Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Tidbits from the Live Taping Tonight #BB14

Courtesy of @MissCleoBB14.

Eviction and HOH Results are In #BB14

and once again @MissCleoBB14 was in the audience and spoils the results.

Bye bye Jenn City.  You can eat and drink now.

And the new HOH is ....Danielle.  Yep.

Big Brother After Dark - Somewhere Out There, John Blaze Consults His Attorney 9-11-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday night, and in the wee hours of Tuesday where I live.

Ian is the HOH, and Jenn Arroyo and Danielle Murphree are on the block.  One of them will be evicted on a show to be aired on CBS Wednesday night.  This eviction will actually take place on Tuesday evening in a show taped before a live audience.  There will be a feed interruption this week, with the results of the eviction kept secret until the live show airs on Wednesday night.  (Someone from the audience always spoils it, so don't worry...we'll know who was evicted as soon as they can spill it.)

Shane pulled himself off the block earlier today, causing Ian to nominate Danielle.  I would like to think something unexpected would happen, and Danielle would go home, but I'm certainly not sure about that.


1.  The show opens with Jenn at the stove, cooking dinner for the people who are likely to cut her throat this week.  She is making french fries, and there is smoke and splattering sounds, both coming from the pan.  Jenn won't be eating any of this, of course, since she is on slop.  I think she's in her third consecutive week of being on slop, with the last two all on her own.  No slop mates in the game at this point.

Ian's newest compulsion is to say the phrase "John Blaze" about everything.  Dan does it too, but doesn't feel the need to repeat it over and over like Ian apparently does.  I think this phrase came from Mike Boogie.  He used it to indicate something was really good, like a "John Blaze" omelet.  This is not unlike Jeff Schroeder's claims to make "John Gotti" sandwiches back in the BB11 days, the implication being that John Gotti's sandwich has to be superb, right?

Anyway, Ian says "John Blaze" at least ten times in the opening 5 minutes of the show, and Dan says it maybe three times.  Ian also says that he will be saying "John Blaze" for life now.  I've no doubt about that, after witnessing Ian's behavior daily over the past two months.

While Jenn cooks, Dan, Danielle and Ian sit at the dining table and have salad.  Ian says the salad is "pretty John Blaze".  (I am not going to type up every time he says it, or I would lose my mind, but I'm just trying to give you an idea of what we're dealing with here.)  There are about 4 bottles of salad dressing on the table, three of which are the creamy Hidden Valley type of dressings.   There is a huge bowl of salad on the table that is not empty yet.  Danielle is totally mute at this point, staring at everyone.  I know enough about Danielle to know that she is not happy right now.  I'm sure we will learn more about why later, whether we want to or not.

(Earlier today Danielle was talking about taking some Adderall today, but anybody who has ever enjoyed taking that (and I mean ENJOYED...) would know she has not taken any today, after all.)

(A friend with Adderall might even be better than a friend with weed....but I guess it depends on what type of weed.)

Shane has nervous energy as usual and walks around the kitchen, tossing a white bowl around.  Jenn has a few flare ups at the stove and burns herself a few times.  She tells Shane that her first job was working at a pizzaria and she learned to make dough.   Finally the fries are done and she has put a huge pile of them on a plate covered with paper towels.

She takes it to the table and I can see there are chicken breasts over there, too, that appear to have been blackened or otherwise fried.  Dan eats a few fries and says they are great.  He doesn't need any more salt and compares them to those potato sticks from the can.  The fries are very small and appar to be crispy.

(How could Jenn make those and not try them?  Damn.)

Ian and Dan start eating chicken and fries, and Shane sits down at the table to dig in, too.  Danielle is eating a small portion of fries and has a pool of ketchup on her plate.  There are loud eating noises as everyone digs in.  Jenn sits with them for a few minutes, and then excuses herself with her protein shake.

2.  The diners discuss all of the turkey burgers they had this summer.  Ian thinks the worst batch were the ones they had when he was wearing the dog costume.  Dan wants to sear tuna tomorrow night and is trying to figure out how to get peppercorns to adhere to the outside.  Shane cooked the chicken tonight and just used a little garlic salt and other seasonings.

Now they remember the fight that JoJo started about the pasta sauce.  Frank mentioned that people call the red sauce "gravy" and JoJo blew up, denying that was the case.  Then Joe got in on it, saying that it is called gravy, and JoJo nearly came to blows with him.

(I lived in New York, and the Italians do call it "sunday gravy".)

Ian says that Frank lived to cause conflict.  Now Ian smirks about Frank getting evicted  and how he should have hung around Ian more.  Danielle is still mostly silent, and helps Dan clear the kitchen and put things away.  Shane helps, too. Ian walks around on his tippytoes.  Of course.

