Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ian's Down #BB14

He didn't even make it to Showtime.  So it's down to Dan and Danielle, playing for the first spot in the final HOH contest.  The second spot will likely be played on the Finale night.


I'm sure AGP wants them to at least make it until the Showtime broadcast, right?

I haven't heard Danielle much.  Just a little groaning when the rain starts.  Maybe she's wearing her game face. 

And We're Back --HOH #1 in Progress #BB14

And it's brutal looking.  It's a wet one.  They are on fish hooks, in the rain and lightening. The hooks swing and bang against the "dock", and then they dip into the water.  They just got dipped three times in a row.

Dan is a big talker.  I don't hear Danielle speaking back to him.  Dan is laughing after they slam into the wall. Someone's teeth are chattering and moaning.  I think it might be Ian.

Live Show Update #5 #BB14

Now it's time for the POV ceremony.  Ian makes his first live speech on BB14.  Talks about his dog suit with a corny joke at the end.  Dan is very rehearsed as usual.  He plugs his books, and says he will write another one about this experience.  Very glib.  Cocky, maybe.

Danielle stands with the POV around her neck.  It's nothing personal.  She uses the POV to save Dan.  Ian's eyebrows go up.  Shane sits in the nomination chair.

Each of them must address Dan before he casts a vote to evict.

Shane is shocked to make a speech.  He pulls it out, saying some grateful words and saying good things about everyone.  Nice words to Ian about his future.  He has sweet words for Danielle.  He mentions shaking Dan's hand, and wants his vote tonight.

Ian stands and says he is shocked the POV was used.  Ian then quacks and says a few short words to all.

Dan is standing and is voting now.  It is a long speech about bloody hands.  He votes to evict Shane.  Danielle is stunned.  Shocked.  Shane is PISSED and pushes Dan away from him at the door.

Danielle drops her head in her hands.  He takes Danielle out of the room and Ian follows. Dan goes to the Arcade with Danielle and shuts the door.  Danielle is calm.  Dan is talking his way out of it.

Danielle:  How many times have you broken my trust?

Dan counts votes for Danielle, making this sound good for her.  Ian is alone in the living room, pacing and toying with something.

Shane goes black and white.  He tells Julie that he was lied to.  Shane is upset and he might cry.  Julie wants to know what Dan said at the door.  Shane is teary and is sniffing.  He is very hurt and I think he thinks Danielle was in on it.

Shane tells Julie that "Dan is very dirty player."  The audience claps.

He might have a future with Danielle.  Anything is possible.  He is going to Jury and will be back next week to choose the winner.

That was rough.

Live Show Update #4

Now a segment showing Ian rock and rock in the dining room.  He's worried.

Dan meets with Danielle.  He's working on her, saying he doesn't trust Shane to keep him. Dan swears he will keep Shane safe, telling us in the DR that he's going to slit Shane's throat.

Danielle tells Shane she's going to use the POV, and he's going for it. Just like Dan said he would.  He would do what Danielle tells him.  Now she is kissing him and quite a few times.  Her hair is in the way, so we can't see, but the sound is slurpy.

Time for a vomit commercial break.

America's Choice, son.  Go to CBS to vote for who deserves the $25K. 

Live Show Update #3 #BB14

The POV looks like chemistry elements, linking pictures of former house guests and competitions.  The rules are long and complicated.  Ian quacks as they start the competition.

Danielle:  Oh my gosh.  Quack.

Danielle and Shane get lots of air time. Nice to see the color pictures of everyone.  Ian finishes first but has many things wrong.  He's not happy.  Dan can hear him making "weird monster noises" as he kind of freaks out.  Shane buzzes and he's wrong.  Ian buzzes again and he's wrong.   And a third time, Ian can't figure it out.

Danielle buzzes but only gets two wrong.  Ian tries it a few more times, and is messing up his board even more.  Finally Danielle wins.  Shane celebrates and they hug.  She is happy to hold all of the power again.

Shane kisses her on the lips this time, saying he wanted some sugar.

Ian thinks he may be doomed.  The POV ceremony is next.

Live Show Update #2 #BB14

Now we see the beautiful Jury House.  Ashley is there meditating and blowing bubbles.  The back yard is gorgeous and I think they may be in the desert.  Lots of marble and earth tones.  Big money house.

She hopes Dan shows up but it's Britney today.  Ashley is tan but has gained 20 pounds, she says.  She made a dream board for Frank.  She is so happy to hear he was HOH and he evicted Britney.

Bad, bad look for Britney in her Jury House confessional.  Kinky hair, frosty makeup.  Very San Fernando porn, in some scenes.

Now Frank is there and says "Daddy's Home!" He is wearing his Brady T-shirt and Mardi Gras beads.  Ashley is happy and tells us they are going to make out.  Frank tells them Dan lied to him.

Ashley can't believe Dan fooled him again.  Now Britney and Frank are yelling about who betrayed who.  There is an echo in that big marble room.  Frank sounds loud.  They have drinks and wait for the next person.

