheesling is there, too.

Needless to say, this is causing some excitement for our friends to the north.

Are those raisins in the slop?  Chocolate chunks?  Chopped dates?


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Frank and Boogie Trolling for Dates?

What is this? 

I am BEGGING someone to participate in this and give us the scoop!  And how great is that picture of Mike Boogie?  He even put on a proper shirt and removed his hat---what a transformation!

I guess Ian is busy that night, huh?  Ha ha ha.  I crack myself up.


Frank just tweeted this...he will be "on" from 6:00 until 7:00 pm PST.  That is 9:00 to 10:00 pm EST, if you're not a mathematician.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Looking for Tips on Big Brother Casting? #BB15

Well, you need look no further then our own Dan Gheesling (BB10 Winner, BB14 Finalist).  If you're a Big Brother fan, you surely know that Dan wrote a book, How to Get on Reality TV, and spoke about it often on the BB14 live feeds.

Didn't have the live feeds?  Then maybe you saw Dan take several opportunities to crowbar references to his website and his books during the BB14 Thursday night live shows?

Well, did you know that Dan has a podcast?

If you are someone who has plans to be on reality TV someday, then you really should give a listen to Dan's podcasts.  They are chock full of infotainment and are free to download on iTunes or from Dan's website.  His latest episode features Erika Landin (BB4, BB7 AllStars Finalist) who has been working in casting for years.  I've downloaded that podcast and look forward to listening to it when I walk my dog later today.

During BB14, I heard Dan mention his podcast(s) with Troy Robertson, better known as Troyzan from Survivor One World.  Dan basically apologized to the BB14 live feeders for not being able to upload parts #2 and 3 of this podcast before being sequestered for the show.  I recently downloaded them and listened, and plan to listen to them AGAIN soon.

Why?  Because the podcasts kick ass.  Just like Troyzan.

I know many of the Big Brother fans also watch Survivor.  As a Survivor fan, I assumed that Troyzan would be a Major Douchebag when I first saw him on some of the Survivor One World casting specials.  First, there was that name.  What sort of grown man calls himself "Troyzan"?  And secondly, there was his job---he is a swimsuit photographer for Sports Illustrated.  That just seems to be code for Douchebag.  And then there are those monkeys that he lives with....

But like the rest of America, I fell in love with Troyzan on One World, admiring his fierce determination, his athleticism, and yes, his flowing locks.  He's a hot head, and a hottie.  Me likey.

What I didn't know, however, is that Troyzan is a Survivor SuperFan who applied to be on the show over 20 times.  Yes, over twenty times!  He made the semi-finals and the finals, but still kept getting rejected.  Dan gets to the nitty-gritty during the podcasts---he knows what we want to hear and asks Troyzan the questions we all want to know.  And Troyzan spills it.

Still not convinced you want to dedicate over 3 hours of your time to these Troyzan podcasts?  Here are a few more reasons for you to start downloading now:

1.  Troyzan gives us a great description of what it is like to be sequestered during the audition interviews.  He describes being locked up in the hotel, waiting for action, and what happens when you are allowed to leave your room.

2.  Big Brother fans know that whenever the houseguests start talking about this on the live feeds, they get shut down pretty quickly by Production.  (BB:  Stop talking about Production!)  Well, no one from Production tells Troyzan to shut up about it while he is talking to Dan.

3.  If you are a Survivor fan, you will relish the other newsy behind-the-scenes casting tidbits that Troyzan drops.  Like when Danni Boatright, winner of Survivor Guatemala started trying to work him in the hotel when he was a finalist for that season.  Danni had her eyes on the prize and started her game long before she set foot on the island.

4.  And finally, Dan is really good at interviewing Troyzan.  He doesn't make the interviews all about himself (***cough cough Evel Dick cough cough**) and instinctively leads Troyzan down the path we want him to take.  Dan is a CBS company guy, so he can't co-sign what Troyzan says about what it is like in that California hotel during sequester.

But I have a feeling the process is EXACTLY like the Big Brother casting process.  So listen, and enjoy.  And maybe we'll all see you on CBS sometime soon.


This may just be idle gossip, but I heard that Troyzan was supposed to be on the upcoming Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites, but that he got bumped for Malcolm.

Why would they bump Troyzan for Malcolm?  Why can't we have two long-haired hotties on the same season?  WTF CBS?

