Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dan Shuffles, Ian Rocks #BB14

Janelle's Ebay Garage Sale #BB14

Janelle is trying to strike while the iron is hot and sell her competition outfits from BB14.  She is actually smart to do this before the market is flooded by the juried houseguests.

And check this out...she already sold a bikini she wore for about $65 dollars.  Would you sell a used bikini online?  And who would buy that?   Wow.

Danielle's Back is Bleeding #BB14

and her hands are "all open". She just put bandaids on her hands.  Ian says he fell "like six times" and then Dan comes in wearing Memphis Garrett's hat.  He says that Memphis came to his room at 9:00 am the morning after the Finale and woke him up, and gave him the hat. 

Now they discuss Les Deux and how it was the hottest club in Hollywood.  Britney told Ian that.  Ian wonders why it closed and Dan said that big clubs close down and rename themselves all the time, and get a few more hot years.

Danielle sits down to play cards with Dan.  Shane is frying up something on the stove. They do not talk game, but that says a lot.  I'm thinking Dan or Shane won, but I'm not sure.

Danielle shows them her left shoulder, and there is a HUGE red mark that the camera didn't pick up.  It was the size of a deck of cards and looked like an open sore.

Dan plugs his website, and they talk about doing podcasts.  They discuss Andrew lying about his profession in BB12, and don't think his being honest would have changed the outcome one bit for him.  They discuss Matt Hoffman's lie, and Ian has to explain it to Shane (about Matt's wife getting her leg amputated if Matt didn't win). 

Dan was fairly certain that Willie was related to Russell Hantz.  Dan asked him about it and Willie lied.  Dan says that if Willie had been honest, he might have picked him for his team.  Ian rocks back and forth wildly at the dining table.  I'm sure he can't wait to get out to the hammock.

Still don't know who won the POV.

The POV Competition is Over #BB14

And we see Dan chowing down with abandon, with a bare chest.  Ian and Shane are talking, and Dan is nodding along.  Dani is crying in the Arcade.  Jenn is not in view.

No idea who won yet.  Damn Dani's zit is huge.  I can't remember ever seeing Dan eat like this.  Like a savage.

Now Jenn walks through the room.  No one talks to her.  I heard Ian ask if "she heard them say that'.  Dani?  Did Dani hear them say something?

Ian says that Frank would have been a beast today.  Did Shane win?  Is that why Dani is crying?  Because Shane will save himself and she may go on the block?

Dan says he noticed that Britney would not talk about Kirstin or Rachel in the house.  (I noticed that too.)  And Dan says he doesn't understand why Rennie (BB10) went after Britney on Twitter.  Ian says Britney was imitating her, and Rennie didn't like it.

Jenn moves around in the bedroom.  Dani may need a medic for that forehead.

 Jenn gets in bed.  I'm thinking we can rule her out as the winner.

I will update when I learn who won...

Jeff Enjoys a Good Chat with Frank Eudy #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down with Frank Eudy on Friday for a live interview.  This is the first time I've actually watched the interview live, so it was kind of exciting.  I'm not sure if they cut things out before they put the final version out on their website, but I think they might.  There were times where the interviews seem kind of choppy---maybe because they do a little editing.

 I tried to find the final version posted by CBS on their website so I could pull the pictures with the captions on them before posting, but I can't even find the interview on the CBS website!  Even with their names in search I couldn't find the video!  The one of Jeff interviewing Joe is front and center, because that was the second interview posted, but I have to give CBS an EPIC FAIL on the Jeff and Frank interview accessibility.  Thank god I was able to catch it live!  That never happens due to my real job.  (That's why we have YouTube, I guess, due to corporate idiocy.)


Frank has on a dark plaid shirt and Mike Boogie's Coach hat.  Sitting next to Jeff, it is clear that Frank could use a haircut.  I am on #TeamFrank, but I do think a cut or at least a heavy trim is in order. I must also point out that Frank mentioned Jeff and Jordan as America's Sweethearts in his SuperPass pre-season interview, naming them as former players he'd like to meet.  And  how can anyone sit next to Jeff Schroeder like that and not feel a little humbled.  Jeff is a frickin' babe, right?

Jeff starts off by saying he is a big Frank fan, and points out that Frank was such a big target in the game, and he was on the block every single week he wasn't HoH.  Jeff pays tribute to Frank by saying that Frank was able to do what he couldn't do...Jeff went out with the Clownshoe and Frank won that one when he needed to.

Frank:  Well I was lucky because I had the clovers.  I wasn't even sure that was what I was supposed to find in all of those balls, but I carried it down there anyway.

Jeff:  You were in the same lane as me, too.  But you did what I could not!  You won!

Jeff says he has a big list of questions from the fans, but he just wants to talk to Frank first, with his own topics.  Jeff wonders what Frank's biggest mistake was.  Frank says his biggest mistake was trusting Dan in the game.  He had three chances to evict Dan, and he should have taken those chances.

Frank said he went into the Big Brother game with integrity, and feels like he left with more of it than he carried in.  Dan may have gone into the game with integrity, but he is leaving with a whole lot less.  Jeff says he does feel like Frank played with integrity, just like he did.

Jeff:  Maybe we just can't play the game like that!  I did it twice and it didn't work..