And now Joe is there and Frank reacts.  Joe looks good and I think they all have sangria.  Joe is loud in there, too, and talks about the backstabbing.

Now Frank and Britney have beef again.  She is yelling and Ashley is right there by Frank, looking spacey.  Oh, Frank yelling the Eff Word.  He's getting bleeped, son!

Joe has to get up and get more booze.  Lots of tension.  The POV is next.

Live Show Update #1 #BB14

Julie Chen has long wavy tresses tonight but some thing new going on with the top of her hair.

Danielle is wearing glasses and a blue dress and looks nice.  Dan is wearing his Red St. Mary's T-shirt.  Ian and Shane have on dress shirts.

The preview showed us Frank yelling and Britney in the Jury House.  I can't wait.

After Jenn leaves everyone quacks.  Ian says it is clearly two teams now...the Couple and the Renegades.  Dan is laying mad mist on Danielle and on us, too, in the DR.  He tells her to nominate him and Ian, and how he will use this to screw Shane.

Only Shane's key comes out of the box.

The crowd goes wild before commercial.  Live tweets on screen from BB10 Libra and Memphis.  Jury house up next...

Jenn Doesn't Look Too Miserable to Me... #BB14

Big Brother After Dark - Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! 9-13-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Wednesday, in the early hours of Thursday where I live.

Beginning on Tuesday afternoon, the feeds were offline for over 30 hours, in an attempt by Production to keep a few things secret.  Of course, the Super Fans always find out the details.  Millions of people just watch Big Brother on the CBS show and they will surely be surprised by some of the latest events.  But not us....

Here are a few key events that have happened since the viewing public saw Jenn evicted on Wednesday's CBS broadcast:

*  Danielle won HOH
*  Danielle nominated Ian and Dan for eviction
*  Danielle won POV

I think the POV ceremony will be held live on Thursday night's show.  Whoever is not the HOH or nominated holds the power to determine who will move on to the Final Three.  Right now, it's up to Shane, but if Dan has his way (and let's fact it, he usually does) then he will be the one doing the choosing.  Either way, I don't think things look promising for Ian Terry.


1.  I think the live feeds came back at the same time that the Showtime broadcast started.  Danielle, Dan and Shane are sitting in the living room, talking about events in the house that seem like they happened a year ago to me.  Danielle is saying that she lost some clothes (yoga pants?) and has looked high and low for them without success.

Dan says that he lost a few things, but then they recently appeared in the backyard.  Danielle seems to think that JoJo took her clothes, naming her as a suspect.

Danielle:  Jenn told me that JoJo was jealous of all of the attention I was getting...she didn't like that and badmouthed me all of the time!

(Duh Danielle.  Janelle tried to tell you some of the smack talking that JoJo did about you and you blamed her for it!)

Dan the Horndog wants to hear some dirty details.  I've noticed he often does this when JoJo's name comes up in conversation.  Danielle starts telling the guys about the Ladies' Nights when they played "I Never".  I don't think Dan has ever played that game, but Danielle discloses that JoJo indicated that she was into anal sex.  Danielle says none of the other girls indicated they had done that.

Shane:  Some girls like that...

Now Danielle mentions discussions of "swallowing" and sex in public places.  She list the girls who indicated they have had sex in public places, but then clarifies that is "at the mall or something".  Doing it parked in the garage doesn't count.  Danielle goes off on JoJo, saying that her constant sexual comments and innuendos won't get her the attention she craves.

Dan wants to know what she said to Ian.  Shane says she just talked in the Have Not room about sex, and how turned on she was. Shane and Dan agree that the women are more graphic in their conversations than the men are.

Shane has his stuffed dog on his shoulder.  He has his bangs sweeping across his head and straight up tonight, and has gelled it into shape. He says that he was "going to play the gay card" coming in the house.  He didn't want to win any competitions, just to be friends with all of the girls and be non threatening to the guys.

Shane:  Has anybody ever done that?

Dan:  Could you carry that off for the whole season?

Shane:  Nah.  And I don't want to be portrayed that way to America.  Not that it's bad or anything.

Danielle says that Frank and Joe were much more graphic in their conversations.  Shane agrees, and they discuss the graphic conversation Frank had one night.  Britney asked him what he would do to Ashley, and he went into detail about each step, including his "palm technique".   Danielle is very grossed out by this, and says that Ashley was staring straight at Frank when he was talking about this, and was "probably touching herself".

2.  Ian comes out of the DR and Dan asks him to tell them about the guy on an international version of BB who had to pretend he was mentally disabled.  If he got to a certain point in the game without being discovered, he won extra cash, and he succeeded.  (Ian has told this story before.)

They discuss next year.  Shane thinks the cast will be "all new" and Dan says there will be no big twists.  Dan is glad that the Pandora's Boxes this year didn't involve major game-changing twists.

(I'll bet.)

They talk about how in the beginning of the game, you couldn't go anywhere in the house and not be alone.  There were only 9 beds, too.  Shane wonders if they get more screen time in the DR when there are so few of them and Ian says yes.  He says Britney said Kristin Bitting's DR sessions were boring, and Shane worries that his sessions may be, too.

