Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Janelle Glams Up the Backyard #BB14

Janelle brightens the back yard with her smile.  There were many house guests that she enjoyed seeing evicted, but she was happiest to see Danielle get evicted.  She thinks she really picked a bad team---a "team of crazies" who turned on her.  She says coming back after decompressing at home is kind of nice.  She got to see it play out at home instead of just getting dumped in the back yard without knowing what is going on.

She wishes she could manipulate people like Dan.  He plays hard but does play dirty.  She was sad for him tonight.  It's hard to come in second.

Spicy asks her about Wil.  Spicy has been hosting Wil on SuperPass for weeks now on Happy Hour and she wants to know the status of Janelle's relationship with him.  Janelle says they are friends----"kinda, but I have a lot of friends".  She smirks and they both giggle.  Jeff gave Janelle a bag of pork rinds.

Jeff is doing the interviews first, I guess.  The CBS Golden Child.

If Janelle could take one thing from the house she would take one of the big chess pieces.  Once Frank was evicted Janelle cheered for Dan.

Janelle loves her fans and says she knows there are a lot of us out there.  She is thankful and love us all.  

Shane Looks Good, But Feels Horrible #BB14

Shane meets Spicy in the backyard and seems so sad.  He is very disappointed and says that neither he or Danielle wants a long distance relationship, so "it doesn't look good".

He never went to the Jury House, but instead he was alone for six days in a hotel room.  He says he didn't get very much sleep this week.  He's going home to face a lot of bills and has no job.  He says it is going to be rough.

Spicy tries to be supportive.  Maybe something will come out of this for him.  Shane says he never watched Big Brother before April, and watched most of BB11.  He claims that Britney had to explain what to do with the POV.


Spicy is sweating up a storm and begs someone to give her a napkin or something.

Frank Eudy in the Backyard, Son #BB14

Spicy loves Frank and corrals him in the backyard.  Frank is still a little bitter towards Dan.  Spicy says that Frank's friends are great and sent her a T-shirt.  She asks where Ted is and he says he hasn't seen Ted since he spoke with Julie.  He didn't get to take Ted to Jury.

Spicy says that Ted is right there in the dog house.  Frank gets him and plays along, but does not say that this is a Faux Ted.  He asks where Ted's underwear is...but then just holds the bear.

Oh shit Frank walks off with Faux Ted but CBS apparently stopped him and made him put the bear back.

Spicy concedes that the bear belongs to CBS, not Superpass.

Live Finale Update #8 #BB14

Now Julie will pull the keys.  Four votes to win.

Dan - Danielle

Ian - Shane, Jenn, Joe, Frank

Dan knows he lost after Julie reads Jenn's vote and shakes Ian's hand.  Joe votes for Ian and they shake again..  Frank votes for Ian and there is no need for Ashley's vote.  Ian hugs Dan and heads outside, throwing his hands up.

Confetti.  Hugs from his family.  It is crazy. Someone picks up Ian.  Dan hugs them too.  Now Britney runs up and hugs Ian and for some reason nearly pins him back into the building.  Britney is wearing heavy beige tights with her skating dress, like a Jane Fonda video.  Ian walks down the steps with the house guests and everyone claps.  Now Jodi is in the group.  I guess she was cordoned off somewhere.

America's choice is next.

Julie says Ashley and Britney voted for Ian as well. Ian says this is the best moment of his life.  As he says this, Jodi is on camera right behind him somehow.  Yes, Jodi.

Frank won America's Choice, son! Mike Boogie is cheering and Frank beams.  Danielle and Shane clap stonefaced, staring straight ahead.  Kara chats with Julie Chen. Janelle smiles and claps.

The Final Three will go on The Talk tomorrow. Ian pats his heart, fluttering.

Dan chats with Julie and Ian goes over and hugs Frank.  Now Ian hugs Mike and it is a strong hug.  Shane and Danielle whisper and hug.  Ian is hugging everyone.

