Monday, October 1, 2012

The House Guests Try to Make a Quick Buck #BB14

The house guests continue to put items up for sale on Ebay.  This first link is Dan's Ebay page of items he is selling.  I can't believe all of the items he was able to smuggle out of the house!  It looks like he cleared the bathroom of all of those toy robots, and he is even selling his smashed Play Doh sculpture.

He is even selling his straw fedora that Memphis gave him after he won BB10.  He has two ears of OTEV corn with his name on them, and Mr. Monk Monk is for sale, too.

Here is the link, but I do not recommend you spending your money on crap like this.  Vern from Wisconsin will want to note that Dan has two pair of swim trunks for sale.  Just sayin'. 

And Ian has started listing his own BB items as well.  It looks like he didn't get to scavenge as much as Dan did, or maybe he's not selling it all.  He only has one ear of OTEV corn, and it looks like Dan stole all of the robots.  Ian also hasn't put his BB bag up for sale yet.  This is a good time for the two of them to list their Ebay items, since they are making a SuperPass chat appearance on Thursday.  They can pimp the sales then, and drum up some frenzied bidding.

Here is the link to waste spend your money on Ian's used items.  Too bad those pork rinds were confiscated, huh?