Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - Who's Afraid of the Big Red Wolf? 9-5-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Tuesday, and in the wee hours of Wednesday where I live.

Ian is in his last days as HOH, and Frank and Joe are on the block.  Frank is sure to leave on Thursday, no matter what the house guests say and do to make him think otherwise.  I don't think any of the House Guests have any suspicions about the live Double Eviction coming up on Thursday.  They've all done the math, and know they have too many people to play this game out on a normal schedule.  They thought last weekend would be a Fast Forward, and seem certain now that this weekend will be a Fast Forward.

I think this will be the first season with two live Double Eviction episodes.  I'm sure Production treats this like the Superbowl or something---so many things have to happen on time to make it all work.  And the guy who pushes the Bleep button will need to be extra careful, at least until Frank leaves the house.  Jenn likes to spew some eff words, too, of course.

The Fast Forwards were always hated by the SuperFans, because the second nomination and eviction would happen over the weekend, and although it was taped in front of a live audience, it was shown on tape for the CBS broadcast.  Not only does that suck for the person being eliminated, but the Live Feeds would always be shut down for a few days in attempt to keep the results under wraps for the surprise factor.  Last year they even taped a Showtime episode in the morning to air later that night.  Rachel came out of the DR with a bottle of champagne and everybody had to get up and drink Mimosas and act happy about it.   The Live Feeds would usually play over the weekend from the beginning during this time period, so I think that would have been kind of fun, to see Kara and Wil and of course my girl Janelle in the house again.  (Last year we saw the whole "Where is Evel Dick?" situation pan out again, which was also interesting, but in a different way.)

So, as far as I know, that will not be the case again.  Last year Kalia was evicted during the Fast Forward, but the information was spoiled online by @MissCleoBB14, who was in the audience when Kalia got the boot and reported the facts to all of us SuperFans.  Thank god for that.

(From the FeedWatcher archives, here is Rachel putting on her CBS Company face and popping the plastic Champagne cork during BB13.  Or sparkling wine.  Whatever.)


1.  This episode starts off looking just like last night, except that Danielle does not appear to be sloppy drunk (yet).  She is playing cards with Shane and Dan, and is quite competitive about it.  I don't understand or follow the card game, but she does seem to win frequently, or at least appears happy with the results.

She is a "tapper" and knocks the cards on the table constantly, almost compulsively.  She did the same thing with the Lego blocks that were on the table earlier in the week.  One time Frank was sitting there trying to enjoy his omelet and she was banging away with the Legos like a child in a high chair. They had a few words about that....and she stopped.

(Danielle is always seeking attention of some sort.  Negative...positive...doesn't seem to matter.)

Joe is sitting outside, and Ian is rocking away on the new hammock, with his legs crossed under him.

(Talk about compulsive behavior...)

Joe asks Ian if he's "heard anything about Dan's vote".  Ian says no, and starts crowing about the possibility of  having to break the tie, live on CBS.  I think he has quite a little speech planned, too.  I wouldn't be surprised if the vote is a tie--Dan doesn't want Frank to know that he is betraying him, so throwing Frank a few votes isn't out of the question, although it would certainly be dangerous.

(I will miss Frank's energy and banter on the Live Feeds, but I don't think there is any way for him to stay in the house this week.  Sorry Nana.)

2. The cards they are playing with aren't even real playing cards.  They are the "question cards" that BB gave them months ago.  They made them into playing cards by using different colored nail polishes.  BB used to give them real playing cards, but I think they quit doing that because all the house guests would do is play cards.  Like now.  And it's kind of boring.

Dan keeps saying "drop it like it's hot" and whoever is on duty tonight doesn't know much about rap, apparently.  I think BB owes Snoop Dogg some money now because of Dan.  They are using rocks instead of chips to indicate their winnings.  Danielle has a lot of rocks.

Frank was sitting and watching them play.  And I think Shane is out of the game, so maybe that is what happened to Frank, too.  So it is just down to Dan and Danielle.  Dan is trying to guess which cards she has and Dan is kind of loud with his playing.  He just put down a bunch of cards and kept saying "bam and bam" and then got up and twirled around.

BB asks Dan to go to the DR and he says he needs to count his points first.  He got 140 points on that hand, and Danielle lost 45 points.

Dan:  How do you like them cinnamon apples?

They have been eating apples, ironically enough. From a red bowl but they look like small pieces. Frank is wearing his Nasa cap.  Danielle asks Frank to tell her again what Mike Boogie said to Janelle in his goodbye speech.

Frank:  I forget, but it was "Oh Janie....always the Big Brother bridesmaid, never the bride!"

Shane: Ooo.  Ouch.

Now Dan is back at the card table.  He says he told the DR to make it fast since he was on a hot card streak.