Wow that is all.  What a great finale.

Live Finale Update #7 #BB14

Now we see the non-Jury players, seated across from the Jury.  I'm just taking it in.  Julie says that the Final Two can hear them.  They all say hi.

Janelle goes first.  The main thing that surprised her "besides Danielle's lies" was watching Dan play.  It was amazing to watch.  Dan calls out that he loves her.  If he doesn't win it is an absolute travesty, Janelle says.  Danielle nodded when Janelle called her a liar, but was remarkably calm.

Julie asks Frank about Dan.  Dan was always one of his favorites.  He played a scavenger game this year that Frank doesn't really respect.

Julie calls on Mike Boogie.  He thinks Dan was amazing but he does have a lot of respect for the journey that Ian went on this year.  Ian thanks him and it is a nice moment.  Big round of applause.

Shane asks Danielle if she knew he was leaving.  She swears she had no idea.  Dan chimes in and confirms this---Danielle had no idea.  Shane wonders how he can swear on his wife and his wedding ring? Dan would play physical like Shane if he could, and was not as popular as Shane.  It was Dan's only choice.

Now Wil speaks, with a french braid across his head. He imitates Joe and says to take responsibility for falling for the lies.

Julie brings up America's Favorite House Guest.  I just noticed that Jodi is not there.  She is not on stage.  Not included.

Jeff and Jordan are there.  I think Jeff may be doing backyard interviews.

The energy is crazy in there.  The winners of both are up next.

I think Ian got the votes.  I'd be surprised if he didn't.  Lots of anger towards Dan.

Live Show Update #6 #BB14

Now the speeches.  Ian is first.  He has never lost a speech, and tonight will be no different.  Ian is going to be aggressive and Dan says he expects it. Ian is disgusted at what he has heard from Dan. Ian's speech is awesome, really.  Makes a great case and Dan taps his shoulder.

Dan goes next.  Calling out Frank and Shane as huge competitors.  Coming out of the reset, he was intimidated by everyone.  He was ruthless because he had to be. He had to be despicable, hosting his own funeral.

Danielle does an extreme fish face while Dan spoke.  He is hurried, and some of them are shaking their heads.  Vote for who played the game, not who relied on finding a gold ball, not who had a photographic memory, but who played the game.

Ashley votes, smiles and laughs.  Now Frank, who gets the word Preesh in there.  Joe votes, now Jenn.  Dan calls out Jenn City, and tells the crowd that Jenn sold over a million records.  Jen thanks Dan and Ian asks if Dan is kissing butt at the last minute.

Shane casts his vote.  Now Danielle.  The only reason she is voting like this is to keep her word.

Who got the votes?  Julie will read them later.  It's going to be close.

Live Finale Update #5 #BB14

Now the Jury arrives in studio.  What the fuck is Britney wearing?  Looks like an ice skating dress.  Shane in his weird jeans, right there in the front row.

Audio problems.  Ashley looks chunky for sure.  Britney hopes Danielle just got evicted.  Frank hopes it is Dan, but he doesn't think it will be.

Here comes Danielle, and they all clap.  Shane stands up and goes over for a big hug.  They are separated by Jenn in the chairs.

Now the Jury will question them.

Ashley is first.  She wants to know about his decisions.  Forming the Quack Pack was his decision.  Dan shakes his head and interrupts.  He totally disagrees but Julie shushes him.  He'll get his turn.

Frank asks a bitter question about swearing on the Bible.  Dan was up to his elbows in blood and had to go to confession anyway.  Frank laughs.

Jenn asks Ian about being a snitch.  Dan wags his head and Ian's answer.  I think Dan's agressiveness will shock Ian.

Joe wants to know what blood?  He was only HoH once.  Now Dan tells them he stabbed Shane's back, and Franks, and Britney.  It was his only option.  They were tough competitiors.

