Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - Not Dark After All 9-12-12 #BB14

 Normally I post a daily recap of the Big Brother After Dark Showtime show for the previous evening.  However, yesterday's show started taping about 12:00 pm BBT, and continued until 3:00 pm BBT.

After that, the live feeds promptly shut down until after the west coast CBS show airs tonight.

Nothing much happened on the live feeds during that time.  The house guests took the HOH pictures, and complained about being awakened at the crack of noon, since they were up until after 3:00 am the night before.  Then they all went back to sleep.

You can get the gist of this exciting action in these live feed posts from yesterday.


Mike Boogie Breaks Down and Joins Twitter #BB14

He's resisted being a part of Twitter for years now, but now he's here and tweeting.  Welcome Mike!

Even MORE Spoiler Info from @MissCleoBB14 #BB14

Miss Cleo just keeps giving it!  She continued to tweet details of the live taping last night long after I went to bed.  She even posted a short video of Jenn's interview with Julie Chen that you can see on Hamster Watch.  (Or here, to make it easier.)

This is a conversation Miss Cleo had with Jodi Rollins.  You remember Jodi, right?

I'm glad Jenn enjoyed her PB &J sandwich.  That might be one of my "Death Row" meals, but it would depend on the type of jelly.  When Chicken George was evicted during BB7, he had been on slop for weeks, too, and Julie gave him a bucket of fried chicken.

Sneak Peek at Tonight's POV Competition #BB14

The Big Brother Social Insider is back to give us a preview of tonight's POV competition.

To summarize the spoilers that have happened since the feeds went down yesterday afternoon:

*  Jenn City hit the bricks. She's out.
*  Danielle won HOH.  She's got immunity and a seat at the Final Three.

***UPDATE**  I originally reported the wrong information about the POV--apparently on tonight's show they will broadcast last Sunday's POV that Shane won.  So we still don't know about this week.  Sorry.  I just got so excited about Ian being evicted that I jumped the gun.  

Anyway, I digress.  This video shows us what the POV will look like tonight, on CBS.  And the Social Insider is still cute, too.