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Big Brother After Dark - Hook, Line and Stinker 9-14-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 10:00 pm BBT on Showtime Thursday night, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

Earlier this evening, we all saw the last CBS Thursday night show of the season, and it was a doozy.  The show featured a live POV ceremony where Danielle used her POV to save Dan, and nominate Shane.  Dan then stood right there and evicted Shane in a brutal blindside that nobody saw coming.

Ian was not expecting for the POV to be used, so he was shocked about that.  Shane left VERY angry and upset, and almost started crying right in front of Julie Chen.  He was sniffing back tears and was in a sort of shock.  Shane really needed the money and may have counted his chickens a bit early.  He never even watched BB10, so he doesn't really know what he was up against.

Danielle was also "upset" with Dan, but seemed to get over it fairly quickly, if you ask me.  Dan said he wanted to take his team to the end, and would get there however he could.

After the live show, the feeds were down for about 45 minutes or so, and then came back in the midst of an endurance contest where Dan went on to win Part #1 of the final HOH.  I believe it was called Hook, Line and Sinker.  The Final Three were sitting on large fishooks and there was some pretty awesome rain and lightening going on.  The fish hooks would swing around and slam into a "dock" and you could hear  them all react to the blow.  Then they would swing over and dip into the water once or twice.  When they dipped in the water you could see the red and white sinkers.  It was a visual feast.  I love the rainstorm Production generated---kudos to them.

Ian dropped when he was submerged in the water on his hook and later said "seaweed" grabbed his leg.  He went into the house to get changed and grab a Guinness beer he had been hoarding, and missed Dan and Danielle making a deal for her to drop.  She told Ian that she "slipped" when her fish hook dropped in the water, but that is not the truth.

The Showtime show began about 30 minutes after the competition ended.


1.  The show opens and we see Danielle wearing her pajamas, with wet hair going on a snack attack.  She moves around the kitchen, crunching and dipping snacks.  Ian comes up to her in the kitchen and tells her that he doesn't think they will be allowed access to the backyard.  He says he asked the DR if they will get "recreational backyard time" before the second HOH contest starts and they said probably not.

Ian:  I don't know why...they have all can't be that elaborate..

Danielle:  I guarantee you it's on Saturday.

Now Ian gets called to the DR and Danielle goes back to the bathroom, where Dan has just gotten out of the shower and is wearing an orange towel.  Even though he heard Ian called to the DR, Dan is smart enough to whisper now.  I rewound twice to ensure I get the following correct:

Dan:  No matter what he tells you, I do not have a Final Two deal with him.

Danielle turns around and goes to the arcade room, where she lays there, sniffling and staring up at the ceiling.  I guess she is upset about Shane leaving, but who the hell knows.  Tears roll down her cheeks.  Dan walks by to whisper with Danielle and whispers that they need to find a way for Ian to throw Part #2 of the competition to her...she needs to think about that.

At this point, Dan is bossing her around.  Their alliance is not a democracy, and never has been.  He is the Coach and Father.  Father Dan, that is.

Ian comes in the bathroom and says that "he could have told Dan" that they won't be in the back yard tonight.  He strangely starts describing the special wall in the BB7 living room with special items from all of the BB seasons, like Shannon's toothbrush (BB2), Howie's Jedi sword (BB6) and describes copies of each winner's keys displayed in a frame.  Why is Ian saying all of this?

Ian: I'm sure my duck will be on that next wall.  I'm sure of it.

(Ian's ego takes no breaks in this game.)

2.  Ian is putting two frozen pizzas in the oven--one pepperoni and one cheese, and it is taking forever for the oven to preheat. Dan is trying his best to act like nothing is wrong, that everything is normal for him.  He asks Ian his thoughts about the endurance---it included different elements, right?

Ian:  Well, I knew we would be sitting....we already had a standing one, and a's a little played out, but the dunking thing was new.

He goes through the similar competitions from each season.  Ian knows it all, of course.

