Friday, October 5, 2012

SuperPass Games - Ian, Frank and (Not) Dan #BB14

Frank, Ian and Dan gathered to play some various party games.  Chelsea, Spicy and Missy did their best to keep it moving and energetic.  Ian even agreed to play, with everyone acknowledging that he's not at his best today.

But the problem was Dan.  He had a super shitty attitude and pretty much made a mockery of the whole thing.  These were silly little games, but it was about being a good sport and playing along.  Dan certainly didn't exhibit good sportsmanship today.  Not a good showing for Coach Dan.  Just sayin'.

They clapped for Ian for giving it a go.  You know, after the hangover vomiting and all.

The first game was called Super Dragon had them each holding two sets of streamers and trying to unravel them.  As you can see Dan didn't do that, using his streamer instead to make a headband.

Then throwing his streamer across the room.

Some of these games are the sort of thing you play at bridal showers, but they would be fun at a little house party too.  You know, while you're boozin'.  The next game was called Skittle Scurry, and they each had on minute to pick up Skittles using only a straw and move them into another bowl.

Ian went first.  Dan made a number of comments, like "Taylor is watching...Do it for Kristin....", etc.

Frank went next, and implemented a pivot step to save time on the transfer.  Frank wanted to go last, but Dan insisted on going last.  We'll soon see why.

Then Dan took his turn, and pretended to call his wife and ask her what to do.

Then Dan picked up the bowl of Skittles and threw it across the room, and was pleased that one Skittle went into the bowl.  The girls were all pissed at Dan after that.  They didn't want to step on them and get them smashed all over the wood floors.

Then they had to try and skewer pretzels and Froot Loops with a stick, using only their mouths.  Frank did a bold move by putting skewered Froot Loops inside of his mouth while continuing to work.  By this point Dan wasn't even bothering to participate.

Spicy came over to get the count and had to handle the stick that was in Frank's mouth, saying "she's okay with that" and they all laugh.  Spicy is all tarted up today in a sexy black dress, sashaying around Frank Eudy.  Go Spicy.  Do your thing.

I didn't get a good picture of it, but Chelsea had to come over and sweep the floor while this was all going on.  She didn't want the Skittles to ruin the wood floors, and for them to get sticky. She said she was pissed about it, and it was obvious.  You can see Eddie the camera guy there and they joked that they could just blame the mess on him.

See the label...@Blame_Eddie.  Ha ha ha.  Now the guys wear oven mitts and have to pop balloons with only their hands.  Dan decides to grace the group with his participation on this one.  Maybe he realized he was being a royal pain in the ass.  Frank popped his balloon immediately and Dan mentioned the advantage of having a wrestler father.  

Then they had to wrap themselves up like mummies, in the Dizzy Mummy challenge.  Ian couldn't twirl around on this one, but Dan tried to wrap him up.  Frank was twirling and twirling in his toilet paper.  The girls were cheering him on and Missy, the narrator, was saying things here and there like "Thank you Frank..we're counting on you!"  

Dan protests about them cheering for Frank, but he's got to be kidding, right?  Frank participated in every silly little game and went for it every time.  He was a good sport and if there were three Dans up there today, the entire taping would have been a total waste of time.

Then they did a challenge regarding who could blow the biggest bubble.  They all stuffed gum in their mouths but Ian had to spit it out, saying it tasted nasty.  Frank blew a tiny bubble and he was pronounced the winner.  All Dan did is load up with gum.

The last challenge involved them using Oreo-like cookies that they placed on their foreheads and tried to get them to touch their mouths, using only their heads and facial muscles.   Frank clarified that they didn't have to eat them---they just had to touch their mouth.  Dan just sat there and ate a few cookies, and then berated the crew for not buying actual Oreos...these were a generic cookie.

Ian and Frank really got into it, and the competition got fast and fierce but I think Frank won the point on this game.

No surprise that Frank won the crown today, taking the event.  Ian did as good as he could, under the circumstances.  And Dan...he was a total asshole.

