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Big Brother After Dark - Flattery Will Get You Everywhere 9-3-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday, and in the wee hours of Monday where I live.

Ian is still the HOH, and Frank and Jenn are on the block.  Monday is when the POV ceremony will be held, when Dan will announce whether he will use it or not.  We expect him to save Jenn, with Joe going up on the block and Frank to be evicted on Thursday.


1.  The show opens with Dan laying in the Arcade, and Joe attempting to talk game with him.  They are just wrapping up, but Joe is basically kissing Dan's ass and saying that the move he made last week was one of the best ever.  Joe mentioned the Funeral, and Dan said one of his flaws is that sometimes he overdoes it, and says too much.

Joe:  I thought you were just doin' it to do it.  But nobody ever did crack that riddle..

Dan:  About Danielle?  Yeah, she knows what she did.  That's why she's so upset.

Joe is using a lot of "we" and "us" when he discusses playing the game.  I'm sure that is irritating to Dan, because is is kind of irritating to me.

2.  Outside in the backyard Frank and Jenn are sitting on the couch, peeking through the window.  Jenn reports that Joe just came out of the Arcade.  They're not sure if Dan was in there with him, or if he was in the restroom.  They are paranoid, and worried about the POV and what will happen.  Probably whether Joe was trying to talk Dan out of using the POV.

Frank is still talking about Janelle and how she was slandering him behind his back. 

Jenn:  There was a sort of entitlement with her that didn't sit well with me.  The first time we spoke was up in the HOH and she said, "so did you see my seasons?" and I told her that I didn't, because I came to the Big Brother game kind of late and after that, we didn't really speak.

Frank: I was nothing but nice to her from Day 1....I was a big fan and I told her that she reminded me of my mother (OMG Frank why would you say that?) and then I find out she's trashin' me like that all of the time.

3.  Across the backyard at the hammock, Shane is lounging in the hammock, and Ian is sitting up, rocking it as usual.  Ian is comparing and contrasting the BB games of Joe and Jenn.  Ian points out that at least Joe tried to put an alliance together, as misguided as it was.

Ian:  Jenn hasn't done anything!  She put herself on slop for no reason....but big deal, I was on slop for 21 days and a Have Not and you were, too!  She didn't even get a bear on that first night---Frank had to go get another one because she couldn't.

They talk about how everything before the reset seems so far away. Ian has made a good case at why Jenn's efforts in the game are too little, too late.  Ian thinks if he is on the block against Joe it will be an easy vote for him.

4.  Danielle is out of the shower and Shane sits there on the couch and chats with her as she blow dries her hair.  Dan is still in the Arcade and reads aloud some Bible verses that he wants them to hear.  They sit and listen as Dan reads Ephesians, and it is all about how the wife should obey her husband because he is in charge of the house, and she should be "without blemish", yadda yadda yadda.

They listen and then Dan asks them if they think it applies to him.  Danielle tells him, "we're not married Dan", and he says "yet".

(Just when I was starting to like Dan again, he has to pull some shit like this.  Keep your religion to yourself, Dan!  No one is going to obey you here.)

5.  Outside they learn the beer has been delivered.  I think Frank and Joe are the ones drinking tonight.  Frank walks around the backyard, holding the hula hoop.  Jenn asked if he was going to "hula hoop it out" and Frank said he was "going to walk off some gas before he starts drinking beer".

Joe wants to wait until 10:00 pm to start drinking and Frank says, "Aww Joe that is 25 minutes away!".

In the Arcade Room Dan, Danielle and Shane just made a Final Three deal.  Danielle and Shane do a little handshake routine that involves shaking, snapping and fist bumping.  It looks familiar and may or may not be the 90210 move.  Shane taught Dan so now he knows how to do it, too.  Shane tells them that Ian wants to meet later to discuss some sort of "Doomsday Scenario" if Jenn or Joe win HOH.  Apparently this plan involves making sure that Jenn or Joe is nominated, as appropriate.  Shane says Ian wants to meet later to discuss it.

Shane leaves to work out and Dan and Danielle stay behind and whisper.  The door is open---aren't they supposed to be enemies right now?  Dan is wearing his filthy flowered shorts.  If I lived in there I would make Dan put a towel down on the furniture before he sits down in those bacteria-ridden things.

Big Brother tells Danielle to put her microphone on.  She tells BB that she IS wearing her microphone, and she is not obstructing it.  They whisper about making sure that Jenn votes Frank out, but not blaming it on Dan.  Dan said she asked him "are you still wanting to vote Frank out?" and he told her he wants to keep his options open.  I don't think he wants anything traced back to him, which is how he likes to play.

