Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Final Three Play Games #BB14

I guess Production got tired of the constant bitching and moaning about how bored everyone is, so they gave them some games today, and brought them a late lunch from In 'N Out Burger.  Dan was totally excited all day about it, and was disappointed that Ian and Danielle both pulled 'tudes about the toppings on their burgers, and picked stuff off.  Danielle even made an issue out of "not being able to finish her burger". 

(Bitch please.  No one thinks you are a dainty eater.)

I don't have pictures of that, but I do have a few snaps of them playing games today.

Jenga.  It was a good game.  Ian would rock back and forth like he always does, but then hold completely still while he pulled a wooden block from the bottom of the Jenga tower and load it up on the top.

Connect Four.

These are both good interactive games.  Some years they just get stuff like arts and crafts.  In BB4, Jun and Alison got a beading kit that they were excited about.  They were going to make bracelets and rings.  They spread everything out to get started. Then they discovered that the spool of wire they were given was too thick for the beads.  So nothing worked.  Those two bitches hated each other.  I'll bet the crew were laughing about that.  They probably did that on purpose.

At the present moment, Part Two of the Final HOH contest is underway.  Will Danielle or Ian prevail? 

Big Brother After Dark - Couch Potatoes 9-15-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday, and in the early hours of Saturday where I live.

No one is HOH now.  Dan won Part #1 of the final HOH competition, giving him the right to play whoever wins Part #2 to win the final HOH of the season.  That competition will be held live on Finale night.  I think Part #2 will be held on Saturday.


1.  As the show begins Danielle is sitting on the couch eating Cheez-Its and complaining about how bored she is.  They are locked in the house and they are frustrated by that.  Danielle wants someone to "ask her some questions" but Ian says he hates the 20 Questions game.

Ian goes through the meat in the refrigerator and claims most of it is spoiled according to the package dates.  Dan claims it is okay because it has been frozen for part of the time, but Ian objects.  He is cooking something that I think is a scramble with meat and veggies.

Dan lays on the couch and starts asking Danielle a variety of questions about her favorite things.  One of the questions was about Danielle's favorite teacher.  She said she couldn't name just one and starts talking about her two favorites.  Dan asked her if the (female) teacher every "made a move on her" and continues this line of question after Danielle objects to it.

We get FISH as Danielle talks about her home economics teacher, and some lesson she taught a male student.  Danielle also claimed that she used to "break into the home ec classroom and cook".

Ian says that they really "got the shaft" with the deli meat this week.  Dan wants to know full or half shaft, and Ian says full shaft.  Now Danielle starts asking Dan questions and they are a little better than the questions he asked her.  He talks about "all of the fires he had to put out" dealing with Kara and Danielle that they never even realized.  Danielle jumps on this and wants to know specifics.  He gives as an example that one girl would say "why is she looking at me like that?" and "is she really trying to help me in this game?"

It turns out Ian made a quesadilla, and is eating it folded over with his hands.  No one likes the outdoor patio furniture, but if Danielle had to pick one piece of furniture to take home she would pick the coffee table.  Ian says he wishes Jodi could have had a chance to play the game, but both Dan and Danielle say they disagree.

Dan says he is happy with the 15 people they had in the house, and thinks he would have had problems dealing with Jodi's attitude.  (He would have been stuck with her as a coach, and would have had to do damage control constantly.)  Dan wishes that  he could have had the chance to give money to his team like Mike Boogie did.

2.  Danielle wants to know who Dan would switch out of the cast if he had to make three changes.  He says that he would trade out Memphis for Mike Boogie, and Danielle pushes him for two more.  He really can't come up with anything, but makes a joke about trading someone for Ian's ex-girlfriend.

They discuss the redhead in "convention" and Danielle says she was so Plain Jane.  Ian disagrees with that, and says she had a nice body.  Danielle describes her ideal guy is being tall, into sports, and they discuss what choices she would make as far as living situation, having to work, etc.  She starts discussing an ex-boyfriend she had, and we get FISH as she names names and describes the negative influence the relationship had on her family.

Ian is messing around in the kitchen and said his quesadilla was "ridiculously good".  I think he used the veggies leftover from their breakfast platter.

(They had a special breakfast this morning for Final Three, with champagne.)

Dan imagines how Chelsea felt watching the first episode of the show, and seeing him pick the two girls for his team. He thinks there may have been 30 family members over to watch it, and knows they must have given her some shit about Dan picking those girls.  He knows they think differently now, but imagines that was a tough night for her.

There are audio issues tonight, just as there have been the entire BB14 season.  I can barely hear what Danielle is saying.

