Saturday, September 1, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - 'Tis the Season for Mr. Pectacular 9-1-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday night, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Ian is the HOH, and nominated Frank Eudy and Jenn Arroyo earlier in the evening.  Today Pandora's Box happened again,with Ian getting presents and prizes, while the rest of the house got the punishment of Jessie Godderz coming in the house for an appearance--- the 5th season in a row.  We are in the last few weeks of the season, and with the POV still to play, and a double eviction coming up again on Thursday, anything can happen.

This is also the time of the year when the live feeds and BBAD get a little slower.  There are fewer and fewer people left to watch, and they usually start napping frequently, like children.


1.  The show opens with Frank and Shane talking in the living room.  There are a lot of construction noises in the backyard, and Frank likes to listen to them and tries to imagine what is happening out there.  Shane wonders if some portions of the sets are pre-made, and then transported to the backyard.

Frank, a longtime BB fan, tells him of course that is the case.  And that some of the competitions have been used numerous times, like the OTEV set.  OTEV is a good bet for Saturday's POV, actually, and that is good news for Frank.

***If you don't know, the OTEV POV competition is one of the fiercest, most phyiscal competitions in BB.  OTEV is "veto" spelled backwards, and features some sort of oracle-type voice with a coordinating theme.  One year there was an Indiana Jones type theme, and another year OTEV was a big singing clam.  OTEV always talks in a big deep voice, and is on top of a large hill.  At the bottom of the hill is usually a lot of dirty clutter, with some objects with the BB14 houseguest's names on them, hidden among the junk.

It is kind of like musical chairs.  Everyone will go to the top of the hill, and listen to OTEV give a clue about which houseguest he's talking about.  Maybe something like, "She never showered in the BB house" and they all rush down the hill to find the "Jodi" object.  Then they have to get back up the hill and take their place in one of the "chairs".  There is one less "chair" every round, so the last person back up there with the correct object is eliminated.  There are often fights to grab the object, with the strongest person winning.  (Frank)  And there is also the matter of getting back up that hill.  The hill is often slippery and quite steep.  This would likely be a challenge for someone like Ian, or maybe even Dan.  It gets harder and harder for them to get up there.  But not for someone like Frank.  Maybe Shane, too, but to me Frank has the edge because he knows what to expect.  If I were Frank I wouldn't tell Shane too much about OTEV...***

We learn that Danielle is in the living room, too, when BB announces that house guests are not allowed to sleep in the living room.  She was laying on the couch, sleeping in her heavy makeup.  We also see Ian laying in the dark in the HOH room, sleeping.

A few minutes later, we see Jenn sleeping in the Boom Boom Room, with Frank beside her.  Like a baby, Frank went down for a nap in just minutes.

2.  Jenn is actually sleeping with sunglasses on.  Danielle gets up from her nap on the couch and without any supervision, goes on a snack attack in the kitchen.  She opens up the goldfish bag and crunches them, then opens up a green bag of snacks that I know know is fried banana slices.  Or something like that. She looks at the bag and makes a cup of tea.

She speaks aloud to us, saying that "they have no food, no food in the house, because Jessie was here today and took it all".  She opens up a loaf of bread and starts eating a piece of it, just plain.  Just plain carbs.

Frank got up and walked through the house.

Frank:  What'cha eatin'?

Dani:  Bread.  I just found out that 13 pieces of those banana is ten grams of saturated fat.

Frank mumbled something.

Dani:  I just went in there and asked the Wizard about it...

The cameras change to Jenn sleeping, and Frank getting back in bed with her.  I think he wanted to know if there was any booze yet.  And there is none.

Danielle sits on the couch and sips her tea.  She has sequins on the front of her peach camisole.  She sits alone for some time.  I had to fast forward through the shots of people sleeping, literally sleeping, and Danielle sitting on the couch.

She spoke to us, saying she's sorry no one's up, but "they had to get up at 9:30 this morning for Pandora's Box, and Jessie took all of their food and left them with some organic crap that has more fat than the food they already had."

Frank came back in the living room and the storage room is still locked.  Danielle thinks it will remain locked until after the "POV tonight", but Frank thinks maybe they are restocking it.  Frank goes back to bed.

I feel it is important to note that Frank has had a conversation with Shane, gone to bed 3 times, and gotten up twice in the last 36 minutes.  That is a lot of action, for not actually doing anything.

Danielle is making use of her time by drilling herself on events in the house.  I can see her mouthing the house guest's names, and events, counting on her fingers sometimes.  They are locked down inside and that is when they all get stir crazy.

