Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ian Walks it Off #BB14

Everyone just kind of sits in stunned silence.  They are locked indoors, and expect the next HOH competition to take place soon.  It will likely be held before the Showtime show, which will will start one hour later tonight. 

Ian says his heart is still racing.  They say he'll be the talk of Tulane and he says they may be talking about him at school tomorrow.  He thinks his family must have been "shitting their pants".

Shane gives a shout out to Tulane Taylor and we get FISH.  

Dan hopes he will get pictures of his wife Chelsea and a letter.  Ian got an HOH basket, pictures and a letter when he had the short HOH reign last time, but he didn't get the basket until after the second HOH competition had ended.

 Danielle eats cereal and it is very loud.  The spoon, the bowl, her teeth, the slurping.  We hear all of it.

Dan frets that Jenn is still in the DR, after all this time.  He wonders if she will come out guns blazing, or will she be calm.  Danielle expects her to be chilled out.  Dan says that she cannot win the next HOH.

Now Jenn is out, in the Boom Boom Room hugging Ian and she was shocked about tonight.  Ian said that this is the first time ever they have had two double evictions in one season.  He says he almost shit his pants.

She says this is such a mind fuck. She knows that they will have another HOH contest soon.  This is the first time Ian has been on the block and she says now he gets to know what that's like.  And playing for the POV is a "whole different ballgame when your ass is on the line."

Jenn goes back to the kitchen to finish the dishes.  Ian goes and whispers to the others that Jenn is alright.  She just "misses her buddy".  Ian adds that she wanted to get him out, but I certainly didn't hear her say that.

She makes her slop patties.  The oven is already preheated.

Danielle admires herself in the mirror and sees some good cinematic opportunities.  She asks Ian if he can come over and unzip her.

Ian: I would, but I need to wash my hands first, or else it would be unsanitary.

He laughs at that statement after he says it.  I think she unzipped her own dress after that.

And there is Shane, showing some skin.

And We're Back #BB14

and there is more whispering, whispering, and WHISPERING!  It is driving me crazy.

Ian seems to forgive Dan.   Dan says he took it better than Memphis did, when he put him up.  Ian wears his snake like a scarf and they shake hands, doing the "Renegade shake".

 Here's Dan finishing up his little gunshot thing at the end of the handshake.

Dan's wheels turn after Ian leaves.  Thou art a liar, Dan.  But you're going to get away with it.  Again. Damn.

Danielle stands around.  Who will she flaunt herself in front of now Joe is gone?   Who will discuss her cleavage now that Joe is gone?   Can she still complain about Frank now that he is gone?  What does Trey think about all of this?  Is he watchin'?

These thoughts, and more go through Danielle's mind.

The camera operators shoot her.  It is their job.

Ian reported that Jenn was crying, because she lost two friends tonight.  Frank and Joe.

Ian:  She really wanted my ass out...I know that!

(I'm sure she would have preferred that to Danielle or Joe leaving.  Who is going to mix up her Slopcakes?)

I'll bet her friends are freaking out.  I don't think Jenn ever really watched the show before casting, but she has a few friends who are fans.

The feeds are very choppy.  Dan and Danielle meet in the bedroom and whisper, of course.

Jenn starts doing dishes.  There are a lot of dishes in the sink, actually.  I'll bet Joe is glad he didn't do them.  I'll bet Joe is smoking a big cigarette right now, chatting with Dr. Zachary.

 Dan's wheels are turning.  Everything has changed.  And nothing has changed, and that is not a good thing either.

Dan has a made for TV moment.

 My live feeds keep freezing. 

I miss Frank.  And Ted.

Frank for America's Choice, Son.

Live Show Update #6 #BB14

Right as the show went to commercial, everyone got up and bolted, leaving Danielle and Joe in the nomination chairs.

Finally Danielle stood up to meet Shane, looking stunned as they walked off camera.  Wow to be in that house right now.  Crazy.

Julie welcomes us back.  Danielle or Joe will leave.

Danielle is barefoot.  Her speech is fast, to the point.  Rather pageant like.  Now we hear from Joe.  Blah blah blah.

Now we vote.