3.  Now Dan has more rocks than Danielle.  They just dealt a new hand and I don't think they shuffled very well, because Danielle laid down a "straight flush" within about 2 minutes.  She showed her hand to Shane and then to Frank and then just laid it down.

Dan smells a rat and thinks that they stacked the deck against him.  Danielle denies it.  I think there are a limited number of rocks, and then whoever ends up with all of them wins.  Dan keeps singing some other song and we see Jenn while BB reprimands Dan.  Jenn is laying down outside with her feet in the hot tub.

Now inside Dan breaks out the package of truffles.  Danielle won't eat one "because they taste like dark chocolate."  Dan is going to experiment and melt one on a rice cake.  He assembles the snack and puts it in the microwave.  Danielle says the rice cakes taste horrible---this is the first time she's tried one.  Shane thinks that honey might be good on the rice cakes.

Dan spreads out the truffle on the rice cake with a butter knife but hasn't tried it yet.  Frank has a rice cake in the microwave with honey and brown sugar on it.

Shane:  Brown sugar?

Frank:  Brown sugar is for ballers!

Now Dan brings up how Frank should hook up with cougars and Frank wonders why Dan keeps saying it.  Dan gets up from the table and offers a bite of this snack to anyone who wants it.  No one does, so Dan tosses the entire thing into the trash.  I think he only took one small bite.

Frank is crunching  his rice cake and said it was alright.  I think he threw away part of his, too.

(The only way you can eat rice cakes is with peanut butter on them.  Dani Donato said she bought chocolate rice cakes and put peanut-butter flavor Cool Whip on them.  That sounds good too.)

Dan gets up to "go get his stash" and Danielle says she needs to get him some Adderall so he can focus on the game.  Now we see Dan with his head under the comforter in the Boom Boom Room, rummaging around inside his bag.  I don't know why his head is under the blanket, but Danielle and Shane come in and laugh.

Dan: I don't want them to see my stash..

Danielle and Shane laugh and put their heads under the blanket too.  Frank comes in and joins them. 

Danielle:  They're going to take it away from you.

Dan:  No they're not. I just don't want them to see what I have.

I saw some stuff from the different competitions.  There is a slice of lime from that squeeze competition and apparently a bunch of candy in there too.  Dan looks up at one of the cameras and tells us in a close up that he is so happy to be asked back twice, he would never try to hide anything.

Danielle is trying to open up a package of something and has to get out a knife and saw away at the wrapper.  Now she has it open and pours blue powder into a mug of water.  Is that Kool Aid?  She comes back in the room with a lollipop hidden behind her back and makes Shane promise to be nice.  Then she gives it to him and says it is from her stash of candy.  She has a lollipop too.  Frank mentioned the name of her blue drink but I forgot what it was.

4.  The cameras change to show us Jenn and Joe playing Baggo in the back yard.  Then we see Ian and Frank talking about who calls it Baggo, and who calls it Cornhole.  Ian is eating leftover whipped potatoes and chicken.  It is the last piece of chicken so he asked everyone if it was okay if he ate it.  It is honey mustard chicken but Ian likes it because he can't taste the mustard.

Frank joined the new game of Rummy but Danielle somehow won on the first hand so they start over.  Shane refused to "go negative" on the first hand so they started over.

Ian said he was starting to feel stupid for sleeping with a stuffed snake, but Frank slept with Ted, and Shane has a tiny stuffed dog he sleeps with, so he feels better about it.  Danielle says, I'm a girl and I don't sleep with anything.."

They joke about what Production does with the microphones when they switch them out.

Frank:  They probably rub 'em on their butt!  And the same with our toothbrushes and stuff when they lock us out of here!

Ian starts talking about how Shannon from BB2 cleaned the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush.  He points out that there was no POV back then, so if you were on the block, you were on the block.  And Shannon was on the block and went home that week.  Ian told them that the DR made her go and confess to Hardy, and they gave him a new toothbrush.

Ian:  I asked Mike about it because he was still in the house then...

**Showtime commercial break.***

Damn damn damn.  Bad timing on that.  I love to hear behind-the-scenes stuff from previous seasons.

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Ian's HoH Blog #BB14

Here is Ian's HOH blog in it's entirety.  It's pretty standard.  I'm a little disappointed---I expected more from him, like some sort of sinister scheming or something.  He mentions that at the end of this week there will six house guests, and he will be one of them.

Not necessarily, Ian.  There will be five of you in the house at the end of the week.  You're likely to be one of them, but until it plays out there are no guarantees.