Britney asks why Ian should win over Dan.  Ian repeats the same thing he said before about choosing his destiny.  Dan is grinning, about to eat Ian's lunch. Ian says Dan is a backstaber.

Shane has a problem finding his card.  Then he calls Dan Satan, and asks why deserves to win.  Dan tells him that they were already in an alliance, and Britney brought Ian up on a leash to join the group.  She ran Ian and his decisions and he won't admit it.

Danielle asks Ian.  Did he know that Dan had a Final Two deal with me?  Ian was not aware.  Dan laughs.  Ian said he had his grandfather's gold necklace as collateral. Danielle's mouth drops when she hears that.  Dan tells Ian that he would have taken Danielle, because she was his player and he would never turn his back on her.

Ian is pissed.  Really?  You really were?

They pace.  Ian is flustered.  Father Dan is on fire.

Live Finale Update #4 #BB14

Danielle's family--her mother, sister and brother are clapping.  Her mom is beautiful, nervous.

Now Ian must choose.  Dan and Danielle are sitting in the chairs.

Ian stands.  He is ready.  He is physically ill to evict a Quack Packer.

Danielle is gone.  She stands and is calm, grimly hugging both.  She hugs Dan again and tells her to use her Southern charm out there.

Now she's out and smiling, strutting to meet Julie.  Dan and Ian are doing the Renegade shake, pacing and talking about the questions.  Danielle gets his collateral necklace back and puts it on.

Danielle is with Julie.  Her make up is flawless.  She knows how to do it for the cameras.  A pageant girl.  So far so good with her comments.  Ian told her that he could never win against her.  She says he might be right, but she thinks Dan may have thrown the questions.

She's going to meet with the Jury now.  She did a good job with Julie.  Her family claps and leans over so she can see them. 

Live Finale Update #3 #BB14

Dan's family is clapping.  Chelsea is gorgeous, and with Dan's father.

Now the Final HoH, back to the living room.  No screwing around here.  Down to business.

Dan and Ian are separated in booths.  Dan with a confident posture and smiling.  Ian looking down and focused.  Danielle off to the side, twitching her foot.

Six questions.  Which houseguest said this?  There are videos of the Jury members saying different random things.  Dan and Ian must guess how they would finish their sentences.

#1  Both get point.

#2  Both get point.

#3  Ian got a point.  Ian dips his head down.

#4  Ian got a point.  In the lead by two.

#5  Ian wins.

The crowd cheers.  Dan hugs him and Danielle bobs her head.  Dan goes over and gives her a quick hug, just one shoulder. 

Ian didn't celebrate. He is focused.  Pacing.  His Big Choice will air next.

Live Finale Update #2 #BB14

HOH Comp #2

The backyard looks like a NYC street corner.  Fantastic set.  Really.  They scale up a thirteen story building, on harnesses.

Danielle goes first.  She's "washing" the windows of the building, looking for tiles with pictures.

Ian goes next.  He says he climbed a cargo net in middle school that prepared him for it.  He's done.  He had a strategy that worked.

Now Dan is there, in a park setting.  Danielle's time was 7:31.  Ian's was 6:04.  Ian wins.

They go inside and Danielle starts a fight with Ian as planned.  Ian is totally snowed by her act.

Now the jury files into a seating area to film a discussion.  Ashley toddles out on high platforms. Now Britney, Joe,  Jenn and Frank.  Now Shane is there and he tells them it was a bad blindside.  Shane's bangs are like a shelf tonight.  Shane thinks Danielle might have been in on it.  He admits he got played.

Frank runs the meeting.  That's an honor, actually. He asks their thoughts about Ian.  Jenn says he's been a rat the whole game, the whole time.  Where she's from, rats eat cheese.  (WTF?)  Britney says that Danielle didn't really game that hard, but she played Dan's game.

Jenn points out that Danielle got Janelle out, and she's won when she needed too.  Frank changes the topic to Dan. Jenn says Dan was sending people out in body bags, and she likes that kind of game.   (Love that analogy.)