(BTW, "Caramoan" is the Phillipines---they shot the new season in the same place they shot the old season, back-to-back, so Jeff Probst could scurry back to the set of his new talk show.  You can't fool us Jeff.)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Janelle Shares Good News!

Janelle has announced that she and her husband Jess are expecting another bundle of joy this August.  Violet will be a Big Sister!

Congrats Janelle!  I guess that is one rumor we can cross off our lists for BB15, huh?

And Janelle has just enjoyed a Bachelorette weekend in Mexico for one of her friends who is getting married.  Check out the funny comment from Michael Clark.

Big Brother USA News - Winter Edition #BB15

I realize this is old news for the Big Brother Super Fans, so I apologize for just getting around to chatting about it here.  This is the time of year when my business is in full swing and things start to get a bit crazy.  Tax time, my friends.  It's time for me to make the doughnuts. 

CBS announced last month that they are changing the Big Brother schedule this year.  According to their press release, this year will feature an "expanded" edition that will start 2 weeks earlier than the usual schedule.  They did not say whether the show would end at the usual time in September or not.  I don't think we should assume too much about the word "expanded", so I advise caution in that area.

In the past, the house guests entered the house each summer just before July 4th.  The cameras started rolling, and on premiere night we always see a pre-taped episode and then the live feeds begin just after the west coast airing of the premiere.  Since BB7 Allstars, Showtime's Big Brother After Dark begins airing at the same time as the live feed premiere.

But this year the show will kick off earlier, and perhaps more importantly, the Live Eviction shows will air on Wednesday nights, rather than Thursday.  So mark your calendars for what is sure to be another highly-anticipated Big Brother season.

BB15 Premiere:  Wednesday, June 26th, 9:00 pm EST
BB15 Live Feed Premiere:  Wednesday, June 27th, 1: 00 am EST

Show Schedule:

Tuesdays at 9:00 pm EST, beginning July 2nd
Wednesdays at 9:00 pm EST, beginning with the June 26th Premiere
Sundays at 8:00 pm EST, beginning June 30th

It is also my understanding that sometime during July, the live Wednesday show will move back to 8:00 pm EST, after a new baking competition show concludes.  This show has not yet been named, but is based on the Great British Bake Off, so that sounds like another competition-type show to me. 

OK, so those are the facts as I know them.  Let's start the 2013 GossipFest now.  I wonder why these changes are taking place?  Don't you?  I have a few ideas.

1.  The Glass House Effect.  Last year, ABC premiered their own voyeuristic reality show on June 18th.  We all know what a bomb that show ended up to be, but perhaps CBS is moving up the BB15 premiere as a defensive move, in case ABC brings The Glass House back this summer.  I just looked at the ABC website, and The Glass House is not listed amongst the other Prime Time shows, so who knows if ABC will bring it back or not.  Even though I'm sure that the show did not perform to ABC's expectations, it is possible that it still broke even financially, or maybe even turned a small profit.  Reality programming is cheap to produce, after all. 

(If any ABC people are reading this, let me compliment your new show The Taste.  I am a foodie and you surely have the best looking and most qualified set of judges any reality competition has ever had.  I'm a big Bourdain fan, even though he is a vigorous carnivore.  I dig Chef Ludo too, of course.)

2.  The NFL Effect.  Every year, the Big Brother Thursday live shows get pre-empted all over the country by NFL football.  Now, I like football, and was even engaged at one point to a College/NFL player, but I like to watch the Big Brother live shows aired live even more.  And these pre-emptions ALWAYS seem to happen on the most exciting Thursday nights.  I believe both of the double eviction nights last year were victims of the NFL schedule. 

So, maybe scooting BB15 up on the schedule, and moving the live shows to Wednesdays will help that?  We can only hope, huh?

3.  And of course, the Big Brother All Stars and Celebrity Big Brother Rumor Effect.  As always, rumors are swirling about this.  CBS put out the call for civilians like us to apply for BB15, but as we all know that could have been no more than a commercial for this summer's show.  The rumors are already out there, that the "expanded" version means that we will have a house full of returning players and/or B and C level celebrities.  Or D level.  Whatever.


I love the Pre-Season Big Brother rumors.  It is so much fun to be a fan when things really get going.  I must get back to my (real) work, but I will be back soon with some more Big Brother chatter.  I will have things to say about Big Brother Canada and also the recently-completed Celebrity Big Brother UK season.  I just watched that series for the very first time and it was quite a shock.  Let's just say that.