Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Britney Wants to Sell her Fugly Dress #BB14

Well, this is no shocker for me.  Britney's purple dress she wore Finale night was incredibly ugly.  I was truly shocked that someone would choose to wear this on national TV.  I could picture Tonya Harding wearing this for the Ice Capades, but that is about it.

She has a number of items listed for sale, including her Big Brother bag and various costumes that she wore on the show.  She is even selling a pink water bottle that she drank from on the show, and the bids are currently over $200 for that.  Here is the link for your bidding or entertainment pleasure.

Let's see, who is Britney's biggest fan, with money in their pocket to burn?  (I*a*n)

SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 8 #BB14

This is my continuing coverage of the SuperPass BB14 Wrap Party, which was held the night after the Finale in Los Angeles.  The party coverage is about 3 1/2 hours long, so it has taken me some time to get through everything.  As Part 8 begins, there are only 45 minutes left, so this will be the last update.

As this segment begins, Spicy has just finished her interview with Shane and Danielle.  I think they were waiting on them to show up to start the "awards ceremony"  I think most of the BB14 castmembers who appeared earlier have left the building, since we last saw them hours ago  (Janelle, Dan, Ashley, Frank, etc.)  but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

You can see in the picture below that Shane is sitting on the right side of the stage, signing autographs, while on the left side Chelsea Hart is getting ready for the presentation.

They have a new DJ that is a girl.  She's playing Katie  Perry and seems to be doing a better job than the former DJ, who played the Eurythmic's Sweet Dreams TWICE during the party.  (TWICE!  And that song is from 1985?)   Where is Jenn City when you need her?

Chelsea is a Shot Caller at Real Networks, apparently.

Chelsea tries to bring the party to order, saying "only Big Brother house guests in the VIP section, and everybody else on the floor".  I notice Danielle standing behind her in the striped dress.  I don't think Danielle even went out in the crowd at all, and I can't say I blame her.  Can you imagine what a group of people drinking for over 3 hours would say to her?

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SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 7

This is my continuing coverage of the SuperPass BB14 Wrap Party, which was held the night after the Finale in Los Angeles.  The party coverage is about 3 1/2 hours long, so it is taking me some time to get through everything.  As Part 7 begins, there are about 75 minutes left, so the end is in sight.  The promise of seeing drunken house guests is keeping me going.  Maybe they will do or say something shocking.  (***Update - This edition contains some BB star power.***)

When Part 6 ended, Wil Heuser was on the way to the bathroom, and took the cameras with him and joked about being on Cribs and showed us around the room.

Hint:  Wil is a little wasted.

Then we catch a glimpse of Jeff Schroder in the dark, saying "thank you man...I appreciate it...we'll talk later" while leading Jordan by the hand.  Then we hear Jordan saying "Kevin!" and giving him a hug.  Someone tells somebody that "they look good" and then we go back to the crowd scene.  All of a sudden the crowd is holding up cell phones, so I guess they see Jeff and Jordan, too. 

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Twitter Roundup #BB14

How did we get by without Twitter before it was invented?  I have no idea.   Here are some notable things I've found in the Twitterverse, while I procrastinate and waste valuable time.

This is Zebra Cake Chris, Jungle Juice Dan, and Gunnar Eudy on the way home from L.A.  In other words, Team Frank in mid air.  What stories they must have!

Janelle is so sweet and forgiving---she has accepted Ashley's apology for turning on her during the game.  Ashley seems to barely remember her time in the game.  She started watching the episodes and is tripping out about it, apparently.

And she has addressed the story about the "porn" lawsuit.  Sounds like she says that guy was an opportunist.  Not surprising, since he released the story after seeing her on TV.

 And she is tweeting with Shane Meaney, too.

More twitter chitter chatter with Janelle.

She's really smitten with Frank Eudy, apparently.  I guess he's spending a little time out in California with Mike Boogie and (maybe) Ashley.  Hmmmm.  I also saw a tweet Frank sent her over the weekend about how his friends really liked her and had a blast with her.  That's nice news for a girl to hear.


Janelle tweeted some pics from the SuperPass party.  Speaking of that damn party...I am going to try to finish my coverage today, so I can move on to a few other items from the season. The footage is over 3 1/2 hours long, and there is not much down time, so it has been quite a project.  Every time I am tempted to abandon ship, someone juicy turns up wasted.

 And Janelle has listed an autographed picture on Ebay, if you're interested.

Chelsea Gheesling tweeting ths picture with Wil and Ashley.  I'm not sure who that blonde on the far left is, but she seems to be wearing a Britney Haynes Halloween costume, right?