Ian, the Know-It-All, says that he made it this far, so they must be pretty good.

Now they discuss the first HOH competition, with the bouncing beds.  Ian says he knew there would be a physical competition, because the guys were told to wear underwear with "compression", rather than boxer shorts.  Ian went first on his team, and couldn't get a bear.  But then Frank went next and "got a bear right away", because he noticed how the third bed bounced and planned for it.  Ian announces that the twist that they had the first day, with Jodi going home was the biggest US BB twist.

Now they discuss Jackass, and Johnny Knoxville getting bitten by two anaconda snakes.   Ian and Shane speak in detail about various Jackass episodes.  Like the one where they jumped in the water with fish hooks through their mouth.  Dan brings up the paper cut episode and Shane describes one of the Jackasses cutting his lip with a manilla envelope.

Shane gleefully recounts how Steve O got trapped in a port-a-potty and ended up throwing up.  They go on and on discussing different episodes, and they all seem to have watched the shows over and over and have memorized many of them.

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What's That Smell? Is It Dan's Mist? #BB14

And I wonder what Dan's Mist would smell like?  I'm thinking like a new pair of tennis shoes, with a lingering chlorine smell.  Or is it odorless at first, causing you to look around and wonder who farted after Dan leaves the room?

Alison Grodner just tweeted this..

Couple of comments:

1.  Alison needs some ratings tonight.  That's why she wants you to watch the show live.  I think the DVR viewings count towards ratings, too, but they have to be viewed within a certain time period to count.

2.  Alison is using "#mist" in her tweet.  I believe nothing would make Alison happier than having Dan and Ian in the Finals.  That's a good story for her to tell.

3.  I didn't see this for myself, but apparently Danielle has indicated to Dan that she will use the POV live tonight to save him.   Dan went to the Memory Wall this afternoon and told everyone that he would be voting Shane out tonight.  So that is what I think Alison is referring to when she mentions a blindside.

4.  I have been waiting for Ian to leave the house for a few weeks now, but I don't have any strong feelings one way or another about Shane.  I would say Ian deserves to win more than Shane.  Shane has won a few competitions, but he doesn't know the game very well.  Shane would not take Dan to the end, so that is why Dan needs to get rid of him.  Even though it would be easier to beat him for jury votes, if Shane has any power at the end of the game Dan is likely leaving in third place, which is the worst place.  Just ask Janelle.

5.  Would Danielle flip out if Shane leaves?  I am wiggling my fingers around like Mr. Burns at the thought of that.  Heh heh heh...

6.  I'll say one least these players came to play.  Remember last year, when Adam dropped out of the final endurance competition because "his arms hurt"?  You're not going to see that shit tonight.  Hell no.  Whoever the Final Three are, they are going to hang on for dear life.

7.  If tonight is an endurance competition, be assured that I will be covering the action for you, as usual.  I'm pretty sure it will be an endurance competition.  I think Sunday's show is going to be a "best of" show, with season highlights and maybe unseen footage.  And then Wednesday is the 90 minute finale.

It's the beginning of the end for BB14.

Shane Spends Some Time Alone #BB14

You know, with a few thousand people watching him.  How many people sign up for the live feeds?  Anybody know?  I would love to know that.

He could have showered in the HOH Room, right?  Since Danielle is the HOH?  

Loads of Excitement Today.... #BB14

Everyone is napping during the HOH lockdown.  Somebody's leaving tonight....they will certainly be well-rested.

Shane and Danielle sleep like they've been married for years.

A Sneak Peek at the Jury House #BB14

and Frank and Britney are getting into it.  Britney is holding a coffee cup--how many of those are left half-filled and scattered all over the premises?  I hope they have a maid.  And is it me, or is Ashley a little dazed?  Will she hook up with Frank?  And/or Jenn?

Finally we get to see some Jury House action on tonight's show!

And let's enjoy one of the exciting Jury House scenes from BB13, when Jeff and Shelley came face-to-face after Shelley back stabbed Jeff and he left the house.  Jeff is salty, Danielle is testy, Shelley is argumentative, and Brendon is just happy that Rachel's not there.

America's Vote - Who Will Win $25,000? #BB14

You can cast your ballot at this link.  I think winning America's Vote is almost better than winning the 2nd place prize.  Most of the winners of America's Vote are people CBS likes to have around---their popularity almost ensures them of appearing on future seasons of Big Brother in one way or another.

Like Britney, Jeff Schroeder...

So choose wisely, and carefully...

So Who Got Nominated? And Who Won the POV? #BB14

Danielle nominated Dan and Ian for eviction.  Danielle also won the POV, so she has total control there.

And, at the moment, so does Shane.  Unless Danielle decides to use the POV, he will have the sole vote to evict either Dan or Ian.

Dan is pushing Dani to use the POV.  I think that decision will happen tonight on the live show.  If she uses the POV to save Dan and nominate Shane, then Dan will hold the deciding vote.

Either way, I am pretty sure Ian will be headed off to the jury.