Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - Shove Me, Daddy 9-4-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday, and in the wee hours of Tuesday where I live.

Ian is the HOH, and Dan used the POV earlier in the day to save Jenn.  Ian nominated Joe in Jenn's place.  Either Joe or Frank will be evicted on Thursday night.  Probably Frank, by unanimous vote.


1.  When the show opens everyone is low talking, and it is hard to hear.  Danielle is sitting with Jenn on the bathroom couch, just passing time.  Dan is in the kitchen and he and Danielle yell down the hall at each other.  Then he brought Danielle some cinnamon toast and the two of them started eating and then realized Jenn is sitting right there, probably starving.  They both apologized to her but she said, hey that's okay. She's on slop and she's used to it. She did leave the room, though, to go work out.

Then Shane came in and Dan teased Shane and Danielle about their relationship, or the lack of relationship. Dan claims that "the desire is there on both ends".  Shane says that Danielle "shut him down two times" and she starts arguing with him about that.  Then he specifies that he kissed her on the back of the neck and she rolled over.

Now they're giving Dan something to work with, and he runs with it. Danielle says "she wanted more, but he said he was a tease".  Now they argue about the different beds that Shane has slept in, and Dan says he doesn't want to get too graphic, but wants to know if Dani even tried to hold his hand when they slept in the same bed.

Shane said she did try to hold his hand, but he was hot in that room and couldn't sleep with all of that.  Now Shane says he kissed the back of her neck, and then the front of her neck while holding her hands up. Dan is in between them while they argue.  At one point Frank walks through and Dan tells him that here we are on Day 60, and he's trying to figure out whether this is a Shomance or a Nomance, and if he can hurry it along.

To Frank's credit, he did not get involved with this discussion, and left the room.  Frank has often said he doesn't like to "hang out in the bathroom"---that's "not what he does at home".

2.  Now Frank comes back in the room and they chat about various cravings they have. Shane wants some Bagel Bite pizzas and Frank hasn't had those in years.  Frank wants to be sure he doesn't look like a douchebag on this show.  They don't think Willie was in the house long enough to be considered a douchebag.

Frank:  He's a bit of a hot head, though.

Shane:  I don't think they've had too many douchebags on this show.

Frank:  Oh, I can think of one.....

They guess he is talking about Jessie, but Frank was trying to imply that Joe is a douchebag.  Then Dan starts talking about how Jessie was on The Soup during BB10.  It was when he was HOH and Joel McHale showed a magazine with him on the cover called Douchebag Times (or something like that).

He said there was also a segment about Memphis during BB10, when he was saying that Michelle was a nice girl and she was his friend, then he said she "was kind of a bitch".  They think Willlie's fight might have been on The Soup, and Dan imagines Joel McHale going to commercial with a bowl of Froot Loops, saying they'll be right back.

(BB14 was on The Soup....see for yourself.)

Now they discuss who has vomited in the BB14 house.  Danielle thinks she was the only one, after the Solar Swing HOH challenge.  She says that Jenn handed her a garbage bag and she just started puking.

(I'm pretty sure Britney hurled chunks in the DR when the medic had to attend to her drunken ass.)

Dan tells a story about his wife getting sick after holding a baby that "schnotted all over her".  He used his iPhone to film her vomit.  Ha ha now they discuss the Zingbot and how the girl inside got sick.  Dan and Mike Boogie were trying not to laugh and were nearly crying their eyes were watering so much.  Jenn was "all gung ho" about trying to help the girl when she passed out.

Frank:  What got me is when she was all passed out and she said, I'm good to go...just put me back in the costume!  And I was like, no you're not!

Danielle:  Maybe they all competed to come in here and be the Zingbot.

BB told them to STOP talking about Production.

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