Joe has a life manual, and some of that was violated by Dan with his actions and lies.  Frank agrees, nodding.  Jenn says what's the difference --everybody told lies.

Joe:  If Dan and Judas were in the final two, Dan might get my vote.

Frank guffaws.  Britney says that they have a lot left to learn, and they should wait until they speak to them on Finale night.  Shane wants to hear what they have to say, too.

We see Dan and Ian, waiting in booths.  Dan smirking, Ian rocking.  HoH up next.

Live Finale Update #1 #BB14

Julie sports a purple dress with a long wavy side pony.  Danielle in a red dress, with a nervous foot, alone on one side of the couch.  Ian in his blue button down.  Dan in a dark jacket and shirt.  Nervous chatter.

I didn't recognize anyone in the audience yet.  No parents identified yet.

Part #1 of the HOH again.  Dan made a deal for Ian to drop.  He told Danielle, to gain her trust.  Dan works the mad mist to get her to drop, too.  She argues. Dan is demonic looking as he stares at her in the rain.  The next time they dunk, Danielle slips off. 

It's over and she makes sense of it somehow.

Up next, the HoH Part #2, and a visit with Shane and the Jury.  Ian's parents clap, his dad is cheering too.  Very happy Terrys.

Big Brother After Dark - **cough cough** Psycho Roommate ***cough cough*** 9-19-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Showtime on Tuesday night, and in the wee hours of Wednesday where I live.

This is the final episode of Big Brother After Dark for the BB14 season.  The season finale will air tomorrow night on CBS, where one of the Final Three will win $500,000, as voted by the Jury.

Final Three = Danielle + Dan + Ian

Jury = Ashley + Britney + Frank + Joe + Jenn + Shane + _______ (one of the Final Three)


1. The show opens with a shot of the dining table, where Dan and Danielle are immersed in a game of Rummy.  I don't understand the rules of this game, but apparently if another player wins, the other players are penalized based on the point value of their cards.  The BB house guests use small candies as currency, and the candies move around into different bowls based on the circumstances.

Danielle and Dan are joking and teasing while they play. They appear to all be in good moods.  Ian sits nearby.  They are all drinking Bud Light Lime in longneck bottles.  I heard Ian say earlier today that they had nine beers in the fridge (!).   He drank one in the hammock earlier today, so they have at least eight beers to drink, and maybe even a few more if there was another delivery this evening.

Dan says he can't believe that they are on TV right now.  Ian agrees...who would watch this?  Dan hopes that the three of them are not responsible for having BBAD cancelled after this year.  Even though he suspects there is no audience, Dan gives us all a plug for his website.  ABC, that is Dan, just like Glengarry Glen Ross. (Always be Closing.)

Sometimes when the house guests drink, there is a definite goal to get drunk.  That feeling is not there tonight--I think there are too many worries about tomorrow, and the threat and opportunity of having to address the Jury and millions of home viewers on the live show.  Lots of pressure.  A lot at stake.

Dan wins the Rummy game and left Danielle with a handful of cards.  Dan as usual is flaunting the BB rules by singing or rapping frequently.  Tonight he is "singing" about a "crotch party" and this is apparently a reference to some movie.  (Stepbrothers?)  Danielle discusses the movies that were available during Sequester and Ian is kicking himself for not watching them.  He mentions that Office Space was one of the movies, and he wishes he had watched it.  Dan asks him what he did in sequester to pass the time and Ian doesn't know how he got through it.

(I heard Mike Boogie say that Ian only brought "a book" with him to sequester.  He couldn't believe it either.)

They plan their drinking for the evening.  The guys are ready for another round, but Dan says they should save the Bud Light Limes for Danielle, since that is the only beer that she will drink.  Ian jokes about her high-end taste, but Danielle has made no secret of her hatred for beer all summer.  I'm sure if she could be trusted to handle her consumption, BB might have given them a bottle of wine.  But Production doesn't have the time to baby sit the house guests who overdose on booze tonight.