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Ian Terry Now and Then #BB14

    Friday July 13th

Saturday, September 1st

Frank and Jenn Regroup #BB14

in the storage room.  Frank mentions his chat with Dan this morning, when they discussed Frank throwing the comp to Dan.  Frank indicates that he didn't throw it, he "forgot about Ashley".

I think it was OTEV based on what Frank said about "going down there to get it".

Jenn wants to know what he and Dan talked about.

Frank:  Well, we said the best case scenario was him winning...

Jenn:  And taking you off?  Or me?

Frank:  Taking you off, but what if he puts up Danielle?  Or Shane?

Jenn:  Then he's going back on our deal.

They are both worried.  Frank wants to "get up there and talk to him.  Shane does the dishes.  There is a lot of silence going around.

I think Jenn was whispering that she shared some personal information with Dan, "about her mom" or something like that.  I don't know if that information is causing a problem or not, but she mentioned it now.



They All Got Dirty #BB14

Dan asked Ian if the "stuff came off".  Ian says yes, after much effort.  He washed of the POV for Dan while Dan was in the shower and said it is hanging in the bathroom for him.

The live feeds are really messed up right now and keep freezing.  Some scenes of Ian keep repeating.  Maybe the crew got high during the POV break.  I left one of the messed up pictures in so you can see it.

Earlier today Frank and Dan discussed Frank throwing it to Dan so he could save Jenn and get Joe up on the block.  I hope Frank didn't do that...he will live to regret it.  Very soon.

Frank just said something about getting tarred and feathered.

The POV is Over #BB14

And the winner is Dan.

Dan is in the HOH suite, and Ian is in the shower.

Dan:  You can never tell anyone about our Final Two deal.  Not anyone.  Ever.

Ian:  Ok.  Right.

Dan is pacing and just held up the POV to the camera, saying, "I think we're finally getting Frank out of this game".

Judas is back.

Jeff Schroeder Meets Britney #BB14

Jeff Schroeder sat down with Britney Haynes the day after her eviction from the Big Brother house last Thursday.  Note that because Britney is part of the Jury, Jeff has to be careful about what he says to her.  She shouldn't learn any new information from him about anything that she doesn't already know.

Britney "starts being Britney" right away, which prevents Jeff from starting the interview.  She started smirking when he was doing the show intro, and told him she thought his intro was funny.  It comes off snotty and condescending, in my opinion, but hey that's Britney Haynes.  She repeats the phrase "Clownshoe" to him twice, and Jeff lets us know that she mentioned it before they started taping, also.

Jeff tries to move it along by saying yes, "I got out on a Clownshoe, but this interview is about you, Britney!"

Jeff:  We have a lot in common, we've both played this game twice, and never won it!  And we were both Fan Favorites!

They cheer about that.

Britney:  OK, we're connected now.

Jeff:  Should we kiss?

Britney:  I don't that appropriate?

Jeff:  Not if you're married....and I have a girlfriend Britney!

Britney  Yeah, not appropriate.  Still a girlfriend?  After 55 days?  I went in the house 55 days ago, and Jordan's still your girlfriend?

Jeff tells her that they've moved in together in LA and she asks him how it's going, how is his driving...Jeff had to cut her off so they could start the interview.  He tells her that he has questions from the fans.

Q:  Why did you give up this week?

A.  It may seem that way, but I spent all day on Thursday trying to get in Dan's head, in Shane's head.  They let me know there was no chance.  Sometimes it doesn't matter what you say or do...

Q  Did you think you had any chance?

A:  Thursday morning I thought I had about 50 good points, but Dan wasn't having any part of my antics.

Q:  Who voted to keep you?

A:  Ian, obviously.

She tells Jeff she wasn't expecting more votes, so the 4-1 result didn't surprise her.  He tells her she looked pretty on the show like she wasn't ready to compete.  He references how he was evicted all sweaty in a tank top last year.  She said she had shorts on under her dress so if there was an upset she was ready to go quickly.

Jeff:  See that?  We're cracking news right there!

Britney:  Breaking news...I had shorts on under my dress!

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Frank and the Older Ladies.... #BB14

Dan, Danielle and Frank are in the kitchen, chatting about various topics.  Frank is cooking eggs and the topic of bar fights comes up.

Danielle tells a story about being in a bar with "Michael" and him throwing a punch at the guy next to him when he made a comment about her.  Then Danielle started telling them that there was a company that would walk around the bar, selling hamburgers.  She repeats this several times, like it is unbelievable.

(Uh...isn't that what a waitress does?)

Then she says that they also sell roses.