(Well, not everything.  Not the most important things.)

While Dan and Ian talk about competitions, they whisper in between sentences to each other, supposedly about Danielle and how they can remove her.  They wonder if Part #2 will be another endurance.  Ian doesn't think so, but points up and mentions a "conspiracy".

(Implying I guess that Production might try to favor Danielle in the next competition.)

Ian goes into the WC, and Dan stops by the Arcade and whispers to Danielle that he doesn't want to be alone with Ian.  She doesn't answer, and is crying quietly.

Dan:  What's wrong?

She doesn't respond, and Dan walks off.  (That's the best Dan could do?)  Now Danielle is sobbing quietly and of course she is upset about Shane.  Of course.  She listens to Ian and Dan talking in the kitchen and tries to stop crying.

3.  The huge zit on Danielle's forehead is gone, but she has two smaller ones near her chin.   Also something is up with her chin itself, but I'm not sure how to describe it.

In the kitchen Ian is describing how the audience will be set up for the Finale, and where people will be seated, and how they will walk out.

Dan:  Is there room for everybody?

Ian:  Dude, you were there!

Ian continues to describe the front yard in excruciating detail and Dan appears to be absorbed in this conversation.    Ian even describes the color of the chairs, and if they match the large flower pot outside the house.

(The entire set is in a soundstage, of course, and there is no front yard.)

Dan asks if that is what they are building in the front yard and Ian says yes, they are putting together the stage for the finale.  Ian leaves the room and Dan sits, exhausted from the effort.  He reads the back of the DiGiorno Rising Crust pizza box and mentions the high altitude warnings on the package.  Dan has never noticed that before, and engages Ian in scientific conversation about this warning.

Dan:  Is that something new?

Ian starts going on and on just like Dan thought he would.  Ian walks off and Dan goes in the Arcade to check on Danielle.  One of her hands hurts and they make small talk about the injuries.  Dan hears Ian in the kitchen and goes back out there.  I can hear some pounding from the construction, I think.

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Julie Chen Pulls No Punches #BB14

in this interview with Lynette Rice from Entertainment Weekly.  A few things Julie drops on us in this interview:

*  She says Jenn did not deserve to be in the Final Five.
*  Lynette Rice doesn't know how to spell Jenn.
*  She doesn't think Dan > Dr. Will, apparently.
*  Julie gets acupuncture on Thursdays!
*  She wants to be Janelle's home girl, home fries, or home skillet.
*  She might be Frank's Home Mama instead.

You can read it for yourself on the EW website here.

Big Brother' host Julie Chen on the evicted Frank: 'I can't be his home girl'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY So is it official now? Is Dan the best player of all time? Better than Dr. Will?
JULIE CHEN Best? Hmmmm. Maybe. But for sure the most duplicitous. Dr. Will lied to your face, but told you he was lying when he did it, and he did it with charm which made it hard to be mad at him. He knew how to mesmerize people. Dan is smart, but he doesn’t have the same level of boyish charm of Dr. Will which will make many people angry when they see what really happened behind the scenes.

You said Frank spent years trying to get in the game. How many years and how far along did he get in the process in the past?
He tried for three years, and all three years he was a finalist where we would interview him more than once and consider him. But he never made it — until this year. He would literally study the game — much like Ian — but he would also physically train in hopes of getting on the show and winning any and all physical challenges. I hope he gets something good out of the exposure he got on the show. Seems like a nice kid.

It looks like you and Frank shared some words after the microphones were turned off. What did you talk about?
I said, ‘it’s a crazy game isn’t it? You had no idea you’d be out here tonight right?’ He said yes, and that he was still in shock and trying to take it all in, what had just happened to him in the last 10 minutes. His world was literally turned upside down and I could feel he wanted to cry at times and was probably also feeling a sense of humiliation so I was trying to let him know it’s okay, it’s just Big Brother.