2. Dan is continually reprimanded by BB for his "singing".  At one point the cameras switch to a new view--a zen sand garden that I think may be upstairs in the loft near the chess board.  There is food and the Corn Flakes box with the Fierce Five on it nearby.  And there is sand slopped over the side of the little box, and probably spilling on the floor.  So much for zen.

Dan wonders if they should start singing the David Letterman theme song, since that is a CBS show and it should be okay. Ian recalls that Dan used to sing the theme song for The Price is Right during BB10 and Dan is amazed that he remembers this.  (Me too.)  Dan starts humming it now and BB doesn't like it.  Ian and Dan start singing a song that Mike Boogie apparently made up about Cups and Plates ("A cup for you, a cup for me, cups and plates and plates for you...") and BB doesn't like that either.

Ian: But it's an original song!

Dan starts humming the Price is Right theme again and BB says "HEY!  I SAID TO STOP THAT!!!"

(ha ha ha)

They have a coffee cup that is covered with nail polish and labeled as the Rummy Cup.  There are hashmarks on the side that indicate the winning statistics.  Dan uses blue to put a slash through four hashes.  He's winning.

Ian wants to know if they are allowed to watch TV tomorrow night.

Dan:  You're not going to be watching TV tomorrow night...

Ian:  But after, like at 4:00 am in the hotel...

Dan:  You're going to be in a hotel with security, but yeah you can watch...

Dan catches himself and his error, looking nervously around and saying whoever wins will have to be in the hotel with security, and maybe all three of them, "if they have to do press".

Ian:  Does the winner have to do press?

BB:  You are NOT allowed to talk about Production!

Dan continues to do damage control by saying that it depends on who the public likes---maybe all of the press will just be for Danielle and Shane.  Danielle looks at him and purses her lips.  Ian wants her to discuss exactly what she heard about the cast popularity when she left the house to hobnob with the Fierce Five.

Ian:  Now that it's just us....can you tell us?

Danielle:'s just what I already told you..

Ian:  About Frank?  About him being disliked?

She nods.  Dan wants to know why Frank was disliked.

Danielle:  They didn't say that.  They just said that they like all of us.  They've been watchin'...they like the QP.

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Julie: I'm Still Frank's Homegirl #BB14

Julie Chen chewed the fat again this week with Lynette Rice from Entertainment Weekly.  She gives her predictions on how the votes will go, and doesn't sound ready to hand Dan the crown of Greatest Player of All Time. 

'Big Brother's' Julie Chen on tonight's finale and whether Dan is the man

Image Credit: CBS

Parting is such sweet sorrow, Chenbot! Fortunately we snagged host Julie Chen for one more chat before tonight’s 90-minute finale of Big Brother.  Will the jury members vote with their hearts or their heads? Will the student triumph over her teacher, or visa versa? Has Dan unseated Dr. Will as BB’s best player ever?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Alright sister, let’s play out scenarios. If it were Danielle versus Dan in the final two, how do you think the jury will vote?

JULIE CHEN I think it’s all up to Ian. He would be the deciding vote. I think Frank has the deep hate on for Dan and will not give him his vote.  I think Ashley will follow his lead — they have been getting very close in the jury house. Shane will vote for Danielle to win because I think he is feeling duped by Dan and he may still have romantic feelings toward Danielle. Meanwhile, I think Dan would get votes from Britney,  Joe and Jenn because I think they are all mature enough to know don’t hate the player, hate the game! So it all boils down to how Ian feels. If Dan is the one who wins the final HOH and evicts Ian, it depends on how raw, angry and  humiliated Ian is feeling. But if Danielle wins the final HOH and evicts Ian, then Dan wins it over Danielle.

What if it were Dan versus Ian?

Probably Ian by a vote of 6 to 1. I only see Dan getting Danielle’s vote. It will make it easy on disgruntled jury members to vote for Ian while it’s just as much a vote against Dan.