Shane:  Vote to evict Joe.
Jenn:  Joe, with heaviest of hearts
Ian, holding up his POV:  Joe

Joe will leave.  Joe is evicted.  Danielle cries.  Joe hugs everyone, his bags are already packed.

He comes out Whooping like Elvis, thanking the crowd.

The house guests whisper.  Danielle sits with Jenn in the Arcade.  Joe's face fades to black and white.

Joe sits with Julie.  He jokes about trying to play against a showmance.  Julie asked if he threw any challenges and he laughed and said no.

Julie asks about his facial hair and he calls it his "Mini Claus".  He is a good sport and kept the crowd going. 

I hope Jenn knows how to make those slop burgers and slop cookies.

As the show ends Danielle is with Dan in the Arcade, whispering.  Enough with the whispering. 

Live Show Update #5 #BB14

Now Ian saves himself with the POV.

Dan yells at Jenn to come back in the bedroom to talk to him and Ian. Some bleeping.  Now Ian whispers with Dan in the bedroom.

Julie tries to gather them, and it is hard.  Dan is shouting for Jenn to come over and Julie is pissed, saying "don't make me come in there".

OMG. He nominated Danielle.  She is stunned.

Live Show Update #4 #BB14

The live POV is next.  Ian is nominated with Joe.  It is all happening now.  Maybe Ian just realized that Dan doesn't want to go to the end with anybody who can beat him.

Like Frank. And you.

All house guests will play in the POV.  There is an undersea theme.  Swimming with Sharks is the name.  Something is bleeped. There is a maze they must work through.

This is probably great for Ian.  Everyone is neck and neck.  More bleeping.  Jaws type theme, but like Muzak.  Joe is winning, it seems.  And Ian is very close behind.  Ian is leading.  Danielle coming up now.  Ian is going to win.  It's a puzzle where you go back and forth. 

Very tense.  Ian still close to the end.    Ian wins and is back to punch the buzzer.  The crowd goes wild and Ian is bleeped cursing as he grabs his POV and puts it around his neck.

He's pissed.  How will Dan explain this away?

Live Show Update #3 #BB14

Now Dan's nominations.  They gather in the living room and Shane wishes Dan luck.

Joe sits in a red chair and Julie laughs about it. 

Dan nominates Joe and Ian.  Oh my god.  The live POV is next.

Is Ian freaking out?  He is hugging Shane.  The pressure is on.

Live Show Updates #2 #BB14

Now the live HOH contest. It's called Make Your Case.  Name the house guest and there will be seven quotes.

Jenn gets one point.  Only one to get the first one right.
Jenn, Dan and Danielle all get a point.
Joe, Shane, Dan and Danielle get a point.
Jenn Dan and Danielle each get a point, and are tied for the lead at 3 points.
Jenn Dan and Danielle get another point.  All tied at 4.
Again, same thing.  All tied at 5.
Last question:  No one got it right.

Now the chalkboards.  Closest to the number will win.

How many minutes since Jodi was in the BB house, to the nearest minutes.

They all scribble.  Who will win?

Dan wins HOH.

Dan huddles with Ian and Danielle, and others gather and break it up by hugging. 

Dan's nominations next.  I am shocked he's going to get blood on his hands!

Live Show Update #1

Julie Chen says tonight we may see more blindsides.  The opening film clips paint Dan as a liar and a dangerous player.

We see the house guests.  Frank is wearing his Julie Chen is my Homegirl T-shirt.  Jenn is dressed kind of sexy in a black strappy mini dress and black cowboy boots.  Shane is wearing a dress shirt.  Danielle is wearing a sofa print strapless dress.

We see footage of Frank getting got, in a long slow way.  He even gets the "do-do" music in the background while he watches Dan lie and weasel out of it.  You know, the idiot music.

Joe yells at us in the DR wearing a blue shirt.  (Or was that last week?)  Ian prepares for take off in the new hammock, swinging back and forth.   Scenes are shown that make Joe look like a strategist, but all the live feeders know that doesn't tell the true story.

We get to see Dan whisper!  And then catch Joe in a lie!

Now Julie tells the cast the deal --tonight two will leave the house in the season's 2nd Double Eviction.  Frank says "oh my goodness".  Joe looks really great in a chambray shirt and jeans.  No shit. No chef jacket for a change.