Jeff asked Frank about Ted, except neither of them were allowed to call him that.  I think they just called him "the bear" but Frank may have called him "Teddy B".  Frank said that he was able to get two things out of the house---the red POV symbol that he won on the live show, and Teddy B.  Jeff said the bear is so big, Frank is going to have to put him in a separate bag and check him.  Frank thinks that Ted may even get his own seat on the plane going home---he feels he deserved it.

Jeff:  You hugged two people when you left the house..and that bear was one of them!

(ha ha ha)

Frank:  Well, I was really worried about what I might say...I was so angry and I didn't want to say something I was going to regret.

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Big Brother After Dark - Trouble in Jenn City 9-8-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Showtime Friday night, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Ian has been HoH since Thursday night (after the live show) and today nominated Jenn and Shane for eviction.  The POV will be held on Saturday and as usual, the stakes are high.

Pandora's Box made yet another appearance today.  Ian saw a screen with his family on it, and a message said he would hear from someone who loved him.  Ian got punked by Pandora when he saw a message from Rachel Reilly.  Meanwhile, downstairs all of the house guests saw Skype recordings from their families and were all choked up about it.


1.  As the show opens Shane and Danielle are playing cards.  One of Ian's dinosaur toys is on the table.  We can see Ian sitting and rocking on the HoH bed, listening to his Matt and Kim CD and jamming out a little.  He is also watching the Spy Screen.  Danielle beats Shane in cards and he leaves the room.  She then goes on a snack attack, grazing on various items in storage and in the kitchen.

Shane came back and is snacking on a peach.  I can tell it wasn't ripe enough by the way he is eating it.  He is having to saw at it to cut off a slice, and with a ripe juicy peach you would not be able to do that without making a big mess.  Also it would be so delicious that you wouldn't take so long to finish it.

Shane and Dani played another game of cards and he accused her cheating.  I think he is joking but invites Danielle to Google the rules of Rummy when she gets home and she will see that he is right.  He chases her around the house and makes her squeal and then everything is quiet again.

Shane is building a house with the cards and doing a great job.  He is working on the fourth level and his hands are steady as he puts the cards in place.  We see Ian from time to time sitting cross legged on his bed, listing to his tunes.

Dani went to bed and Shane sits at the counter, staring at nothing.  This is what happens, people, when you vote out people like Frank and Joe.  People who actually had activities and made conversation.

2.  Now Ian comes downstairs. Shane tells him that the construction people outside are "going to town" out there.

Ian:  Oh, I don't like to hear that.  We'll be hanging upside down...going down a zip line backwards...who knows.

Ian won't nap while Showtime is on, but he goes back upstairs to "chill to his music".  He didn't invite Shane to join him.  Just sayin'.

Danielle is not sleeping, but has her eyes wide open.  After the commercial break we see Ian getting some Diet Coke and then talking with Dan in Storage.  Dan wants to do the Renegade shake with Ian but wants to be careful that no one sees it.  (I think Dani is the only one who would recognize it, though.  Jenn and Shane would be oblivious, I think.)

Ian is looking for ground turkey and is cursing because he can't find it.  It's "fucking weird" he says.

(They can't blame the turkey shortage on Joe this time.)

Dan comes in and thanks Ian for waking him up.  He didn't realize that it was time to get up, he was so tired.

Dan:  My uncle said he knew had developed a Big Brother problem when he spent an hour watching me and Memphis sleep for an hour on Showtime.

Ian can relate to that---it really winds down near the end of the season.  (Don't I know it.)  Shane watches Ian put together a turkey sandwich.  Dan is eating cereal and says he is exhausted.  Ian points out that they "did frickin' three challenges yesterday" and whatever is outside had better be simple.

Ian:  Maybe now that Joe is gone people will clean the cutting board after putting raw meats on it.  Nothing against Joe, however...

3.  Ian talks about Seinfeld episodes with Dan and quotes some lines.  Shane looks a little lost.  Maybe he's not a Seinfeld fan. They talk about watching all of the CBS shows, and Ian gives the CBS website a plug, saying that fans can log on and see profiles of their favorite house guests with all of their likes and dislikes.

Ever the opportunist, Dan mentions his wife's website for the charity she works for.  I didn't catch the name, and I think he said the website was in progress.  Ian sits down with his sandwich and a fresh glass of Diet Coke.  He only uses one or two ice cubes, which I find mildly disturbing.  He mentioned once that he feels ripped off by getting too much ice in his glass at a restaurant, but I don't get why he doesn't want to use ice at home.

The picture of Dan's wife without a bra was on the dining table, but Dan has moved it to the kitchen counter so he can look at it while he moves about the kitchen.  He picks it up frequently to look at it.  (Big Brother uses the same frames over and over for each HoH, and the back has masking tape on it to hold the picture inside, due to wear and tear I'm sure).

Dan and Ian started talking about paint ball or Pokemon, and maybe paint ball AND Pokemon.  I don't know.  Shane gives a shout out to Sarah Underwood and Candace Bailey at the G4 network.

Shane: If you're in LA for the finale..come on out, we'd love to see you!

Shane points out that Ian is taking forever to eat his sandwich because he is talking about Pokemon.  Shane says he is so knowledgeable and passionate, it is cool to see.  Dan wonders if Ian will teach his kids to play, but Ian doesn't think that Pokemon will be around then.  It did teach him about competing and strategic skills.

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In Case You Think You Are Missing Anything...#BB14

You're not.  You can go about your day.  The POV is hours away, apparently.