Danielle versus Ian?

My guess is Ian wins. Danielle would probably only get Dan and Shane’s vote. The others don’t have close enough ties to her to vote emotionally for her.

Dalton Ross reminded me of Survivor: Samoa when Russell Hantz was in the final two against the very unremarkable player, Natalie White. Russell should have won because he was such an incredible strategist — not to mention such a fantastic liar — but the jury voted for Natalie to win because they hated Russell. What if the same happens to Dan if he is in the final two? The jury will hate him because he played them so he won’t win?

It’s always a possibility. That’s what makes it impossible to have a set strategy on paper to win this game. If you’re going to deceive and betray, you better make sure you are damn charming about it.

If he does win, will you consider him the best player in BB history? Will he strip Dr. Will of the title?

In my opinion no, because Will never had to pull the Bible into game play or a personal loved one. In my book, that’s pretty low. Will didn’t have to stoop to that level because he was just that good.

Looking back, when the producers decided to bring back old players to serve as coaches, did you have any reservations? Did you worry it wouldn’t make for good TV?

No, I loved the idea.  I always love seeing past players who are proven gamers enter the house, for any reason. You know it’s going to be good TV.  That being said, it did worry me when I started to see certain players hide behind it and not play the game with their own head!

Were you relieved when they entered the game?

Yes! I wanted to see the dynamic of what happens when the teacher becomes the new competition. For some it broke already weakening bonds. For others, it showed who can still be loyal and stick together despite the new rules. It was a good test of character and human nature at the same time.

Just a few finale questions. Will you make fun of Boogie for not being as great as he thinks he is?

Maybe, depends on how cocky he behaves. Good thing is, it seems like he has matured and is a good sport.

Will you make fun of Frank for sucking up to Boogie so much?

Probably not. He sucks up to me too with the Julie Chen is my Homegirl T-shirt, so he’s okay in my book!

Do you, like us, go through major Big Brother withdrawals the minute the show is over?

Yes! Especially at night when I am washing up to go to sleep and I don’t have them to watch. They are part of my nightly ritual. As I am brushing my teeth, I like to watch them cook, eat, hang out in the backyard, strategize and bond! I will be lonely without them. Boo.

You can read the article for yourself here.

I Think the Live Feeds are Toast #BB14

I'm not 100% positive, but the live feeds went to TRIVIA about 2 hours ago, and haven't returned.  They usually put up a message saying that they'll see us next year, with information about the Finale, but I haven't seen that yet.

They got the wake up call today, and I took these pictures of Danielle getting up and getting ready to go up to the HoH Room for a lockdown.  Dan and Ian were still in bed. 

I clogged the kitchen sink this morning with a huge pile of carrot peels, so I had to deal with the plumber and didn't get any last glimpses of Dan or Ian.  The timing sucked, but my carrot juice was fresh and delicious.  And expensive, if you add in the plumber's costs....

PS  I think the Final Three were on The Talk today, but it was likely filmed yesterday morning.  I think they wore CBS snuggies, too.

What Were People Searching For This Summer? #BB14

These are the top ten search terms this summer that brought people to this website.  Clearly there is a pattern here, right?

Right up until he was evicted, Mike Boogie and his Baby Mama situation were the top search topics.  After almost every CBS episode through mid-August, the searches for information about his personal situation went wild.  Huge spikes in the data.

I don't know who the Baby Mama is, but I posted several updates of Mike discussing his single status, and his easy arrangements with Brady's mom.  I heard Mike say that she didn't want to be public about it, so that is that to me.  Someone actually contacted me with some information about her, but I didn't pursue it.  She's just a normal person and is not a public figure.   Children and family type stuff just feels off limits to me...none of our business, I guess.  But fun to speculate about.

I thought people would be clamoring for info about Kara Monaco after the show premiered way back on July 12th, but it was all Mike, Mike, Mike.