There were a lot of bleeps during the veto challenge when Ian won. Were people yelling things out from the studio audience?
No! It was those damn houseguests using profanity! Some kept saying sh– as they realized they went up the wrong path. The audience never curses. They just react with gasps, laughter, clapping and awwwws when they are not happy with an outcome. The bleeping was due to our lovely, passionate, mouthy houseguests!

You weren’t holding note cards when Joe came out. Is that the kind of moment when you have to think on your feet?
I wasn’t? Wow, it all happened so fast that I don’t even remember that I didn’t have note cards! But yes, during these double eviction shows we always tell the viewers anything can happen and we mean it! We say it to ourselves too, so we are all on our toes and ready to react to anything and hopefully everything. It’s one of the great things about live television and gives me a wonderful rush of adrenaline. I love when things are unpredictable and force me to think on my feet. It’s the whole reason I went into broadcast journalism. Getting sent on breaking news stories was my favorite thing because it was always exciting. Teaches you to roll with the punches and how to adapt in other areas of your life.  As we all know, life is unpredictable. To quote Forrest Gump, it’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get!

On a double eviction night like that, is your heart racing a mile a minute?
I purposely went to acupuncture that morning to calm my nervous system before the storm! Had I not had 25 needles in my ears, back, neck and legs, I probably would have exploded on live TV. That being said, my heart was still going a mile a minute but I managed to breathe which helped!

What are your thoughts on Jen’s game? Does that girl really deserve to be in the final five?
Her game has been non-existent. She has no game. She gets fired up and offended when she gets nominated, but she really has no moves. She seems like a nice person but has no idea how to be a player. Just not who she is. I bet she has spent much of her adult life being honest about who she is and coming out of the closet, so she is not about to change from being an honest, good person to becoming a scheming gamer — which you kind of have to be in order to play and win Big Brother.  My theory is she’s in the final five due to good karma in her life and in the outside world. But does she deserve to be there otherwise? No.

If you had to be anybody’s home girl in this house, would you be Frank’s?
Frank seems like a sweet kid with an honest heart, but to me, he seems like someone I would have baby sat for when he was 8. So I can’t be his home girl. I guess I would be his home mamma. I would want to be Janelle’s home girl cause she cracks me up. And being from Queens it’s okay to have and be a female home girl with another female. Me and my high school best friend still call each other that, but we switch it up to be funny and call each other home fries and home skillet.

Now what’s this about you going makeup free on the season premiere of The Talk Monday?
Be afraid. Be very afraid. The camera doesn’t like a makeup-free face so I am telling you now, what you see is not accurate. It’s like a rear-view mirror. Objects may be smaller than they appear — like the width of my nose and my face! We decided to do it because Sara Gilbert suggested it one morning during one of our meetings as we were talking about something, not even sure what, probably some celebrity’s plastic surgery. She said it as a joke and we all laughed because we thought yeah right! That will never happen. But then we all ended up loving the idea and challenge. We like to own who we are and this is certainly a big way to do that!

Not all of the Fish are Dead #BB14

There is still at least one big one alive, and several little tiny ones.

I think what is actually happening now is that they are enjoying some sort of gourmet brunch and that is why they were locked down in the HOH suite---the crew was downstairs setting it up and that is why they wanted Dan to take out some trash this morning.  Because you know they left an open pizza box right there on the kitchen counter all night.  Slobs, all of them.

They will eat their breakfast, and will be required to stare at the Memory Wall and speak about each evicted house guest, but probably in a somewhat nice way.  This will provide the structure for Sunday's CBS show---they will intersperse clips from the season to look back at all of the action.

If Jenn had stayed, they would have likely let her eat this special meal.  They are also likely to drink champagne, so we may have Drunk Danielle to deal with today.  And that will be Dan's problem, won't it?  His biggest fear right now is probably having Danielle and Ian compare notes about him.....I'm sure Dan will do whatever he needs to do to keep that from happening.

