Sunday, September 16, 2012

Danielle Sucks it Up. And In. #BB14

Ian and Dan have been sitting in the pool for some time now, keeping up a constant chatter about the season's competitions, and Ian's schoolwork.  Ian discusses his classes, and some thermodynamic topics, while Dan listens and asks follow up questions.

Ian greets her when she comes over to the pool, and asks her about dinner.  She's not wearing a microphone, so I couldn't hear her response.  I don't think she had a response, though.

**Two Things**

1.  Future house guests could learn from Dan Gheesling's "Listen-Talk" ratio.  He does a lot of listening.  And people just love to talk about themselves.

2.  Danielle might think she is punishing them by not speaking to them.  That's a game she's going to lose every time.  

It's hard to keep up a look like this for too long, isn't it Danielle?

Mike Boogie and Janelle Appear at the BB11 Finale

If you've been a Big Brother fan for a few years, then you know that the season finale of BB11 was a two-hour extravaganza.  The ratings were super high that year, due in no small part to the Jeff and Jordan phenomena, and also the drama of the Coup d 'Etat and Chima Simone getting booted for bad behavior. 

Big Brother got out their checkbook for this Finale, and had a special segment on finale night with Janelle Pierzina, Mike Boogie, Evel Dick and Danielle Reyes.  This clip from the show lets us see these All Stars and hear what the have to say.

A few highlights:

*  Mike Boogie tells Julie Chen he bought a Bentley with his BB7 winnings.
*  He gives Julie Chen a baby gift from Tiffany's.  Janelle gossiped about that little present this season, telling the BB14 girls that Julie didn't even open the box and left it there, under her seat.  I think the term Janelle used for Mike during this discussion was "butt-kissing douchebag".
*  No one picks Jordan to win.  In fact, they mention wanting Kevin to win.  Who?
*  Check out Evel Dick's posture on stage.  Sitting there like he owns the place.

Another little tidbit of information....I heard Janelle say on the BB14 live feeds that BB used to let former house guests sit in the audience for the show.  I remember this, and have seen Janelle sit in the audience for season #8 finale, I think.  And I've seen Kaysar, Howie, James, and other former players in the audience, too.

Well, she said that BB won't let them sit in the audience anymore--they have to watch the show from the Green Room with the Juror's families.  The feeds got interrupted while she said this, so I couldn't hear her entire statement,  but I think she said that people on the live feeds were talking shit about a former house guest, and then that house guest was sitting right there in the audience.....

I don't know if this was the finale, or a regular live show, but I think the implication was that words were said.  Maybe even threats.  Certainly something Production doesn't want to have to worry about as they produce a live show.

It had to be someone with a temper, right?  To have the balls to try and disrupt the show or make a scene because you are angry about what someone said about you on the live feeds?  Who could that be?  Evel Dick?  Russell Kairouz?  Anybody know?


And speaking of Chima, she was such a raging bitch on BB11 that for the first time Production decided to not air a Thursday show live.  Instead, they pre-taped it and then replayed it shortly afterwards on CBS.  Chima was the HOH, and she knew that someone had a special power that might be used that night.  She said repeatedly that if  someone messed with her nominations, CBS better get that bleep button ready, because she was going to go off.

Production believed her, and made the decision to pre-tape the show so everything could just play out and be edited before broadcast.  Plenty of former house guests have made some bold statements about what they would do live, but Production had reason to believe Chima would to through with it.

Why?  Just look at the little stunt she pulled on the first live show of the season, when she was up against Braeden for eviction.  I love the way Julie handles her.  And I mean, HANDLES her.  Did that bitch know Julie's husband is the President of CBS?  He practically runs Show Business, and Chima wanted a broadcast career.  How did that work out for you, Chima?


Hangovers A'Plenty Today #BB14

The Big Brother crew that gathered last night at Geisha House for Robyin Kass' birthday celebration is feeling the pain today, from the sound of it.

James mentions Portillo's here, and Jeff cosigns that idea.  If you don't know, Portillo's is a Chicago fast food chain that specializes in the kind of greasy, calorie-laden food that is perfect for a hangover.

But then again, In ' N' Out Burger is just a cab drive away....

Shane Meaney Vents with Jeff Schroeder #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down with Shane Meaney for a chat the day after Shane's brutal blindside that eliminated him from the game in fourth place.  It is important to remember that Shane gave Danielle his approval to use the POV to save Dan and nominate him.  She may have done it even if he didn't approve, but that's a moot point.  He okay'ed the move, and now he's here, sitting with Jeff.

