Saturday, September 22, 2012

SuperPass Wrap Party Coverage Part 1 #BB14

After watching only 12 minutes of this, I can tell I am going to take a million pictures so I will break this up into parts.

Apparently the BB house guests arrived to the party at Tru in Los Angeles in a series of buses or vans.  Kevin Campbell (BB11) was there to greet the arrivals on their way inside.  Spicy from SuperPass then took over from there, with interviews.  And of course there was general schmoozing.

Jodi was up first, and seems to grab a disproportionate share of the limelight, given she only spent about 6 hours in the BB house.  She mentions to Kevin that she didn't even get to be evicted, just booted by Dan.  There was no vote. Unless Jodi starts talking some trash, I think we've heard just about all of the new news we can expect to hear from her. 

Then JoJo Spatafora showed up and gave Kevin a big hug.  She immediately drew his attention to her tits, which she describes as her "weapons".  I'm guessing this is due to the fact that her bodice is covered with silvery spikes, but who the hell knows.

See how blurry this is?  Well, I guess it wouldn't be a live event without some problems.  Right in the middle of the blurry interview, the cameras changed to a wide shot of the crowd.  You can see Kevin interviewing her in tippy top of the right part of the screen.

And then we came back to a clearer picture.  JoJo says the fan response to her has been fantastic, particularly since she only spent 20 days in the house.  She wishes she hadn't "trusted" Willie, but you can't go around in life regretting everything.  Kevin agrees.

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Interviews With the Final Three #BB14

This morning while I walked my dog I listened to these three interviews with the BB14 Final Three conducted by Rob Cesternino.  I follow Rob's podcasts on iTunes and listen to them regularly.

If you don't know Rob, he was one of the stand out stars of Survivor Amazon about 10 years go.  He was funny, self-deprecating, and devious and pulled off some spectacular moves.  Some say that he is one of the best players to never win Survivor.  This reputation followed him to Survivor All Stars, however, and he was one of the first to get booted.

Rob is friends with Dan Gheesling, and Dan and Ian discussed Rob on the live feeds a number of times.  You can listen to Rob's interviews with Ian, Dan and Danielle at this link.  You can also search for them on "Rob Has a Podcast" on iTunes and download them to listen on the go like I do.

My Thoughts on These Interviews

Ian:  Ian was obviously exhausted.  Anyone who watched him on the live feeds will notice that he sounds like he is just beat.  He says he didn't sleep a wink the night before, but planned to rally and attend the SuperPass Wrap Party that evening because "it is the right thing to do".  His parents were just stunned to see him make it to the end, and they told him that if he hadn't won that "Shark Maze" POV that occurred on the live show, that he would have been evicted that evening.    I'm guessing his parents are not big Dan Gheesling fans.   Ian is also a big Survivor fan, so I'll bet he will maintain contact with Rob and contribute to Rob's great Survivor podcasts in some way.  Ian was excited to hear that Survivor Cochran was watching Big Brother and pulling for him.

Dan:  Dan said this was the interview that he had been waiting for (the Final Three had a long list of interview commitments today) and he saved a scoop for Rob's show.  I won't spill it, but it was a joke Mike Boogie pulled on him during a live show.  Dan was very surprised to hear who Frank's dad is, and says he discussed wrestling with Frank a few times in the house. (I heard this, and waited for Frank to spill the beans, but he didn't.)  Rob thinks that when Ian watches all of the CBS episodes, he will be shocked by some of what happened, but that Dan will be surprised by very little.  I agree.

Danielle:  She really sounded defeated here, and said that new information kept coming out that led her to the realization that she was just a puppet for Dan.  She said that she is "trying not to go online" and that if we follow her on Twitter, please try not to be hateful or mean.  Rob made a mistake by mentioning what Janelle said on the finale, quoting her as having mentioned "Danielle's lies about her", rather than the much-more-inclusive Danielle's lies about everything.  Danielle did respond to the question, however, and admitted some of the lies she told about Janelle.  She implied that she and Shane are hooking up, and she expects to make a visit to Vermont soon.  I think both of them are going to be very upset with how the fans felt about them this year, so maybe they can comfort each other about that. 


I have to say that although I am a fan of Rob Cesternino, I was very disappointed in his coverage of Big Brother this year.  It was obvious that he was just in it for the money to be made selling SuperPass subscriptions.  Instead of watching the live feeds himself, he got a volunteer to cover each coach on his Big Brother podcasts.  At first, I thought that was a good idea, but  after about mid-season, it became clear that he relied on them to answer even the most basic Big Brother questions posed by the fans on his podcasts, never bothering to correct them or push back when they spouted nonsense.

For example, the girl who covered Janelle made numerous glaring mistakes in her coverage.  For example, on one early podcast she said Chef Joe Arvin had a serious cut in the kitchen, and had to leave the house to get stitches.  Rob just let her talk and talk, and did not correct her.  He also made statements that someone who professed to be a Big Brother fan would not make.  For example, he said that Rachel Reilly was the one who  started saying "Who Wants to See My HoH Room?" when in fact the new HoH saying this coming out of the DR has been a required Production element for years.

Rob didn't even bother to watch the live feeds in the crucial final weeks of the game, or even to visit any Big Brother update websites to educate himself as we approached the Finale.  For example, when Dan addressed the live feed cameras to tell us that he was strongly considering throwing the last HoH to Ian, Rob was totally unaware of this.  It's a small thing, but was a crucial element for BB fans who are interested in the game to know.  Maybe Rob's intention was to just cover the CBS broadcast audience, which is very different from the live feed audience, but he certainly was aggressive in selling a product that he clearly rarely used.

I love Rob's Survivor podcasts, but I'm keeping it real in stating my disappointment in his Big Brother coverage.  As someone who tries to report the facts, I have to say Rob's sloppy coverage earns a "C" at best.  

Frank Eudy on the Loose #BB14

Frank Eudy is out on the party trail and likes to take pictures, which will hopefully be a good sign for the future.  In pre-season intereviews, Frank said that he only got a Twitter account so he could be up-to-date on all BB casting info.  But now that Frank has nearly 23,000 Twitter followers, this is bound to change.

Here is Frank getting up close and personal with actress Shannon Elizabeth.  She is a huge BB fan, of course.  I think she got her foot in the door during BB3, since she was one of Marcellas Reynold's clients when he was a stylist.

Frank posted these pictures yesterday of his "little" brother Gunnar with Jenn City.  I think this is Jenn's friend Dez Evil, although I am certainly not sure about that.  For all I know, the blond is Gunnar's woman.

And here is Gunnar Eudy with Britney and her husband Ryan.  No, he's not how I imagined him, either.

Frank also said during his pre-season interviews that he was the "short one in the family".  Don't you know the two of these guys kept Mama Eudy busy in the kitchen?  Not to mention cooking for Psycho Sid?  Damn that is a lot of groceries.  I've been thinking about which BB14 cast members would be selected for The Amazing Race----if Gunnar has half the personality that Frank has, this might be a formidable and entertaining team, right?

Frank had no idea that his friends would make a T-shirt for him.  They really did a great job creating some unique graphics that distinguish Frank's persona.

 Here is Frank with Missy from SuperPass.  Look at Missy copping a feel of Frank's abs...


Rachel Reilly Villegas tweeted this picture.  At first I thought this was a cake, but I think this was hanging on the wall at the SuperPass party.  

And Jenn City is no doubt pleased the the growth in her Twitter followers.  She tweeted out this picture of her band.  This is likely one of her publicity photos and not a candid shot.  She flew home to finish her album and get it out as quickly as possible.