Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Final Three on The Talk - Pre Finale #BB14

On Tuesday, we know the live feeds shut down, and the Final Three filmed some sort of interview.   I heard Ian discussing snuggies on BBAD, wondering if CBS would give him one.  I had no idea what they were talking about.

Now I do.

I just watched The Talk that aired on Wednesday (yesterday, on 9-19-12) and it was indeed taped on Tuesday.  And snuggies were indeed involved.

You can watch the episode on the CBS website.  Most of the show hyped the new season of Survivor, which aired just before the Big Brother finale.  I am also a Survivor fan, so I ended up watching the entire episode.  Julie Chen wore a Survivor buff as a tank top!  She wore tribal make up!  The Talk girls participated in a Survivor challenge!

Anyway the Final Three appeared on the show as you can see below.  All of the ladies wearing snuggies munched on popcorn while they talked to them.  The questions were the same old thing...did Danielle know Shane was going to get the boot (no), what is Ian going to do with the money if he wins (pay off school loans), and a question about Dan's lies (blah blah blah).  Dan did not plug his website (or if he did they cut it out) but he did mention Chelsea.  Of course.

Their segment is the last one, if you'd care to watch.

PS  I don't know if Julie Chen was trying to stereotype all of us BB fans, but I can assure her that I do not own a snuggie. 

Robyn Kass Gets her Party On #BB14

Another season in the record books, casting underway for Big Brother Canada...Robyn Kass celebrates her good fortune.

With Frank and Ashley.  Those two had a good time at the Jury House.  Ashley said she was smitten, but was realistic about it, given the distance between their homes.

With Ian.  Ian went to a casting call and sat at a table with a few other BB14 hopefuls.  He said he was himself, and wasn't sure if he made an impression.  Robyn wasn't there, but one of her associates was...

First picture I've seen so far with Wil and Janelle together.  Janelle told Spicy last night that "she and Wil are friends....but I have a lot of friends".  Love Mike Boogie's Frank Eudy T-shirt.

Wow JoJo looks huge in that dress, huh?  I guess that is why celebrities need stylists, to make sure their clothes will photograph well.  JoJo is tiny, but you'd never know that from this picture.

 And that is Memphis Garrett and Jeff, of course, backstage.

 Robyn gets a piece of Shane.

 Brendon was there, too!  Love the nerdy glasses look he's sporting.  Where is Mrs. Villegas?

Post Finale Action #BB14

James Rhine was out and about after the BB14 Finale.  He was pulling for Dan to win, but went out there and partied like a professional, anyway.

Here's a Big Brother sandwich consisting of James, Frank, JoJo, Janelle and Howie.

Frank told James that he loved him, son.  (I will tire of the "son" references at some point, but not today.)

I guess James got up close and personal with Shanielle.  I guess they figured out that the Fierce Five lied to them about who America liked or didn't like.

James wasn't allowed to attend the Finale, even in the green room.  Bummer.

I agree with James about this.  Dan's speech made me cringe.  It was so cheesy and rehearsed, clearly pandering to the crowd.  He should have stepped up his game when Ian made that great presentation to America and the Jury.

I love James.  I don't care if he ignores my tweets.  I'm no Cat Lady James.  ***sniff***  I have a dog, son!

Here's the Big Brother goddess herself, moments before showtime.  Janelle stole the show in her Herve Legere dress.  

And here's Ian quacking with Janelle.  That's one for his scrapbook, huh?