Friday, September 7, 2012

The Nominations are Over #BB14

and so far only Jenn is confirmed.  Jenn is mixing up a slop dish and seems to be releasing a little aggression this way.

Danielle is upset about something Jenn said to her, but Shane said the water was running and he couldn't hear what she said. Frank left in the bedroom and Shane thanks him, except I think he was being sarcastic.

No confirmation yet on who is nominated with Jenn.

***Update*** Shane and Jenn are nominated.

Big Brother After Dark - Like Taking Candy From a House Guest 9-7-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 10:00 pm BBT on Thursday, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

Whew.  Tonight was a live show, and the 2nd Double Eviction of the season.  Frank was evicted in a hurtful blindside that he didn't see coming.  Dan won HOH and nominated Ian and Joe for eviction---Joe knew it was coming, and even sat in the red chair before nominations.  Dan wanted Ian to leave last night.

The POV was about as intense as it gets, live on CBS.  Ian won.  It was a puzzle that favored his skills, but anybody could have won it.  I think the difference is that Ian had to win it.  He saved himself with the POV and Dan nominated Danielle in his place.  There was a lot of last minute maneuvering before Dan did this, and Julie Chen had a hard time getting all of them to gather in the living room for the POV ceremony.

Julie Chen:   House guests!  Don't make me come in there!

(ha ha ha)

I think Dan put up Danielle knowing that Jenn would not vote her out.  Shane may not have been so lucky.  Joe was evicted, and as luck would have it, his bags were already packed.

Last night after the live show but before the Showtime show started, another HOH competition was held, and Ian won.


1.  The show opens with Dan and Danielle whispering.  Of course.  Danielle really wanted to win.  She really did.  I think she and Dan are discussing Ian's chances of staying in the game at this point.  She and Dan both expect Jenn to go up on the block.  Dan says it doesn't matter who else goes up, since they have the votes to evict.

Dan:  All that really matters is the POV.  And then he (Ian) can't play for HOH next week.  So he just has one shot to save himself (the next POV) to make it to final four.  If I go, I go...

Danielle:  Oh Dan, you're not going.

Dan:  When we wanted Ian out, Shane didn't want any part of need to find out about that Danielle...what is going on with that....

(I guess Shane objected during the live show commercial breaks about nominating Ian.  He may regret that...)

Dan leaves, and Shane comes in and starts discussing the competition with Danielle.  I think cards were involved, since Danielle mentions "folding", but then she indicates that they had to aim a ball or something and her ball teetered on the edge.  She thinks she would have won, if not for that.

There are long periods of silence.  Shane asks Danielle if she is just thinking...or what.  Danielle blurts out her question:  "Do you have a final two deal with Ian?"  Shane says no, they've never discussed that..has she?  Danielle says no.  She does not ask why Shane reacted the way he did during the live show regarding not wanting to evict Ian.  Shane leaves the room.

Now Jenn comes in and sits with Danielle.  Danielle is teary, whining that she almost won.  Danielle is apparently oblivious to the fact that Jenn will certainly be nominated.  Jenn brings this up and sasy the nominations don't really matter---it is the POV that matters this week.

Jenn, obviously in the dark:  Ian doesn't have anyone now..

Danielle:  I think he might have a final two deal with Shane.  I know he had one with Joe.

In the kitchen area, BB rebukes Ian by name for talking about Production. Danielle tells Jenn that they are in trouble.  Jenn tells her that Ian told Frank that Dan and Jenn were working together because of the POVs they used on each other.

2.  Please Production tell them to STOP WHISPERING!  I can't take it.  I just can't.

The cameras go the the dining room, where Shane is discussing Frank.

Shane:  What, do you think he's one of the top 15 players of all time?

Ian::  In the challenges?   Yeah, he was a BEAST.

Ian adds up all of his wins.  Dan is lost in thought and says Julie mispronounced Kara's name.  Shane is shuffling cards, and Jenn is fixing herself a protein shake.  They discuss how close the competition was with Jenn, Dan and Danielle.

Jenn:  I'm a songwriter..I hear words.  I listen to words.

Someone has taken nail polish and turned a coffee cup into the Rummy Cup for the winner of the card games.  It looks like a very amateur paint job.  Now we see Ian go into Skid Row and walk around, holding up four fingers to the camera and pacing, talking to himself.  He put his HOH key in his pocket, and wrapped Snakie around his neck.

He murmurs about Final Four losers, and is talking to himself, and chewing on his fingernails.  Sniffing loudly occasionally and looking at himself up close in the glass.  There is a colorful sombrero on the floor of the bedroom.  But then again, there are a lot of things on the floor of the bedroom.