They say that Chef Joe will be there next week and is getting paid $1,000 to shave off his soul patch.  And when Shane and Danielle visit the SuperPass offices, they will compete in games as well, and Frank will have to pass his crown over to them.

Frank jokes about going to get bloody mary's with Ian and Ian just groans. Frank says that Ian is ready for a "good siesta" and Ian agrees.  They all wave good bye.

***SUGGESTION TO THE CREW***    It might have been fun instead to film them walking around in public, like at the Pike Market, to see who recognizes them and how that goes.  I don't know the cost or logistics of a remote shoot like that, but it might be an easier way to fill time and get some value of out of assholes like Dan, who don't want to play.  The dynamics of the group are kind of funny---big tall goofy Frank, and small intense sour Ian working the crowd.  Add in Dan the Attention Hungry Blowhard and you've got a real winner there, I think.

This would probably not be advisable with Shane and Danielle, however.  Hell to the no.  Try to keep the crowd away from them.

SuperPass Lunch with Dan and Frank....Ian Busy Puking #BB14

One of the events scheduled by SuperPass today was a luncheon with Laremy, Ian, Dan and Frank.  Dan tweeted a picture a few minutes before kick-off of their group on the monitor, and we can clearly see Ian is sitting there on the far left--the reflection is in the reverse.

But when the show kicks off we see Laremy, the most excellent and thoughtful host, introducing Frank and Dan.  Laremy says that Ian is a little under the weather, and isn't fit to join them.  They start a tongue in cheek conversation about last night, and Frank mentions Ian had a little trouble walking and needed some help getting around.

(For the winner of BB14 to just not show up after SuperPass hosted the weekend, it is very embarrassing.  Ian apparently can't be trusted without Mommy and Daddy to watch over him.  I have seen people saying online that Frank "got Ian drunk".  I am of the opinion that Ian got himself drunk.  I watched the live chats last night, and he was drinking beer on camera, and Missy even asked him how many he had, due to the borderline rude things he was saying on camera.  If you've watched Ian get drunk on the live feeds, then you know Drunk Ian is not a Nice Ian.)

 Frank:  It was like we went out to make memories, but he drank so much he forgot 'em!

Frank said they had a great seafood dinner, with delicious oysters.  Laremy adds that Frank is very charming to spend time with, and is "like a gentleman".    (We saw that on the live feeds, actually.)  Frank said that he tried to get Dan to go out with them, but he went back to the room.   For some reason Dan starts talking about Kara, saying that he could tell she was a great listener.  He thinks she would have done great in the house, since the game depends on building relationships and trust.

Laremy wonders if maybe Frank trusted Mike a little too much?  Frank says that the started a few campaigns in the house to make it look like Frank wasn't so tight with Mike Boogie, to build bridges with a few other house guests.  But every alliance that they took on ended up screwing them over.  They were the only ones that the other could trust.  All other deals went bad.

Laremy asks them about their favorite pizza toppings.  (I think they are trying to keep the conversation light.)  Dan explains that every Sunday, he and Chelsea like to have "Chub Day" where they go to an early Mass, and then go home and eat all kinds of unhealthy foods.  He likes a superthin crust pizza (from Jeff's or Jet's--not sure) with bacon and onion on it.  Frank likes mushrooms and ham on his pizza pie.  Dan explains that he and Chelsea cook a lot on normal days, and mentions Taco Tuesdays.  His wife's brother Grant comes over for that one.

(I think Dan coached Grant, and he introduced Dan to his big sister.)

Laremy wants to discuss the lunch they are eating now.  He has two cheeseburgers himself, and a salad, but doesn't think he will get to finish it.

This is Frank's lunch, which he describes as a salad with spinach and bacon.  He says he's going to finish it, and eat one of Laremy's burgers after that.

This is Dan's lunch, with no sign of greenery on the plate.  He mentions all the great seafood in Seattle, and says he got a tuna melt.  (Tuna is canned elsewhere, Dan.) 

 Laremy shows us Ian's lunch, saying there is chicken there, and broccoli, with a Diet Coke of course.

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