Now Dan tells Danielle that Mike Boogie wondered why Shane "chose Danielle over Kara" and she calls out to Ian to ask if "Boogie ever said she was ugly".  Ian can't remember anything like that.  Danielle wants to know what America thinks about her and Shane's relationship.  Dan tells her it is a showmance, then he and Ian remember that Mike called his relationship with Erika a "Homance" during Big Brother All Stars.

Danielle addresses Mike Boogie, telling him that if he is watching, his comments about everyone were totally inappropriate.

Dan:  If he's watching, he's probably saying Danielle is so not John Blaze.

Ian:  He's saying he doesn't know why Shane picked you...

They laugh.  For the umpteenth time this summer, Ian states that Mike had a huge "crushy wushy" on Kara.  (***douchechills***)

Now they remember when they picked the first Have Nots of the season.  Shane volunteered for Team Britney, and now they remember that Danielle volunteered from Team Dan after that.  Dan and Ian tease Danielle about this, saying she volunteered because Shane did.  Danielle objects, saying that she "would have never picked slop and to sleep on that hard bed just for a boy".

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Dan's Plan for the End of the Game #BB14

Dan seems to be playing out the end of BB14 in the same manner as BB10.  The Final Three of BB10 was Dan, Memphis and old Jerry.  Dan planned for Memphis to throw Part #1 to him, and he did.

Sound familiar?

The Part #2 HoH competition during BB10 is one of those that is played separately by each person, and then the winner had the fastest time. 

This clip from the BB10 finale episode starts with the Part #1 HoH challenge, where we see Memphis fall on purpose.  I loved the look of that challenge--it seemed so fun and kind of easy, if you have good balance.   The Part #2 portion starts shortly after the 4 minute mark. 

How ugly is that living room furniture?  Unlike Ian Terry, I pretty much forget the details about the furniture as soon as the show is over.  Except I remember the "hippie" bedroom they had in BB10, with the Volkswagon Bus coming out of the wall.  That was cool.

The remainder of the Part #2 challenge kind of drags on but finishes in this clip.  Just like Dan and Memphis planned, Memphis won.  Since the two of them had a solid Final Two deal, they knew they had successfully shut old Jerry out of the game.  But Dan wanted to win the Final HoH, just to be sure, and to give him something else to crow to the Jury about.

In this clip we get to see Dan and Memphis do their little Renegade gun slinging handshake as they celebrate the win, and we also see old Jerry in his underpants.  Not that that is a treat or anything...  

We also see the issues with Memphis as a BB player---there is nothing really wrong with him.  He seems like a nice enough guy, but he just has no pizzazz.  His DR sessions are too low key, and seem so boring.  Just like Lane from BB12--these are two BB runner ups that I doubt will ever be asked back again.  Both bland snoozers.

Jury Deliberations Begin #BB14

Someone posted this picture on Jokers of the first six jurors deliberating about who should win Big Brother 14.  This picture doesn't reveal any secrets, so it is possible that it was leaked by Production on purpose.

You can see Jenn City on the far right, easily spotted due to her distinctive hair coloring.  Next to her is Frank, and then probably Ashley.  I can't spot Shane, Britney or Joe, but I'm sure they are there somewhere.

The final juror will join the group during the live show, after the final HOH of the season is crowned, and gives someone else the boot.

They will probably ask the Jurors questions to be used in the final HOH competition--you know, one of those competitions where the house guests have to guess the end of the Jury Member's statement.

It's What We've Been Waiting For - Wil Heuser's Latest Video #BB14

Wil has finally released Part #2 of his Big Brother 14 Trilogy.  And it is just as funny as Part #1. 

We get to see Dan and Ian in this one, with appearances from Jenn and Britney and her Coffee Mug. Frank, too!  I could describe it, but you're better off just watching it.

Damn, Wil is good.  Enjoy.  But first...

Total Sloth #BB14

Dan got up first, and laid around thinking.  He said hello to his wife, and talked about the St. Mary's football team and wondered how football season is going.

Danielle gets up and joins him.  They whisper about Ian, and how they have only seen him do dishes twice this season.  Danielle says he just sits and watches other people clean, and seems to think he is the most entitled person in the world.

Dan says Ian is young, but Danielle says she is only two years older than he is.  Dan implies that Ian has other issues to deal with, and Danielle is more mature than he is.

Everyone seems to think that the Part #2 competition will be the "Face Morph" competition.  Dan comes in and whispers about different facial features, and who has them.  He points to the creases on either side of the mouth, and lists the people who have those in their memory wall pictures.

Production hates Danielle.  If you need any proof of that, check out these long slow camera shots they just gave us.  They would NEVER do this to Janelle or Britney.