Dan comes in to whisper with him about who he will put up.  It does not appear that Ian suspects Dan wanted to evict him.  They are still talking like they have a Final Two deal, and I think Ian would let us know through some sort of hand motions if he distrusted Dan.

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Pandora Has Red Hair #BB14

And after an hour long break, Pandora has indeed been in the house.  And I think Pandora was Rachel Reilly.

Ian was somehow stuck with Rachel, and I think everyone else saw some sort of recorded Skype message from their families.  Jenn is saying that her mom is a cancer survivor, so this means a lot to her.

Nominations have not taken place yet.  Jenn told Ian outside to talk to him.  Ian says the nominations will be fast and not intended to sweat anybody.

Jenn is the only one in the house left who has not gotten a letter from home, so this was so great for her and she is "glad Ian opened it".  She gave him a hug and said other people want to talk to him.

Dan's message was from Chelsea and their dog Frank.  She said, "this is the good Frank, not the one you've been living with".  Dan says he lost it.

Ian:  There was a picture of my parents, and it said that there was a message from somebody who loves you...

I guess it was Rachel Reilly!

But Enough About You, Let's Talk About Me #BB14

Danielle wastes no time strapping on a feed bag and sitting at the new tiny table.  Ian is in the bathroom and Jenn needs to get in there.

In the top left corner, you can see one of the pictures Dan got in his HOH basket.  It is of he and his wife Chelsea from their honeymoon.  He went on and on during BBAD about how she isn't wearing a bra in this picture.   And when I say "on and on" I mean "on and on and on".

Now Dan sits down to eat cereal and stares at his wife's picture.

He jokes that he doesn't want to be selfish....Danielle might want to look at Chelsea, too.  He moves over closer to her, and brings the picture with him.

The bathroom has seen a lot of action.  First Ian, then Jenn, then Shane.  I think they may have to go back outside, but I'm not sure.  I feel like they are rushing...but what do they have to do?

I'm glad Jenn gets another week of slop.  She should drop another 3 or four pounds, easy.

Dan drones on and on about his honey moon in St. Lucia.  More on that, in my BBAD recap later today.


Pandora a No Show, So Far #BB14

After the FISH break, they came back inside to see a new, tiny dining table.  Danielle is immediately concerned about whether there is "new food" for them.  Shane went to check, and said no.  No new food.

Is Pandora on the Way? #BB14

They have all been alerted to an outdoor lockdown.  In past weeks, this has led to a visit from Pandora's Box, since this gives Production a chance to get inside and set it up.

Shane comes in the bathroom, changes into his pink swim trunks, and asks either Danielle or Jenn to use her sunscreen.  I don't know which one he asked, but he said "I'm sorry to ask to use your sunscreen, but it will probably be for the last time".  Was that a slip of the tongue? 

Jenn tells Danielle that she saw Shane and Ian talking for a long time last night.  Danielle reacts as if she is going to be nominated.

 Jenn:  I don't think he's nominating you.  He wants Dan out...but he told me that the nominations are arbitrary.

She tells Danielle to be careful what she says to Shane.

If I were Ian, I would consider not opening the Pandora's Box.  I doubt there is anything that would alter the game at this point, but it is sure to be something that is bad for the HOH, and good for the house.

Evel Dick has really fucked up with AGP, hasn't he?  Because I could see him getting an annual gig like Jessie has, to come in the house and yell at them, maybe bang some pots and pans and pour some iced tea on their heads.

That would be great for TV, but it is clear that AGP won't be going that route with him.  I think they are done with him.

Maybe there will just be an old-fashioned luxury type game.  In past years, the house guests got two minutes to "shop" for clothes, grabbing everything they could put on themselves to keep.  We haven't seen that since BB11, I don't think.

Maybe a movie challenge?  Or some sort of TV person coming in the house.  I think Pandora is kind of played out, but that is just me.

Now they must go outside and stay outside, according to Big Brother.

Ian:  On a beautiful day like this one, you  tell me to go inside, and I'll tell you to go fuck yourself!

He's got a mouth on him, that one. 

Ian:  Just one Veto competition, and we'll hear Julie Chen say Hello Quack Pack to us..

Another Day of Starvation for Jenn #BB14

and she is the first one to drag ass out of bed today.  I'm sure she knows she will be nominated today.

Danielle got up, and then got back in bed with Shane.

How great would it be if Jenn started talking to us now?  Maybe tells us a few exciting concert tour stories.  I saw those You Tube videos---Suicide City had fans lined up around the block to see Jenn play.  I think she even made appearances at Guitar Centers in the US and Europe to sign bass guitars.

Tell us some trash Jenn!


Big Brother asks her to put down the shades on the windows.  She says yes and laughs a little when Big Brother thanks her.  This was Mike Boogie's daily job..and then Frank's.  I guess it will be Jenn's job this week.