HoH Blog: Ian

Posted on Sep 5, 2012 10:59am

What a crazy week it's been… from my best friend in the house getting evicted to me winning HoH only a couple hours later. Now that the game is getting down to the nitty-gritty, any nominations that I make have to be strategic and not personal, so even though I really like hanging out with Frank, he's too much of a threat to leave in this game any longer. I really hope that this season is as fun to watch as it is to play in (I can't wait to watch it).

Several months ago, I never would've dreamed I would be in the Big Brother HoH room typing this blog. When I got invited to come here, I was completely shocked, and I'm very excited that I've even managed to last this long (I thought I would've been out before the jury for sure!). It just goes to show that if you make a good attempt at achieving some of your craziest dreams, they might actually become your reality.

I'm glad that this HoH reign for me has lasted more than 30 minutes, especially since last time I got it, it was extremely stressful and made my head spin. Having the room and perks is definitely a really crucial part of the HoH experience and I'm glad that I got to experience it fully.

To my family: I still don't know how I've lasted so long in here… I honestly thought I was going to be the first person voted out of the house, but once I found my footing and people started to "get" my sense of humor I figured I'd be around for a good while. That reset about a month ago sent my head spinning in approximately 17 different directions, but looking back that was probably really good for my game. There's only going to be 6 people left after the end of this week and I'm one of them, so we have a 33.33% at a good payout (fingers crossed, mom and dad). I hope that you guys are doing well. I love and miss you guys and think about you every day, but fortunately I'm used to going a while without seeing you so I'm pretty used to it. I thought it was funny that grandma didn't know I wouldn't get the room for being HoH during a double eviction, but it doesn't matter since I got a real HoH week now (I bet she's excited!). I bet Ryan and his friends find watching Big Brother: After Dark amusing now since someone they know is on it. I hope that the whole extended family is doing well. I love and miss all of you!

To my friends: I hope that this semester hasn't gotten too difficult yet. Have fun and I will see all of you again in January when I come back for the Spring semester. It should be a real blast. Scott and the boys, I hope you guys are behaving yourselves and watching the show. I remember how funny we thought it would be if I got on here when I got back from going to try-out.

Now that we're in September, I think it's a really good time of year to honor those who lost their lives in the tragic terror attacks that occurred almost 11 years ago. In addition, I'd like to send love to the family and friends of those victims. Let's not also forget to give a "Support Our Troops", since they risk their lives everyday to help protect this great country. Best, IPT

Ian: Maybe I Don't Feel Like Tweeting, OK? #BB14

When I saw this yesterday, I thought there must be some mistake.  Only one frickin' tweet from Ian?

How can that be right?  I have to conclude that someone in Production fucked up.  And deleted the rest of them.  How else would we explain this?

I googled Shaler Area, and I think this is the township Ian is from in Pennsylvania.

What's in Jenn's Head? #BB14

Danielle told her today that she and Shane are voting Frank out.  Jenn was shocked.   They were laying outside by the pool.  Jenn thinks she has made a Final Three deal with Dan and Danielle.  Jenn thinks she is patching up the Dan vs. Danielle "feud" that has been brewing since Dan's BB "Funeral".  Dani complained at the way Frank has been treating her and Jenn said she will talk to him.

  Ian made a sandwich.

Jenn just sat down with her protein shake and stared at the memory wall.

Jenn:  Well....isn't this a motherfucker...

 Jenn sat Frank down in the Have Not room and told him to go easy on Danielle, don't ride her so hard.  Be nice to the girl.

So I guess Dan can feel free to throw the next HOH, too, huh?

Evel Dick Wants Money, Too #BB14

The word on the street is that JoJo Spatafora sold her Big Brother 14 bag a few weeks ago for $900.  How embarrassed will Evel Dick be if his bag doesn't go for at least that much?

I think he's a year too late, personally.  A year or so ago, people thought he might be on the verge of dying or overdosing, or something.  Nothing drives up prices more than extinction.

If this is how you'd like to spend your hard-earned dollars, you can start bidding at this link.

Tribute to Ian - Great Web Page #BB14

I was looking for some Tulane-based news stories about Ian---I thought he might be getting some good local coverage of his success so far in the game.  I found a website that is amazing.  There are weekly updates chronicling Ian's time in the Big Brother 14 house, and some great gifs of his greatest moments to date.  Love the summary of his goodbye to Mike Boogie, as well as the pictures of him in the bathtub with Ashley.


Creatures of Tulane - Like Father, Like Son - Update 7

Creatures of Tulane - A Kid on Christmas Morning - Update 8

At the bottom of these updates, you can scroll to see Updates 1 through 6.  Great website.  Very impressed!

Sleepyheads #BB14

The Big Brother house guests are certainly not living on my East Coast schedule.  I'll put it that way...

That is Shane and Danielle in the lower right corner.  And Ian lounging in the huge HOH bed alone on the lower left.