(I would love to see a reel of the evicted house guests meeting Jeff.  He's a Big Brother star, and they have a few minutes to meet and chat before each interview starts.  He's kind of a big deal, so I'd like to see that.)

Shane is very bitter and angry. It was a rough night for him and he hasn't slept yet.  It was a complete blindside and he thought he had a final three deal with Dan and Danielle.  He didn't even pack his suitcase.  He says he should have known better, playing against Dan Gheesling.  Jeff says that he's heard that a lot lately.  It's just fine with Shane if he never speaks with Dan ever again.  Shane says it's personal, and he's pissed.  Shane is a man of his word, and what Dan did is not okay with him.

Jeff says he "wore a pink shirt in honor of Shane".  Shane says it looks better on Jeff than it does on him.

Jeff wonders if he ever questioned Danielle's loyalty.  Shane says he was up all night, worrying and fretting over this.  Was Danielle as shocked as he was?  Or was she a collaborator?  Shane thinks she did have a part in his eviction, and that "really destroys him".  (Little does he know she was just as naive about Dan as he was.)  Jeff says he'll know the truth in just five days.  Shane says he made it 69 days in that house..just 6 days short.  Jeff says he went out fifth in his season, so he understands that pain. Shane knows that he was on the block against Jordan, and is thankful he wasn't against Danielle on the block.

Shane says again that he didn't sleep a wink, and he wishes he had told Danielle "No" when she brought up using the POV.  He's been kicking himself all night about it.  Jeff says it's hard not to run through all of those scenarios--he understands.  Jeff can feel how bummed Shane is.

Jeff says his relationship with Danielle was heating up there in the last week or so--was that real or just strategy?

Shane says it was 100% real.  He really tried to keep it quiet, so they wouldn't be a target.  He didn't want everyone to know how intimate he was with her, so he told Danielle that they could have "their alone time", but nobody else could know.  Shane says Jeff should be able to relate to that, but then he says that Jeff didn't try and hide how he felt about Jordon.

Jeff:  No, I was trying to get in there!

Shane says he really didn't want that showmance target on him, but it ended up being there anyway.  He says that he lives in Vermont, and she lives in Alabama, so a long distance relationship would be a lot easier if he won and could afford to fly.

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Danielle: That Kid is a Little Demon! #BB14

The three remaining house guests are up now, and Dan goes outside first to jump in the pool.  Ian gets up a few minutes later, and walks through the house in his black underwear.  He goes to the living room where he has been storing his clothes to get his swim trunks.

Dan goes inside to make breakfast,and asks Danielle if she wants an omelet.  She doesn't, but fixes herself a bowl of Froot Loops and sits down to eat it.  Dan asks her if she is okay and she says she is depressed, and can't talk without crying.

She tells Dan she feels like it's over.

Dan:  Do you have so little faith in me?

She has faith in him, but she says she hates Ian.  He's a little demon, and she's been telling everybody that for a long time!

She mentions how cocky he was to her last night, and then mentions having to get on the scales last night, and what he said.  When Dan asks why they had to weigh themselves, the cameras change.

(Ian made a comment on BBAD that Danielle herself admitted to gaining weight this summer, so I guess he said something to her about that.)

Dan tells her that he's been telling Ian that she is acting like a baby about it.  Danielle asks if that is how he feels?  Dan says no, it is all an act to get Ian to believe that Dan will cut her.

Danielle:  Do you think he will throw it?

Dan:  I don't know.  I think there is a strong possibilitiy....

She says she's been holding it together for that competition, and now that it's over she is just drained and depressed.  Ian swings in the hammock, the sun beating down on him.

Danielle:  And here I am...threw the first competition, lost the second...and you're sitting pretty.

Big Brother After Dark - A Spastic Celebration. 9-16-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Showtime Saturday night, and in the early hours of Sunday where I live.

The final days of any Big Brother season usually involve tension, and drama.  This year is no different.

As you know by now, Dan won Part #1 of the Final HoH competition on Thursday night after the live show.  The HoH Part #2 competition was held tonight, and started about two hours or so before the beginning of the Showtime broadcast.  Only Danielle and Ian participated, of course, for the right to play Dan for the final HoH during Wednesday's live finale.

OK.  Let's get this over with.

1.  The show opens with live footage of the fish tank.  Not the FISH screen that we've all seen before--the actual fish tank in the HOH suite, shot as if we were standing there, gazing at it.  There were a few quiet moments of bubbles and swimming (three minutes to be exact), then the cameras shifted to the sliding door downstairs, leading to the backyard.  When the BB cameras focus on a closed door, you'd better be prepared for that door to open momentarily.