Frank:  Oh, they do that all of the time in Memphis....I may have purchased them a time or two..when I was younger.

Dan likes the sound of this conversation and wants to hear more.

Frank:  It was always for some girl who I was dating at the time...and then, I was like these roses are a piece of shit! 

Dan:  I can see Frank dating older ladies...I think they'd get a kick out of him, just the way he is..

Frank:  Well, I have a strict cut off..

Dan:  Stop right there!  You are about to cut off a whole pipeline, so choose your words carefully..

Frank:  OK.  Older ladies are fine.

They all laugh.  Frank dated someone 7 years older than himself when he was 23.  It sounds like he's had a few one-nighters, too, but that's it.  Frank says the ladies in Naples take better care of themselves, he's noticed, then women in other parts of the country.

Dan:  They don't put on that winter coat.  You know what  I mean by that?

Frank:  Yeah.  They don't put on those winter pounds...

Dan asks them to picture looking at their computer screens, and watching themselves on the live feeds.

Dan:  Frank, someone is watching you cook eggs!

Dan and Frank Put Their Heads Together #BB14

in the storage room.  If Dan wins the POV, Frank would love for Dan to pull him off the block, but he thinks the better option might be to save Jenn, because he does "owe her one" for last week so that wouldn't seem suspicious.

Frank:  He'd almost have to put Joe up, then....

Dan wants to know if Ian would put him up if Frank wins and save himself.  Frank's not sure about that.  Dan says that "the good thing is that Shane is not competing".

What does that mean?  Did they already pick players?  They must have.  That's not good for Ian, is it?  I think Shane is the only legitimate hope of beating Frank, if indeed the competition is the OTEV one.

 Dan says if it's OTEV, the game is sure to end up with Frank, Dan, and maybe Joe still in at the end.  (I think Danielle can KICK Joe's ass in the OTEV competition.  Literally.)  Frank may try to throw the competition to Dan so their plan can play out.  They don't want anyone to suspect that they are working together like this.

Jenn has been sitting alone, deep it thought as you can see.  Dan went upstairs to the HOH to get Ian's Rice Chex but there was no significant conversation.

Shane tells them that he tried out to be a bachelor on the Bachelorette show.  It was the season with Ali, whom he says lives quite near his house.  He says that he "heard" that Roberto (whom Ali chose, and recently broke up with, right?) is rumored to be the next Bachelor.

BB doesn't like the topic of this discussion, and turns the cameras to this riveting display.
 I think Ratt's Round and Round was one of the wake up songs and Frank can't stop singing it.  He couldn't stop singing in on Thursday, so this won't help.

Oh, and Shane trying out for the Bachelorette show certainly won't ease those gay rumors, will it?

Another Day of Starvation for Jenn #BB14

and she sits quietly at the dining table with her protein shake and Ian Terry's playtoys.

If Frank wins the POV, Jenn may need to worry about eviction on Thursday.  I think Joe would be the replacement nomination, though, so that might just save her ass.  I don't think Danielle would vote her out, and I would hope Dan Gheesling would extend her the same courtesy, after what she did for him last week.

Production keeps telling Frank & Co. to STFU about Production.  Frank says they are probably the only conversational action in the house, and they keep talking about forbidden topics.

Danielle, Frank and Shane are talking about how hopeless Joe was with that hula hoop.  Frank said he never did get it going for more than one rotation.

Time to Wake Up #BB14

Dan got on the scale and he weighs 140 pounds.  He says he has lost 25 pounds this summer.  Danielle doesn't understand that---he's only been on slop for one week.

(I suspect everyone loses weight from the lack of alcohol.  Dan has discussed enjoying cocktails with his family on the weekend, drinking beer, etc., so the extreme cut back in those empty calories would do it.)

Dan says he eats out a lot at home.  Ian got up to go the bathroom and got back in bed, telling us all that he is "casually petting his snake".  He is jokingly referring to "Snakie", his stuffed animal.

Ian will need to learn to use a filter on himself as he grows and matures.  He doesn't need to verbalize his every thought, every time.

Dan says that at the end of BB10, he and Memphis faced the Jury for the Q & A and then had three days with absolutely nothing to do before Finale.  They say that BB has changed since then.  Dan thinks there is at least one live competition and remembers Jordan "rolling a ball".  Frank doesn't think that was a live competition and we go to FISH as they chat about it.

(That was a live competition, because I remember hearing the audience cheer for Jordan as she won.  She was playing against Natalie Martinez, who was a polarizing character on the show.  And Kevin, who was like a piece of furniture in that house, no matter what he thinks...)