Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - Prisoners in Their Own Minds 9-10-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Showtime on Sunday, and in the wee hours of Monday where I live.

Ian is the HOH, and Shane and Jenn are nominated for eviction.  Shane won the POV yesterday, but the POV ceremony won't take place until Monday.  When Shane won the POV, he also won a "chance to see the stars".  He chose Danielle to share the prize with him, and earlier today the two of them were told by Big Brother that they had an hour to get ready.  They buzzed around and got dressed up and left.


1.  As the show opens Jenn, Ian and Dan are sitting at the dining table, chatting.  Shane and Danielle do not appear to be "home" yet.  Ian is telling them how he tried out for the reality show The Real Gilligan's Island.  He tells Dan that he and his brother use to "play Gilligan's Island" during recess, and that his brother was always Gilligan, and Ian was The Professor.

Dan:  You played Gilligan's Island?  That's not even from our era!

Ian says he knows, but it was a funny show and they liked it.  He tried out to be The Professor and Dan finds this difficult to believe.  Dan says he looks just like Gilligan---that should have been the role he tried out for.

Ian also tried out for a show on ABC called Downfall, and another show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris that was not picked up after the pilot.

Jenn:  So you always wanted to be on Reality TV?  But particularly this show?

Due to Ian's age, he could only apply for certain shows, but as soon as he turned 21 he applied for Survivor and Big Brother.  He never heard anything back from Survivor---I think he sent in a tape.  He hadn't read Dan's book yet (How to Get on Reality TV) and didn't know how to create "his character".

Ian went through their whole cast, and a few other BB players and summarized how they got on the show.  Ian, Frank, and JoJo went to a casting call.  They found Joe on YouTube and they joke about what BB was searching for to find him.  Kara and Jenn were both "found" pretty late in the process.  Jenn was found on Facebook after leaving a birthday message on "somone's wall". (Sharon Osborne, I'm pretty sure.) Danielle was auditioning for a dating show, not BB.  Ashley had sent in a tape for BB years ago, and Ian said they pulled it back out.  (Actually, I think Ashley tried out for the same dating show that Danielle did, the one with Eva Longoria.)

Ian said that Jeff Schroeder went to a Chicago casting call with a female friend who was trying out, and she persuaded him to try out too.  He had never seen the show before.  Ian said they "found" Jordan when she was working at a bowling alley.  (I think it was Hooters.) Jenn says that her friend Tim is a Big Brother fan and has tried out three times.

They all laugh at the irony of that.

2.  Now the three of them look at the memory wall and comment on the pictures.  Ian says his picture was taken when he "hadn't been in the sun for awhile".  It really is a horrible picture, with his hair all chopped up.  Dan says the picture looks nothing like Ian's personality.  For someone with such a horrible picture, Ian feels pretty comfortable critiquing everyone else's picture.  He says Janelle looks like Mother Goose, and that Ashley looks loosey-goosey.

Jenn says Shane's picture looks nothing like him---he looks at least 40 in the picture, and Danielle's picture makes her look older, too.  Jenn thinks that they were really trying to hammer home the kindergarten teacher stereotype.  (ha ha ha)

They think Joe must have a big You Tube following, based on what he's told them and that fact that casting found him there.   They start discussing the coaches, and Ian says he read on line that the coaches would be Dan, Janelle, Mike, and Danielle Reyes.  He says it would have been interesting to meet her, but he would not liked to have played against Danielle.  They say the same thing about Evel Dick, too.  Fun to meet, but not to play against.

Ian says that when he knew he was going to sequester, he started playing some Big Brother type games with his brother in the backyard.  Like tossing coins into targets, and he went to a shuffleboard court to practice that.  He also leaned against the deck of his backyard as an endurance type practice session.

Ian: It was kind of like the Pirate Ship, but without the rain, wind, or bird poop.

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Danielle: Did I Mention I Need Immediate Surgery? #BB14

It's been awhile since we've heard Danielle talk about her long history of health problems.  You know, the broken back, the broken jaw, etc.

Well, apparently the ill and often injured Danielle is back.

 A little while ago, she told Dan that she had a lump in her breast that she would have to have removed as soon as she leaves the house.  Dan asked if it is "malignant" and Danielle said no.

Then she started to tell him about when she was in the shower with Britney and Britney saw something and asked her what it is.  She let Britney feel it.  Then she said a bunch of stuff regarding radiation therapy, etc.

Well now, about 30 minutes later, Danielle is telling Dan in the kitchen that she has breast implants, and that the lump is scar tissue.  She says she want from an A to a DD cup.  (She doesn't look that big to me.)

Now she retells the story about Britney seeing it, but amends the story to mention that she told Britney about the breast implants.  Supposedly "the mass" is attached to one of her implants.  She has mentioned Britney seeing at it at least four times.

Oh, and she threw Kara Monaco under the Breast Implant Bus, too, while she was at it.  No big surprise there, but on principle that is none of Dan Gheesling's business.

 Ian walks in and Dan cuts off Danielle's breast lump banter to tell Ian he's going to hang out with him this afternoon, and asks about his lunch plans.  Dan wants to make seared tuna tonight.

I think I'm going to file this story along with the "broken back from the tire swing story".  You know, the one where her dad picked her up and ran miles through the woods to the hospital.  You know, while Danielle's back was "broken".

Where Did Danielle and Shane Go on Their "Date"? #BB14

They didn't go to any awards show, nor a movie premiere as anticipated.  Instead, they went to see the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions 2012, in Ontario California.

I have been working on my BBAD update from last night, where they discuss the show and meeting the "Fierce Five", so more on that later.  I have not heard them mention, however, the injuries  that occurred during the show as mentioned below.

Here is more information about the gymnastics tour.

Danielle's Daddy is Mean, Apparently #BB14

Danielle is upset at being nominated, and was angry at Dan for the way he treats her sometimes.  This morphs into a huge discussion about her father, and how horribly he has treated her.  Whatever his own issues are, Danielle does not believe that they justify the way he has spoken to her over the years.

Dan tries to turn this conversation around, by asking if there is anything Danielle ever does to instigate matters.  Of course, Danielle reports she is in no way responsible for the rocky relationship with her father.  She thinks that if he "hears this on TV, then he may start listening".  FYI Danielle is not crying, and does not seem angry or upset while she discusses this.

Meanwhile Ian and Shane move about the kitchen, discussing various fast food salad options.

 Danielle starts talking about how the family is all "dirt poor farmers" and the cameras quickly change to this. 

The POV Ceremony is Over #BB14

and Shane used the POV.  Danielle is on the block now.  Jenn is sitting in the Arcade with Ian, and is discussing the possibility of him having to break up the tie vote on the live episode.

Jenn apologizes if "she got loud with him".  She told him she really, really wants to be there and wants him to consider that.  Ian said he needs to break up the couple, but I'm not sure if he means Danielle with Shane, or Danielle with Dan.  Ian leaves and Jenn says he can leave the door open...."fuck it".

Danielle is face down on the sofa.  The feeds are super choppy as everyone logs on to see this.


Dan walks through the living room and motions for Shane to follow him.  Shane told him that Ian is upstairs now, but that he heard Jenn yelling at him and it was LOUD.

(I'm ready to yell.  I want the Quack Pack to turn on each other!  I guess it is possible that Ian would break the tie---but will he evict Danielle???)