Action in the House This Morning #BB14

Everyone is getting dressed up like they would for a live show.  Dan spent some time cleaning up the kitchen.   I think they are getting ready for some information about the HOH Part #2 contest, or maybe some sort of luxury competition.

I heard it said last night that the HOH endurance competition footage is probably a little weak, so they may need something extra for Sunday's show.  But that is purely fan speculation.

The three of them go up to the HOH and we get FISH.

Jeff Visits Jenn City #BB14

Wow, another EPIC FAIL for the CBS website.  Jeff's interview with Jenn isn't even linked there!  WTF?  I'm sure it is there somewhere, but do they really want us to have to look so hard for it?  Maybe they don't really want us to see it.

Don't bother fixing it CBS.  It's a little late now.


Thankfully Jeff tweeted a link to find the damn thing.

OK.  Enough about that.  Jeff sat down with Jenn Arroyo the day after her eviction on Wednesday.  Jenn is in great spirits and is thrilled that Jeff called her Jenn City.  Jenn says "that works for her".


Jeff's shirt is nice today.  I like it.

Jenn says the surprise eviction was tough on her and Jeff agrees that this was a crazy week on Big Brother.  First of all, Jeff wants to know if Jenn is okay--she had been on slop for a few weeks and the fans wonder how she is feeling.

She says she is fine. She thought taking slop for the summer would be a respected game move, so she wanted to show the fans she was there to play the game.  On the third or fourth day she kind of hit a low point, and was very tired, but then she got into a rhythm with it and it got better.

Jeff gives her The Rock for taking the slop and said she "kept it classy" and didn't complain about it.   Jenn says they had Chef Joe around to be creative and he made a "mustard-based slop burger that she liked", and she mentions that she made slop cookies, slop tater tots, and fried them up and they were pretty good.  She used a lot of taco seasoning, too, and tells us that slop tastes like "very bland oatmeal."

 Jeff mentioned that Joe told him he left some slop mixes for her and she says the key to it is making it look different on the plate.  She also learned to go work out when everybody else was sitting and eating, to make it easier on her.

Jeff explains to those of us who don't know that there is a list of condiments that you can use on the slop diet, and it is all about being creative with those items.  Jenn was on slop for 17 or 18 days --the longest Jeff has gone was 8 days.  She just had to stay focused on the prize and Jeff says she "did what she had to do".

(Jeff was on slop for one week, but had a day added to his sentence because he forgot and drank from a bottle of GatorAde.)

As you saw on Wednesday's live show, Jenn is very poised on camera and speaks easily off-the-cuff.  I guess her stage and DJ experience provide good media training and she is no stranger to the cameras.
Jeff wants to know if she's been eating any good food and she mentions the PB & J sandwich Julie handed her on the TV show.  She was so excited to eat it and laughs about digging into it right there in front of Julie.   Jeff asks if it was creamy or crunchy.

Jenn:  It was creamy.  But creamy...crunchy..whatever!  I wanted to wear it on my face I was so happy to have it!

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Dan Wins HOH Part 1 #BB14

Dani dropped when they dunked into the water.  She had discussed that with Dan earlier.  So now Danielle and Ian will battle it out for the 2nd HOH competition, probably held in the next day or so.

Ian came out and gave Dan a handshake  The feeds are super choppy and keep freezing and rewinding.  I suspect this occurs when too many people start taping the feeds.

Now they are back in the house and it feels so empty in there.  I'm guessing they will get a booze delivery soon.  Maybe even a Final Three dinner?  Last year Big Brother brought in what looked like a room service steak dinner and they did that thing where they stare at the memory wall and discuss each house guest.

You know, like when the Survivors walk through all of the torches and reminisce.

Still Hanging Around #BB14

And the feeds are super choppy.  Ian goes inside to get out of his wet clothes.  They had to strap their mics to their backs.  Ian's empty hook is just swinging around.  Could that hurt Dan?