Hey Nana! I'm Painting! #BB14

The Jury members have been doing arts and crafts in the Jury House, along with a few other activities, I'm sure.  As in the past year, you can win one of their paintings by sending a tweet to @CBSBigBrother, with #jurygiveaway in the Tweet.  (I think they auctioned the paintings last year, but whatever...)

Frank's paining no doubt signifies the uphill battle he faced in the house each week.  If he wasn't in charge of things, he was sitting in one of the red nomination chairs.  Just like in real life, we can't really see what is beyond the next hill.  I'll bet there will another big hill next summer Frank.  Eat your Wheaties, son.

Speaking of Frank, why here is Ashley's painting.  There are 16 house guests in this little world, each one with a little individual flair.  Like Joe has a chef's hat, Wil has a captains hat, Dan has his Karate Kid headband and Bible.  Why, Willie even has a little tiny mohawk and seems to be holding a pork rind.  Bless her heart.

And here is Britney's painting.  I guess she hasn't realized yet that the Quack Pack turned against her and voted her out.  Bless her heart then, too.  It is a cute painting.  I like the way they used stamps this year for letters.

This painting is actually my favorite.  I love the colors.  It actually looks like a book cover in the picture below, right?  Jenn looks so different in this picture...then I realized that you can't see her tattoos very well the way she is sitting.   Where's the city, Jenn?  If CBS is kind enough to give me this painting, I will frame it and already have a great place for it in my office.  Thank you in advance, CBS.

Who peed in Joe's cornflakes?  Have you ever seen him look so mean?  Take a chill pill Joe.  He looks so skinny here---maybe that is why he looks pissed off.  Eat a sandwich, Joe.  I like this painting, too, but then again I'm kind of a foodie.

And then there is Shane.  Shane is angry,  This looks like the sort of thing that Dan would get in the mailbox and handle very carefully, so as not to smudge any fingerprints that could be used as evidence.  I wonder if Shane will wear his puka beads tonight for the finale?


I wish Wil had been on the Jury.  I can't even imagine what his art would look like.  You can see the paintings on the CBS website here, as well as the contest rules.

Last year there was a video that showed Jeff, Brendon, and Dani Donato making their paintings.  Jeff said making his clown shoe painting was theraputic for him.  From the FeedWatcher archives, here is a link to that session.  Someone actually sold Jeff's painting on Ebay afterwards, too.  I guess it didn't work with their decor.

Sneak Peek at the HoH Part 2 Comp #BB14

This is a sneak peek at the competition that will air tonight as part of the Finale.  Ian was right...this is pretty John Blaze.

The LA Parties Rage On #BB14

One good thing about being evicted before Jury is you get to go out and get wasted with the Big Brother family.

You know it's going to be a scorcher when Wil and Kara are there.  The only normal-looking person in this picture is Wil's brother Chip.  

But don't worry, everyone arrived safely.  Why look who that's Jodi!  Yes that is the legend herself with Wil, Howie Gordon (BB6 & BB7) and the lovely Kara Monaco.

Now add James Rhine (BB6 & BB7) and Shannon Elizabeth (actress?) to the mix, and you've got something going.

The one and only Janelle was there, too.  Looking great is the best revenge, Janelle.

Supposedly, JoJo Spatafora was out and about,too, but I could find no photographic evidence of this.

And Kara will have some of her Playmate buddies there, too.  The Sarah that is in the following tweet is the girl who Shane Meaney has been giving shout outs to all summer.  She's on the G4 network and was the 2007 Playmate of the Year.  You just know Danielle is going to shit a brick over this..

Kara sold her Big Brother bag on Ebay for $380.  Ouch.

And speaking of Jodi, look how she describes herself on Twitter.  Wasn't she a server at TGI Fridays back in July?  That's very ambitious of her.  (Public Speaker?  Is that how the Dick at Nite panelists describe themselves now?)