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Dan Pranks Danielle #BB14

I guess Danielle did something last night to ruin a good game of pool, so Dan retaliated by taking a pair of Danielle's panties and freezing them in a block of ice.

He just served them up to her at the table.    She was pretty amazed by it.  She inspected the block of ice and could see the tag, saying that was a good pair of panties.

Dan took the block of panty-ice out to the backyard, telling Jenn he was bringing her some dessert.  He threw the block in the pool and it made a big splash.


Dan really goes crazy now, and brings his 24 Hour House Party cake to the table, saying they can eat it since Jessie didn't take it.  He keeps saying that he's eaten week-old cakes before, and that they "probably sit at the grocery store for 2 weeks all of the time".

Shane is skeeving on that cake.  He can't believe Dan is going to eat it---it has been sitting in that Have Not room for over a week.

 Meanwhile Danielle is sitting watching her panties thaw in the hot tub.  She and Jenn are laughing about the prank, and says that is totally a  brother-sister type of prank.

Danielle came back in the house and served herself a slice of cake, and was enjoying it until Frank pointed out that it had "been sitting in a room all week with pee and poop!"   Shane says, "no, the pee and poop were removed".


Frank:  Well, does it taste cold?

(ha ha ha)


She may have been upset, but she took another couple of bites.  Frank points out that she'll eat a hostess cake, and that's been sitting on the store shelf "for weeks"!

Joe:  But that's different---there are perservatives involved for that type of food.

Shane inspects Britney's picture, and says there is red and green glitter all over it--not the screen, but the picture, and no one else has that.

Frank wants to go outside, drink some beer and play some Baggo for the rest of the day.  Shane thinks that would be awesome.  Frank, Joe,and Dan have all asked the DR to give them some booze for the holiday.

Frank:  You know, anybody with enough authority to approve that decision probably has the day off today. No offense, Caleb.


BB Labor Day Celebration #BB14

Frank has been saying all day that he thinks BB should give them a couple of cases of beer for the holiday weekend.  All of their work has been done this week, and he thinks they should be able to do some daytime drinking.

He told Joe to go in there to the DR and "aim high" and ask for two cases.  But so far, no such luck. 

Dan came out of the house with and American flag and paraded around the backyard with it while everyone cheered and some thanked the troops.

Dan was trying not to let the flag touch the ground, and asked if that would breaking a law or something.
Jenn said no, it wouldn't be breaking the law, but it would considered freedom of speech.  She said that if someone defaced the flag they could get a "free beat down" from her, though.

Joe grilled out today, and brought the food inside the house, where everyone gathered to load up their plates, except for Jenn and Dan.  Jenn can't eat, of course, so she is outside splashing in the pool.  Dan is fiddling with a piece of string, trying to create a way to fly the flag outside.

Well, they certainly aren't celebrating Meatless Monday in the Big Brother house this year.

I don't know how Frank can stand his hair in his face like that.   It drives me crazy, just looking at it.

The bowl is full of something from Ian's HOH basket.  Is it Rice a Roni or Ramen noodles?   I don't know, but Shane asked him if seeing that was taking him back to college.

Another view of the dead animals meat.

Here's Frank saying grace over his food.  I guess the food he just ate by hand standing up in the kitchen doesn't count.


Danielle Confesses to Shane #BB14

She just told Shane that she is a "charge nurse" and he's not shocked about it.  She tells him that she had already started school when she was pulled out for the show.

She had to forfeit those tuition fees and re-entry into the program is not guaranteed.  She told him that she sometimes handles up to 60 patients on her own at work on her 3-11 daily shift.  She understands Shane when he says he works long hours.  She has been working full time and going to school and she was ready for a break this summer.

She says she makes her own schedule at work so she can be flexible about taking time off, and visiting Shane.

A little while ago Joe was out there with him, and he was trying to predict their futures.  He pictured Shane as a successful entrepreneur, with a family.  Then Danielle asked Joe what he saw in her future.  He said something about her being a great kindergarten teacher---he was struggling to think of accolades for that profession, then he said he thought Playboy would do a MILF spread and she could be in it.

Danielle:  A MILF?  But I don't have kids!

Joe:  We're talking about the future Danielle...

Danielle:  But what about now?  Do you think they will call me now?

Joe:  Maybe you could do a special kindergarten section....wearing your little glasses...

Danielle winked at him.

( I'm sure Joe was thinking that she would need to be sitting behind a desk, or standing behind a podium in the pictures.)

Danielle also insinuated that she doesn't think the DR will interfere with Frank leaving, based on what they've said to her.  She and Shane swear to each other that they will vote Frank out this week.

