Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dan and Frank, Reunited #BB14

Frank the dog, that is.  This is a cute video that Chelsea Gheesling taped that shows Dan coming home to Frank the Dog, and how excited Frank is to see him.

I heard Dan on the live feeds talking about about Frank the Dog trying to dominate him once he and Chelsea moved in together after getting married (he was Chelsea's dog) and how Dan started crate-training him, and forbid him to sleep in their bed.

I am happy to see that Dan seems to have genuine affection for Frank.  And vice versa.  You can hear them talking about how Frank needs a good haircut...Chelsea mentions that BOTH Franks could use a good trim.

The lighting is bad, but it's a cute video if you like dogs.  Or Dan.

And speaking of haircuts, Dan tweeted Fran's Before and After looks after he visited the dog groomer.  Cute.  He looks like a new dog, right?