Frank's speech is humble and he asks for help and pledges loyalty. Joe speaks plainly and does a good job.  Voting with the heart and all.

Now, the vote:

Dan:  Frank, with a shout out to Dan's effing website
Danielle:  Frank.
Jenn:  Joe.  (no hand signals, ha ha)
Shane:  Frank

Julie will break the news now.  Frank is evicted, and breathes heavily.   He grabs Ted and goes, hugging only Jenn at the door.  Dan calls out that he is a great competitor.  Frank mumbles "thanks" (not Preesh) and leaves the house.

He comes out smiling, but his heart is broken.  He was breathing heavily and saying "whooo". Julie asked him to sit down with her.

The house guests all hug each other after he leaves.

Now Frank tells Julie that he is shell shocked.  Once again, Dan and Danielle lied to him.

Julie says you only hugged Jenn.  Frank says that Dan "put his hand on the Bible and lied to him".

Frank is articulate, and emotional, with a little bit of funny.

Now the goodbye messages.  Joe says he has a huge ego and should have evicted Dan.  Ian has a sweet but honest message.  Shane has one.  No message from Danielle.  Frank watches Dan's message and says he has a lot of hard feelings when Julie asks him about it.  (Julie:  Any hard feelings?  Frank:  Absolutely hard feelings!)

He finishes great with Julie and it feels warm and supportive as she holds his hand in a kind of handshake.

Who will win HOH?

Big Brother After Dark - If Everyone Whispers, No One Does 9-6-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Wednesday night, and in the wee hours of Thursday where I live.

Ian is in his last 24 hours of being the HOH, and Frank and Joe are on the block.  I definitely think Frank will get the boot on Thursday, and will get to meet Julie Chen up close and personal. It is possible that Julie has extra security on hand for this important meeting.  As a fan I will miss Frank in the house, but I expect him to be invited back to play, maybe as early as next summer.  (Frank for America's Choice!)

I don't think the house guests suspect yet that Thursday will bring another Double Eviction, but I will be looking for clues as I watch this show.  They think there will be a Fast Forward this weekend, and when I say "they" I mean Ian and Frank, the current Big Brother experts in the house, but they do not expect another Double Eviction episode.

That is one of moments I love, when Julie Chen drops a bomb on them, live on CBS.  (Get that Bleep button ready, CBS..)  As far as I know there are no NFL pre-emptions tonight, and the Democratic convention will have to wait until the show is over. 

About tonight, I think the odds certainly point to Jenn leaving the house right after Frank does, but she has been showing up in the competitions, so if she can win the POV, who knows?  I think there is definitely a risk of Ian going tonight, if Danielle or Shane win HOH.

Trust that your friend and fellow SuperFan the FeedWatcher will be covering the action during and after the live show to keep us all informed.  The summer and the Big Brother season are winding down and this is one of the big moments left in the game...

I have gone through my own ups and downs with the players this year, and with some of  Production's decisions, of course.  But I am very pleased that the house guests are there to compete this year.  Other than Joe, they are really going for it in the competitions, and now that Dan has stopped throwing competitions it will be more exciting.


1.  As the show opens there are two duos in two rooms, whispering.  Dan and Danielle are whispering in the bedroom.  (Does anybody in the house doubt that they are still working together, even after Dan's "funeral?")  Shane and Joe are whispering in the Arcade Room.  Shane recited all of the evictions in order, quickly, proving that he has been doing his homework.  He also recited all of the BB13 evictions in order.  Maybe he thinks there will be extra credit points or something.

Dan and Danielle sit and whisper about everything and everybody.  It is very annoying and very difficult to cover.  I think they are mocking things Joe has said about his desired final four with them and Shane.  (That won't be so funny if a miracle happens and Joe wins HOH on Thursday.)

Finally the cameras change to the backyard, where Frank and Joe discuss how nicely they will be able to sleep if evicted.  They know they will have to stay in a hotel.  Frank "jokes" about "rubbing one out three times" and "charging booze to the room".

The cameras move back and forth from Dan and Danielle whispering --and sometimes arguing if Danielle disagrees with Dan, and Joe and Frank in the backyard. Danielle likes to argue about how much she cried after Dan's "funeral".

