Monday, December 17, 2012

Heartbroken #Survivor #Malcolm

OK.  So it's the day after, and I'm heartbroken that Malcolm went home empty handed last night.

Well, I'm pretty sure he had a drink in his hand, and a pocket full of lipstick-covered phone numbers, but he did not win Fan Favorite from Survivor Season #25.

I voted for you Malcolm.  Eight times. 

I guess Jesus didn't want you to win.  (****extreme sarcasm****)

Due to the pre-season spoilers I encountered last summer, I already knew that Malcolm was going to get the boot in the #4 slot, but I still had hopes that he would win Fan Favorite.   These pictures were taken from Malcolm's Ponderosa videos, which are posted on the CBS website.

I'm a Fan, and you are my Favorite, Malcolm.

Me too, Malcolm.  Me too.