Saturday, September 29, 2012

Evel Dick on Danielle #BB14

Evel Dick has been ranting about the long, long list of things that make him angry.  I know, I know...what else is new?

I am ready for a break from Evel Dick, but will still follow him on Twitter as long as I can stand it.  He is one of those annoying people who retweet every positive comment he receives.  I would rather hear what he has to say, not what the idiots who follow him have to say.

(I realize I just called myself an idiot.  I'm okay with that.)

Anyway, Dick went on a rant yesterday about how the BB fans can cross a line to impact the players after the game.  He mentions instances where fans try to get the house guests fired from their jobs and otherwise ruin their lives after the BB season is over.

Dick mentions people trying to get Ronnie Talbot (BB11) fired, but I think Ragan (BB12) also had a very rough time with his after his season.  Dick mentions a situation with Danielle, where supposedly she "spoke at an event about cancer", and that "people complained and tried to get the person fired who booked her as a speaker".  I did some research on that, and haven't come up with anything.  I think it is a rumor and not fact, based on the timing.  When would Danielle have had time to do this?  I don't think it's true, but Danielle thanked Evel Dick on Twitter for defending her.

Dick then scolded her for not capitalizing the word "dick", saying it looked like she was calling him one, and not using his proper name. 

Ever the punching bag, Danielle apologizes to him for her mistake.  Maybe she should find out all of the shit-talking Evel Dick has been doing about her before she starts thanking him for anything?

I love the way he also lectures her about retweeting people.  Pot, meet kettle.

 And Danielle is not going to discuss her "relationship" with Shane.  Good move Danielle.

SuperPass Finale Backyard Interviews - Danielle Murphree #BB14

I am trying to watch BB14 SuperPass content that I haven't watched yet, before my subscription ends next week.

I watched some of the interviews live after the Finale, but missed quite a few since I needed to go to bed on the East Coast.

Spicy interviewed Danielle.  She seems calm, but a little short with her answers.  She was the only one who voted for Dan, and says she did so only because she wanted to keep her word to him.

 She didn't think Dan had hurt her in the game at the time, so she didn't have a reason to not vote for him.  Spicy asked her why she didn't say she was a nurse?  She said she didn't want to give anybody a reason to "get her out".

Spicy asks her if Mike Boogie had been her Coach, would she have gravitated towards Shane and Dan?  She says she would have gravitated towards Shane because "he is sweet and she loves him with all of her heart", but if Mike was her Coach she would have listened to him, and would have been loyal to him if he was loyal to her.

Spicy tells her something she didn't know...when Shane was evicted, Dan walked him to the door and told him that "Danielle was playing him the whole time".  (I don't think Shane heard it like that, but that is what Dan said...CBS added subtitles when they showed this on the next TV show.)

This is Danielle listening to Spicy say this, making her "mirror face".

And this is Danielle after hearing the news.

Spicy:  Oh, there's that face again....

Danielle is shocked and  whips her head over to the right to look at someone over there.

Spicy:  Are you mad at him for basically putting the blame on you for that?

Dani:  YES!   YES!  Did he really say that?

Spicy: Yes.  He definitely did.

***long silence***

Spicy, chuckling:'re so cute when you do that.

Dani:  Can we talk about something else?

Spicy:  Absolutely.  Yes.  We can move on.

Danielle shakes her head in shock as Spicy asks her about leaving the house to meet the Olympians.

She puts back on the chirpy Southern fake happiness and says she didn't know what a big deal meeting them was at the time.  She feels very fortunate to have met them.

Spicy:  You've talked a lot about your health problems in the house...were you worried about coming in the house with all that, or was it strategy?

(Damn Spicy is BRINGING IT with Danielle.)

Dani:  I was worried, but it's been under control for so long now and I knew there were definitely people here if need be, if I needed to see someone.  I wasn't going to let that keep me from this experience.

After answering that question, Danielle dropped her "pageant" face and voice quickly and gave Spicy an Eat Shit look.  She knows now that Spicy is not her friend.  Not at all.

Spicy:  Why didn't you tell Shane and Ian that Dan was trying to get them out to get himself further in the game?

Dani:  Because I had seen the wrath of Dan and everybody else and I didn't know how it would be on me.  I definitely wanted to tell them but I didn't know how to go about it.  If I had one regret it would be that I didn't tell them.

(That would have changed the game, BIG TIME.)

Spicy:  Do you regret throwing Part #1 of the HOH?

Dani starts nodding halfway through the question and says Yes.  Spicy says they don't need to talk about that anymore and Dani nods at her.  (I think Danielle is about to break down at this point.)

Spicy:  What will you miss most about the Big Brother house?

Dani:  Spending all that time with Shane.  I wasn't playing him at all.

Spicy says reassuringly that she doesn't think she was, she believes her.  She asks if if she thinks there will be a future for them and Dani immediately starts smiling and nodding.

(That's not what Shane said in his backyard interview, but in his defense he hadn't really had much of a chance to compare notes with anybody.  I think he believed Danielle was behind his eviction.)

Spicy asks her if she will be attending the SuperPass Wrap Party at Tru Hollywood and Dani perks up, saying she didn't know about that.   Spicy gives her an invitation and tells her to look at that if she needs a hotel, travel expenses, etc.

Spicy:  We'll be doing interviews, having's a hot mess!

As soon as Spicy brings up the interview, you can see the smile wipe right off of Dani's face.  She isn't looking forward to interviews anymore, I don't think.

(She and Shane almost didn't go to the party----Jeff and Jordan had to agree to escort them as you can see here.)

Spicy brings up the "damn Zingbot" and Danielle says she hated it, and the Zing on her made her so mad.  Spicy asks why she was so devoted to Dan---what qualities did he possess to make her so loyal to her.

Dani say he "mistified" her and she thought she was the only one he trusted.  Spicy is ready to wrap it up and Danielle waves to the fans and thanks us for our support.

SuperPass Finale Backyard Interviews - Ian Terry #BB14

I am trying to watch BB14 SuperPass content that I haven't watched yet, before my subscription ends next week.

I watched some of the interviews live after the Finale, but missed quite a few since I needed to go to bed on the East Coast.

Spicy interviewed Ian.  He is surprised to have so many fans.  He shifts back and forth on his feet as he talks, and is holding a yellow blanket, I think.  He said the first week in the house as a SuperFan was a sensory overload.

 Spicy mentions his "hashtags" that he always talks abouto.  Ian is going to use #QuackPack, #BB14, #TulaneTerryWins, and #BB12KristinDateMe.

Ian:  Please, please?

Most of the interview is the same old stuff that we've all heard by now.  I don't think Ian knew yet about all of the betrayal yet, so he is talking about the Quack Pack constantly and how great it was.  Spicy is a Frank fan and brings him up several times, including asking Ian if he knows Frank and Ashley kissed.  He did.

Ian gets "free live feeds for life now" and his happy about this.  She asks him for one-word descriptions of each person.

Frank:  Funny
Dan:  Slimey
Britney:  Sweet

He didn't think he would be friends with Britney, and says that he felt horrible about evicting Mike Boogie.  He was worried that Mike would "kind of tear his head off" but Spicy says that Mike has said nothing but good things about him.   Now Ian does say that he knows he was the only true and loyal member of the QP, and that hurts, but is glad to hear that it was a solid team for some of the game.

Ian says Danielle was a sweet girl and thought she might beat him in the end.  Spicy disagrees, but Ian said he would have taken Dan because he gave his word to Dan that he would take him.  Spicy can't wait to show Ian the town when he visits Seattle to visit SuperPass.