Joe's goal used to be to stay under 200 pounds, but now he wants to stay below 190.  He thinks it is possible and weighs about 185 now.

Joe:  I ain't got too many people to impress...

Frank has weighed as much as 225 a few times this year.  It's easy to keep his weight down if he works out 5 days a week and eats right, but that's hard to do in real life sometimes.

2.  Joe went in the bedroom and broke up the whispering between Dan and Danielle by asking if they wanted to play badminton later on and Dan said "sure", and mentioned Ian "rolling his ankle" last time.  After Joe left they went right back into their whisperfest.  Danielle keeps saying that Dan "broke her heart that night".

(Either get over it Danielle, or send his ass home!)

Dan points out that driving that wedge between them was the best thing for both of them in the game.  He seems to be making a case for Ian going home--implying that Ian may be working with Jenn based on a comment they overheard him saying to her.  (He told her "nice team effort" after the POV.)  If Ian goes home, you can be sure Dan wants Danielle or Shane to do the dirty work.

3.  After the commercial break, Frank is talking to Jenn in Storage about the vote.  Frank says he really thinks Dan is trustworthy.  Jenn says she is worried about Danielle's vote--it might be female intuition, but she's not sure what Danielle will do.  Frank doesn't want Jenn to be upset and he gives her a hug.

On Skid Row Ian is playing with his YoYo and talking to Shane, with Dan and Danielle right there.  Shane wants to study later for the HOH comp, and they may suspect that there is a double eviction, but they are calling it a fast forward.

Ian thinks the three of them (Dan, Danielle and Shane) should all have the same nomination plan, just in case.  Joe comes in and is looking for Frank and Jenn.  They have a stupid conversation about how "weird it is" that Joe can't find them.  Obviously they just wanted Joe to leave.

Ian, to Dan:  Do you know what happened to Dick last year?  Janelle knew, but she didn't want to say, and I don't blame her.

Dan:  I don't know. It had to be something serious for him to leave the game.

Ian:  His twitter said some things are more important than the game, and this is one of them.

Joe comes back again and stops the conversation.  They go over to the "candy box" to get some sweets.  I'm surprised by how into sweets Shane is---he is always up for a piece of candy.  In the hallway Frank is looking for his socks and asks Dan if he's sure he didn't take them.  Dan says he didn't.  I think Frank is starting to pack his things---he has done that so many times before.

When Danielle and Ian are alone, she pulls him over and starts whispering about Frank.  It sounds like the same old shit from last night, about how Frank thinks he deserves it more, and that he has tried for three years to get on the show.    Ian is talking about Jenn and says "god forbid she gets it".

Then Frank comes in and finds them whispering, and says he wants to talk to them, but he'll let them talk, and leaves the room.  Danielle is worried that if she has to talk to him, "she'll snap".  Ian thinks the comp will be "America Says", or 10 questions about what happened on what day.  Dan comes back in the room and takes the YoYo from Ian and leaves the room.

4.  Ian has his weird sock monkey in there and Danielle doesn't want it anywhere near her.  She says that if she knew how to start the grill, she would set it on fire.  She really objects to the button eyes and other features.  Ian says he gave it to Dan---I think he got it from Jessie Claus but Dan said he liked it.

Now Ian and Danielle trash the room---they both hate all of the sneakers and Danielle thinks the furniture is so cheap.

Danielle:  I don't understand the lockers...

Ian: It's supposed to be like a gym.

Danielle:  Oh.

Danielle points out where everybody sleeps, and says Joe "snores and farts all night".  Then guess who walks in...Joe.  Ian goes through the beds and says who slept in them the first night, etc. Joe says he is nervous about the vote and they both tell him to calm down...don't be paranoid.

Danielle:  No way in hell...(Frank will stay...)

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The HOH Lockdown Has Started #BB14

and everyone is upstairs chilling and listening to the Big Brother theme song blare through the HOH suite.  You can see "Snakie" in the bed with Frank, down there at the bottom.


From the FeedWatcher archives, here are some pretty good posts from HOH Lockdowns in seasons past, if I do say so myself.