It does.  The door slides open and we see Dan walk in, wearing his red T-shirt and bandana.  He saunters out of the camera shot in the direction of the kitchen.  Then we see Danielle walk in, wearing black pants and a "Bama" T-shirt, and walk in the other direction. The door is still open, and we see Danielle goes to the Arcade and retrieves her water bottle, and goes back to the kitchen.

Meanwhile Ian comes in and is pacing and muttering.  Dan follows him and they walk quickly.  The house is silent.  Ian goes into the Boom Boom Room and makes a gesture, not smiling, and Dan grins.  I know at this point that Ian won the competition, from their body language.

Now we see the three of them gather downstairs, everybody still pacing and we can hear Danielle's shrill southern tones.

Danielle:  Dan!

Dan, in monotone:  What?

Danielle: If you seriously think Ian is taking you to the Final Two, you're crazy! 'Cause I know he's taking me!

Dan:  Why would you think that? Why would you think he's taking you?

Danielle:  Because he said it's not true....

Ian:  I don't have time for this shit..just knock it off.

Ian mutters something about them having $50,000 and Danielle gets louder.  She was supposed to act angry if Ian won, based on marching orders from Dan, but I think she's really heated.

Danielle:  Did you make a deal with him?

Ian:  NO!

Danielle:  Ian, I swear on my life!  If you take him to the Final Two, I will taint the jury!  I will not vote for you!  I will tell Shane and Ashley everything that has come out of your mouth!

(I don't know when she would have time to do this---during the commercial break of the Finale?  Because whoever leaves in third place will walk out on the live CBS show and go sit on the bleachers with the other Jury members.  There will be A LOT for her to process at that time, the live audience, meeting Julie Chen, the tears...and maybe Dr. Zachary during the commercial break.)

Ian:  I didn't say anything bad about Shane.

(And wouldn't it have to be pretty damn bad for Shane to VOTE FOR DAN?)

Danielle:  NO!  But I will make sure Shane doesn't vote for you if you take somebody like that!

Now we see a close up of Danielle.  She has dirt on her left shoulder, and across her T-shirt. Her hair is in a pony tail and she is wearing her contact lenses.  All acne has been covered by make up at this point.  She leaves the room, pony tail swinging.  Ian and Dan go into the Arcade, and Dan closes the door.  They begin to whisper.  (Always with the fucking whispering!)

It is hard to decipher what they are saying, but it is celebratory and Ian is pacing.  He is repeating what Danielle just said and asks Dan why he acted the way he did out there.

(Dan planned to say "We did it!" if Ian won and told Danielle about this ahead of time.  He said he wanted to make Ian feel comfortable enough to throw the final competition to him.)

Dan says he was excited that they did it, and goes over to hug Ian.  It is kind of like hugging an unwilling child, Ian endures the hug and breaks free as soon as he can.  Ian starts talking in detail about the competition, quickly whispering.  He had to scale up some sort of wall to get tiles with house guest names on them.  They were covered with soot and Ian had to clean them off to be able to read them.  Ian mumbles that he "has soot in his mouth", and goes to the WC.  Danielle is in the bathroom and Ian says "sorry, he's an asshole" to Danielle as he goes into the WC and shuts the door.  It's been 5 minutes since they came back into the house.

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Party Week in L.A. #BB14

Big Brother finale week is a great excuse for former house guests to get together and party.  Last night at Geisha House (owned by Mike Boogie, of course) there was a party for Robyn Kass's birthday.  Robyn is a casting director who casts for many TV shows, including Big Brother, of course.

According to James Rhine's twitter, the party was attended by Kara Monaco (BB14), Kalia (BB13), Jeff Schroeder (BB11 & BB13), Jordan Lloyd (BB11 & BB13) and Russell (BB11).

You'd think Russell could have put on a proper shirt, right?  It's a good thing he knows the owner---I'm not even sure that T-shirt meets the dress code.  And I won't mention the hat.

 But enough about that....who will hook up with Kara?

Like to See Danielle Cry? Well, You'll Love This. #BB14

Ian won Part #2 of the HoH competition.  Danielle did what Dan told her to do ahead of time, to threaten Ian if he took Dan with him to the Finale.

Of course, this is going to backfire on her.  Danielle was a teary mess last night, curled up in a ball and whining that she's tired of being hurt.  Of course, if you saw her complexion today, you know the camera coverage of this breakdown is not going to be attractive.

Prediction:  Dan will start working Danielle for her jury vote, and will let Ian win the final live HoH. Ian has already counted the votes and knows he won't beat Danielle, but he thinks he can beat Dan.

Ian:  Now we have to deal with "that" for the next four days....