FYI the close up of Danielle below is when Joe was talking about Playboy calling her...

The POV Ceremony is Over #BB14

and as expected Dan used the POV to save Jenn.  Also as expected, Ian pretended to be upset with Dan, and he put Joe on the block in Jenn's place.

Dan is outside telling Jenn that Ian's immaturity is his biggest flaw, and that this has hurt his social game.


The house is pretty quiet, considering...

Earlier, Frank and Joe talked about how it would suck to have to campaign against each other this week.  Frank joked with Joe that they should have a 1:00 am deadline every night, so they wouldn't have to stay up so late.

Now Frank reminds Joe about this.  Joe says that "Dan is an evil piece of fucking shit who hides behind the Bible---he hates those type of people".

Dan approached Jenn in the backyard and got her to confirm that she would vote Frank out.  She said she had no problem with that.

Jenn:  His work here is done.  It's time for him to go home.

Shane warns Danielle that Frank is going to be all over him this week for votes.  He says Frank already thinks he has Jenn's vote...

How Many BB Notches are on Ashley's Bedpost? #BB14

This topic has been on my list of things to discuss for some time now, and today is the day...

Ashley Iocco didn't leave much of a legacy in the Big Brother house.  But she did leave a trail of romantic entanglements--some that you might not expect.  Let's review them, in order of interest.  Note that I am omitting the Spin the Bottle night--I don't consider that romantic, even though she did deep throat Mike Boogie.  (You can read about that here, if you'd like.)

Willie Hantz

If you watched the live feeds, Willie made it clear that he had a special fondness for Ashley.  One night Ashley either slept or passed out in the HOH suite.  She was stoned on some sort of painkillers that the DR gave her for her "back injury" that apparently happened during the first HOH challenge- appropriately involving bed hopping.  Ashley was likely dead weight at that point, so it is unlikely that she was a participant in any sort of romantic action with Willie.

Ian Terry

We all saw the contrived "Slop Date" Ashley had with Ian in the early weeks of the game.  I don't think Ashley saw that as anything other than something new to do for the evening, and maybe some guaranteed TV time.  That was not a real date as far as Ashley was concerned, although I have heard Ian refer to her as one of the oldest girls he's "been with".  As a card-carrying virgin, Ian is using the term "been with" very loosely here.

Frank Eudy

We saw a portion of the "Ice Cream Date" that Ashley had with Frank up in his HOH Room on the CBS show.  There was some definite chemistry, and they definitely had some real kisses. A few days ago, Frank told a group in the Arcade Room that he and Ashley continued to kiss in the BB house.  He said that before competitions, and when it was time to say good night, they would "hide their heads behind a pillow and kiss".  He demonstrated this for the group, and they were kind of stunned by it.  I can't vouch about any of this...I didn't see these sneaky sessions, but Frank told Dan, Danielle and Jenn this and I did witness that.  Then Danielle left the room and recounted this to Shane, still shocked by it.  This is a picture of the Ice Cream Date (which, by the way did not involve any ice cream).  If someone has details about any furtive kissing and groping, please let us all know in the comment section.

Jenn Arroyo

Now, here is where things really start getting interesting, right?  We started hearing Britney commenting in mid-August that "Jenn and Ashley are BFF's now, and snuggle up at night", but I didn't think much of it.  It is kind of narrow minded to think that gay people will hook up with just anybody of their own gender, and I don't think anyone was implying that.

But then, after Ashley was evicted, Danielle was whispering to Britney that Jenn told her that Ashley and JoJo were "not straight".  Danielle used hand motions to designate the word "straight"--I didn't hear her say it, but I heard her motion it.

Then, on the Big Brother After Dark show that aired just after Ashley was evicted, Jenn started doing some talking about this.  She mentioned that Ashley "tried to snuggle up in bed with her" (see #4 at the link below), and then mentioned something VERY interesting.  She said that she and her friends developed some different "hand motions" that Jenn would use on the live show to indicate to them if there was any activity between her and the "cute straight girls" (see #11 at the link below).

The Source:  Big Brother After Dark - More Allegations!  Whispers! and Lies!  8-25-12

So I went back and checked the tape for the live show, looking for clues about Jenn and Ashley.  And what do you know, Jenn did a little double hand motion when she voted to evict Ashley.  Check it out.

Jenn:  I vote to evict  A....



Well, that looks like hand signals to me.  What about you?  What do you think this means?

I know some of the family members of the house guests have visited my website before, if you are one of Jenn's friends, we would love to hear your insights on this.