BB13 - HOH Lockdown - Rachel has a Meltdown

BB12 - HOH Lockdown - Brendon and Ragan Discuss their Ties to Scientology

Everyone Continues to Lie to Frank #BB14

You'd think Jenn would give him a little heads up about tonight.  Frank tells us that "tonight is the big night...he just hopes the vote goes his way".

Frank:  I put in as much work as I could...I hope it wasn't too much work...that's what I'm worried bout.

He saw Dan and asked Dan what Danielle was whispering to Joe about earlier.  Dan told him something that seemed to make Frank happy.  Jenn sat with Frank at the dining table and they said only two weeks left...hard to believe!

Frank says that Production has been building in the backyard since about 3:00 am, and there are some pretty big sounds coming from the backyard.

Mike Boogie Chats with Joker's Updates #BB14

Jokerette from Joker's Updates held a Blogtalk interview with Mike Boogie last week.  This interview occurred during the live HOH competition on the "solar swing", just after Britney was evicted.

The interview is kind of a cluster.  Jokerette is trying to interview Mike, but there is some other girl on the line who is watching the live feeds and giving updates.  Mike makes it clear that he's not watching the live feeds, and doesn't really give a crap about it, but they continue to give him updates about Ian's every action and thought.

It's kind of rude to Mike, I think.  As is common with most of the fan chats, the same questions get asked over and over.  At one point, someone asked him what he thinks about stuff that has happened since he was "in the house".

Mike took this question to mean his thoughts about real life events that have happened this summer, and mentions how disturbed he is by the Batman movie shooting, and also the recent suicide by Tony Scott, a famous director who jumped off a bridge in California two weeks ago.

The interviewer actually INTERRUPTS him and says they want to know what he thinks about what has happened in the Big Brother house since he left, not his thoughts about the outside world.  Can you believe that?  Mike does not watch the live feeds, and already said he hasn't been watching.  And he probably knows Tony Scott from his restaurants, so hearing his response would have been interesting.

To me, hearing Mike's thoughts about how he has re-entered his daily life after being locked up for so long would be so interesting, including hearing how he learned about significant news events.  The various women hosting the call actually interrupt Mike a number of times to argue with each other about what is going on in the house,  cutting Mike off mid-stream.

I'm kind of embarrassed, listening to it.  Here is the link where you can hear it for yourself.  It's kind of a big deal for Mike to participate like this---he has always assumed that all of the fans hate him, so this is a rare opportunity to hear from him.

Mike is gracious to the callers and greets them by name and location, if possible.  Its a very long interview, so if you have other things to do while sitting at your computer you might enjoy it. 

Sid and Sabrina Vicious Speak #BB14

I guess that is actually Sid and Sabrina Eudy, but whatever.  Frank's parents have been proudly watching him every week on Big Brother, and have been giving regular interviews to a local Memphis radio station to discuss their beloved son.

There are quite a few audio postings at this link to choose from, including this one where they discuss Willie wanting to fight Sid Vicious, as well as Frank's own considerable wrestling skills and training.  The Eudy's also discuss their love for gardening, and other various household topics.  Sounds like some reality TV producers have also been sniffing around them...wanting to explore future opportunities....

Wil Heuser on American Idol #BB14

Wil Heuser hasn't released his 2nd Big Brother video yet---the first was part of a trilogy, but all good things take time, I guess.

This short clip shows Wil on American Idol back in the day.  He is featured in a clump of "bad auditions", but I'm not sure he deserves that.  He doesn't seem to be taking it very seriously, since he crosses his eyes in the middle of the song.  I think he should have worn his Captain's Hat with a go-go outfit, if he really wanted to get crazy.

Interestingly enough, I read in the news today that American Idol only has one judge under contract at the moment ---Mariah Carey--although they plan to have 4 judges.  I haven't watched that show in about 10 years, but it sounds like a huge cluster to me.

What Was Dan Thinking? #BB14

If you've been wondering what in the world Dan was thinking when he packed his bags for his trip to the BB14 house, you're in luck.

Dan has produced a series of videos for his website, which helps Reality Wanna Be's get on Reality Shows, and then prepares them to win.  Dan knows we want to know what really goes on behind the scenes, and he's prepared for Show and Tell.

