Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - Frank: Thanks, I Won't! 9-2-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday night, and in the wee hours of Sunday where I live.

Ian is the HOH, and Frank and Jenn are on the block.  Earlier today, the OTEV POV competition was held, with Dan was the winner.  As you might imagine, there is some tension in the air.


1.  As the show opens, Shane, Danielle and Joe are sitting around the hot tub.  Shane says they have a lot of laundry to do "as a house", and then comments that it is Saturday night.  Shane wonders if any of them thought they would be in the final seven.  Joe didn't think that far ahead, and Shane said he stopped thinking about that after the second week.  He didn't expect the Coaches to be evicted so soon.

Joe thinks that Frank will look back on his biggest mistake of the game as not evicting Dan last week, but sending Britney home instead.  They all know that Frank is going to drive them crazy about their votes this week.  Shane thinks he will try to "sleep in the bed" with Danielle.  Danielle wonders if Frank will try to pull something off like Dan did this week.

Joe thinks they should all tell Frank they have his vote, just to shut him up.  They don't think that Dan will make such a "colossal mistake" as using the POV to save Frank.  Shane says one problem with Frank leaving is that he himself will be the next big target, so he hopes "some people" won't be targeting him.

Shane has his bangs defying gravity tonight, in a straight horizontal sweep to the right of his forehead.  They point out that if one of them is on the block against Frank, they won't get a vote.  Joe thinks that he will survive against Frank if he is the one nominated.

2.  Inside Frank and Dan are at the dining table.  Frank is telling Dan that Joe has been told by Ian that if Dan uses the POV, he will go up.  Dan comments that Joe hasn't come to talk to him, and Frank says "he's not the best game player".

Frank is playing with the Lego blocks---I'm guessing those types of blocks will appear in an upcoming competition.

Frank:  Just think, once Joe is gone all we have to worry about is Ian and Shane.

Dan "yeahs" all of this, moving around the kitchen and cleaning his cereal bowl.

(I saw Dan mention a Final Two deal with Ian this afternoon, after the POV.)

Frank mentions that after Dan uses the POV to save Jenn, Dan, Danielle and Jenn will vote to evict Joe, and he "should be alright".  Dan says "yeah", of course.  Frank says he asked "them" and the POV meeting will be held on Monday night as usual.  Dan was interested in that information.

3.  Outside at the hot tub, Dani, Shane and Joe agree to tell Frank whatever he want to hear this week, to make life easier.

During the OTEV challenge, Dan "saw a lot of Karas and Willies, but not many Boogies."  Dan went outside and commented that it was incredible that the whole backyard was cleared after only about three hours.  Dan tries the new hammock and sits in it like Ian does, sitting forward and swinging.

Shane:  What's up Ian?  How is it?

Dan:  It's okay.  A little too much work for me.

The new hammock is very quiet, as opposed to the old one.  Ian appears at the back door, holding up a small bag of gummy bears and shaking it.  He seems to think this a BFD, because he went inside and opened it in front of Frank, grabbing some and putting them in his mouth. He wasn't sure where to put the bag and moved back and forth with it, then he went outside with the bag.

Frank sits alone, playing with the blocks.  The cameras show us a quick close up of Mike Boogie's black and white face, then a close up of Frank's color photo on the memory wall.  A small tribute to Frank and Mike, I think.  I'm sure Frank is as entertaining for the crew as he is to the live feeders, so they might be a little sad about the situation.

Danielle is in the hammock so Ian has to turn around once and moves aimlessly around the backyard.  Danielle asks him to come over and then says quietly that "she just had to get away from Joe".  She told him that Joe is trying to convince her that Dan is upstairs "throwing her under the bus".  Ian assures her this is not the case, that her name didn't even come up, because it is understood that both Shane and Danielle will be safe this week after the deal Ian made with Shane at the end of the endurance comp.

Ian is is sitting on the edge of the hammock, rocking it for her.  This hammock is much larger than the old one, and has channelled padding across the entire swing.

Ian:  If Dan pulls Jenn down, big fucking deal.  But if he pulls Frank down...he won't do that because there is no benefit to him for keeping Frank.  Frank has to go--he's too dangerous.

Dani:  Is he talking crap about me?

Ian:  Who, Frank?  No, he's only been up to see me once.  And Dan has told me that he's not using it.

(Actually, Dan and Ian agreed that he will use it to save Jenn, saying that he owed her one.  That will resolve his debt to Jenn, and Ian is going to act as if he is angry at Dan for using the POV, to cover their Final Two alliance.)

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