Ian says this was a "god tier" dinner and defines it for Shane as a meal that God would likely eat.  No one comments on that comment.  Dan is still wearing his filthy flowered shorts and I do not know if he has worn either of the two new pair of swim trunks he got in his HOH basket.  Ian is putting Saran wrap on a dish of leftovers and is taking a lot of time doing that.  He keeps doing it over and over,  adding new pieces of plastic wrap.  Danielle looks over at him but doesn't say anything about it.  He must have at least 6 pieces of plastic wrap on a 13 x 9 pan.  Shane is doing the dishes.

Jenn is outside, getting in a pretty tough workout.  She is running back and forth, touching the wall on the far end of the yard as she gets there, and the sliding door at the other end.   She stops running and picks up the weights.

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Ian Tweets #BB14

OK.  Now I know that Production edits the HoH tweets.  I heard Ian describe his HoH tweets this morning to Dan.  He said he had some good ones and all of this tweets had several hashtags that he found quite witty.

I think at least one of them jeered at his Tulane roommates, and one was directed at Kristen Bitting from BB12, saying they have a date on September 20th.  I think he included the hashtag "FatChance" or something along those lines.  I did hear him mention using hashtag "Two Terms", though.

But this is all that was tweeted from Ian today.

As you will recall, Ian only had one lousy tweet last time.

SuperPass Admits It #BB14

The feeds are down until tomorrow evening.  Last year they restarted the live feeds from the beginning---I wish they would do that now.  It would be fun to relive the crowded house, and all of the volatile personalities. 

Let's see a little Willie Hantz!  A little Wil Heuser!  Let's watch Ian perv on the chicks in the shower!

Dan and Ian Convene in the HOH #BB14

The feeds have gone to TRIVIA now, but about an hour ago Dan visited Ian in the HOH.  They briefly discussed the vote tonight.  Dan reports that Jenn is expecting Ian to vote to keep her tonight if the vote is a tie.  Ian scoffs at that as an impossibility.  He doesn't want to reward her game by taking her to the Final Four.  Ian is expecting it to be 2-0 to evict Jenn and Dan agrees.   Ian says why would either of them risk angering Danielle on her way to the Jury?  

I think Dan was hoping Ian would vote Danielle out---I suspect that is the purpose of this visit, to see if there is any chance of that. 

Ian is expecting some sort of Big Brother Quack Pack celebration after that.  He congratulates himself for putting together such a wide array of players together for a winning alliance.  (Even though the remaining Team Britney and Team Dan players were kind of throwing Ian a bone when they started the Quack Pack.)

Ian and Dan drilled about the color jerseys everyone wore in the competitions, and also the numbers on their jerseys during one competition.  Ian recited these facts just like his ABC's.  They both fell asleep shortly afterwards.

A Stirring Tribute to Danielle Gump #BB14

A very clever poster at Jokers Updates has been keeping a list of all of Danielle's trials and tribulations.   She has experienced so much in her young life, it really is incredible.

I guarantee at least three hearty laughs if you visit this link.  Thanks Gorf!  And thank you Danielle for sharing....

Let's All Pretend to Enjoy This #BB14

The HOH picture session happened this morning, with everyone trying to muster their creativity and fake smiles just one more time.

Dan took many of the pictures, including opening the fridge for a shot or two.  Dan also pulled out the flag from Labor Day since it is 9-11.  Lots and lots of silence now.  Danielle sits pouting on the couch.  The cameras frequently zoom in and out on the house guests on the memory wall.  Dan sits and stares at the memory wall.  Jenn does too.  Shane is broodingly handsome in his dark shirt.  Where have you been hiding that garment Shane?


Somewhere, Wil Heuser Cackles Madly... #BB14

The second part of his BB14 trilogy will be released very soon, but he has released a little taste for us.

I love how Father Dan looks so evil...

Sh*t is Going Down Today #BB14

The house guests were ignoring the wake up call they got today, and the cheerful reminder to get fresh batteries in the storage room.

But then we got FISH and everybody is jumping around now.  I think Danielle said that they told them they have 30 minutes to get ready for a live show.  Danielle complained her hair looks like a big grease spot.

I think this means that they are either filming Showtime now, or will start shortly.  The live eviction will happen later today, and then the live feed will be interrupted until the TV show airs on Wednesday.  As they do every year, Production wants to keep the eviction results secret until the CBS show airs.  So the live feeds and Showtime won't be giving it away.

I'll be giving it away, though, as soon as I found out who got evicted.  There is a live audience for the eviction, and CBS can't sequester those folks.  They will spill the beans, as they do every year.

I know Dan and Ian know what's up....but I'm not sure Danielle, Shane and Jenn know.  I heard Shane say he thinks it is a fast forward or something.