I don't know about you, but I never would have guessed that Dan brought 24 T-shirts with him to California. I would have guessed two or three.  Dan talks for nearly ten minutes about all of his T-shirts.  He keeps it moving, though, and doesn't get too bogged down. 

In this video Dan discusses the warm clothes he is bringing in the house.  Every year the house guests complain about how cold the Big Brother house is, and how it is "freezing" outside.   I like all of these shirts and think they look really comfortable.  This video is only about 3 minutes long, so Dan doesn't have as much to say about these clothing items.

In this third and final video, Dan shows us all of his jeans and shorts.  He tells us where he bought them all, and how much he paid for them.  Turns out his jeans are mostly from Guess and Juicy.   The jeans look huge when he holds them up, even though he is a tiny person.  There is one pair of shorts that is curiously omitted from this video---the pair of flowered board shorts from BB10 that have NEVER BEEN WASHED.  Yes, those filthy shorts.  I always suspected that Dan bought those shorts to copy Dr. Will Kirby, who wore a similar pair in the BB2 house.

So, that is a whole lotta Dan today, huh?  I have to say that Dan is so comfortable on camera---I can really see him doing sports on ESPN or something one day.  He is only 29 and has been so successful in everything he seems to try so far in life.  I don't agree with all of his beliefs, but I know Dan Gheesling will continue to be a stellar person outside of the Big Brother game.  And who knows....he just might be the first two-time winner of Big Brother.

And one more thing...this video was posted by Dan's wife Chelsea.  It is a gorgeous video of their wedding, set to a song that Chelsea herself sings.  She is truly stunning, and the wedding looks perfect.    Is there anything that Dan Gheesling doesn't have? 

Big Brother Behind the Scenes #BB14

Now this is what I'm talking about!  There is a great series of videos out there hosted by Adam, the "Social Insider", showing us what goes on in the backyard when they build all of the fantastic competition sets.  It is truly amazing to see how creative and talented these people are.

This year they are giving away some of the items from the sets, and some costumes, but I have no idea if this has already happened yet or not.  You can learn how to enter by watching the clips below.

This first video shows the crew putting together the first HOH competition--the Bed Hopping challenge.  It took them two days to construct this competition.  And Ted weighs 4 pounds.  Lots of fun facts here.

This video shows how they put together the POV competition called Memory Chip, where they were dressed as taco chips and jumped into guacamole.  Except that's not how I make my guacamole.  Just sayin'...

This is the set up for the Juggler POV competition, where they had to keep two balls going in the chute.  The crews report for duty to start setting up this stuff at 4:30 in the morning!  Adam demonstrates his technique, and this is the same technique used by Shane to win the competition---waiting to release one ball until the second ball is rolling down.

It is amazing to see how many people are buzzing around the backyard putting all of this together.  This clip shows them setting up the Field of Dreams POV competition.  I don't remember much about this one...sometimes I am partying "a little" while I watch the show.  I think this is the competition where Jenn won the Maui trip and Ian put on the dog costume.  And Mike Boogie had to yell at Ian for not being more ruthless.  (ha ha ha  he wanted him to be more ruthless)

And this is the competition that was hosted by the Zingbot, who as we all know passed out cold in the backyard under the heat of that robot costume.  I recently heard (but not on this video) that when the Zingbot is in the house, the Zingbot voice is piped over the loudspeakers, so the person in the Zingbot costume is not a comedian, or even supposed to speak.  It's probably just a lowly intern or a P.A.  You know, someone who is expendable.  (During BB12, the "Zingbot" freaked out and took off their gloves and started screaming "get me out of here", according to Britney Haynes.)

This video shows us the behind-the-scenes situation in the Art Department as they get ready for the Candy World POV competition.  This is the competition where the house guests all got their "secret" stashes of candy they have squirreled away in the bedrooms.  Too bad Jessie didn't know about that, huh?  I'm kind of digging this Adam guy, the video host.   Why don't they put someone like him in the house?  Too normal, maybe? Probably too smart to leave his behind-the scenes job.

And this video shows us the OTEV competition.  It is amazing to see how this artist created the Alien OTEV out of a block of styrofoam.  I must warn you....the sounds of him sawing, shaving and sanding that syrofoam are worse than nails on a chalkboard....