Friday, September 28, 2012

Dick at Nite - Feat. Ian Terry - Part 2 - 8-26-12 #BB14

This is Part #2 of the Dick at Nite episode featuring Ian.  You can read my recap of Part #1 here.  I am ready for a vacation from Evel Dick, but his intro to this show still kicks ass.  You can see it for yourself here.  Prepare to chair dance.


1.  When we come back, Ian is mid-sentence.  (Dick needs the services of an editor, and also a lighting specialist.  He looks like he is in Witness Protection in the picture above.)  Apparently Dick asked him about the new computer he just bought.  Ian said it was his first purchase since the game ended and is a PC.  He likes the Mac products, but doesn't want to "learn to use the new shit."  Dick starts telling stories about himself and the blue screens on his PC computers, of course.  He threw his last PC into the pool in his apartment complex in North Hollywood. He's an Apple guy now, apparently.

Dick accuses Ian of hating  Willie, but Ian says that is actually not true.  Ian said that he didn't like that Willie was going to nominate him before Mike Boogie won the Coach's Comp and protected him, but says they approached each other as two outsiders and were willing to work together.  Ian told him that he would not nominate him, and as long as Frank or Shane didn't win HoH they could work together.  Ian didn't like that Willie squandered an opportunity that other people would have killed for.

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Wil Completes His Trilogy #BB14

Last night Wil Heuser released Part #3 of his BB14 Trilogy series.  It really is amazing how he plays all of the characters and edits them together.  In this part, Mike Boogie makes an appearance and Ashley is trashed.  Shane never speaks. The Chenbot blows a fuse!

But first..Wil has just launched a new website...visit him and get ready to laugh.