Friday, August 31, 2012

The Nominations are Over #BB14

and Frank and Jenn are on the block.  Ian is playing with blocks or something like giant legos.  He also said he got a Duncan yoyo.

I thought Ian might go a different way with his nominations after watching BBAD, but I didn't get to watch the live feeds much today so I don't know what happened.  Yet.

Big Brother After Dark - Revenge of One Nerd 8-31-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 10:00 pm on Thursday night, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

Britney Haynes was evicted on the live show tonight, and Ian Terry won the HOH endurance competition. So this is a pretty big power shift in the house.


1.  As the show opens everyone is sitting around the dining table.  Danielle has a pink towel wrapped around her head.  There was a line for the shower after the competition ended and I think she went last.

Ian mentioned that tonight the baggie with Danielle's medication spelled Danielle with only one "L", the way Dani Donato spells her name.  Danielle says that Daniele Donato spells her name incorrectly.  There is friction whenever anyone brings up Dani's name because Shane thinks she is hot and of course Danielle Murphree resents this.

There is a lack of energy in this group.  I think most of them are physically tired from the HOH competition, and would probably go to bed if they could.  Ian is eating a slice of cheese pizza and it looks really good.  Shane shaved earlier today so we can see his face again.  He describes how hitting that "meteor" during the competition would send him spinning around and that was the hardest part.

Jenn sat alone in the Boom Boom Room, deep in thought, toying with a pink bandana.  Dan is in the Diary Room and Danielle is unpacking her bags on Skid Row.

At the dining table Ian tells them that the Arcade was a gym during BB7, and that in BB9 that room had a sauna and a massage table.  He says if you want to see gratuitous sex and partying, you should check out BB9--its 's more like Real World than BB.

2.  Jenn sat with Danielle while she unpacked.  Dani held up different dresses to show Jenn and told her when she wore some of them, and others she hasn't worn yet.   She held up a bright pink dress and said she wore it to come inside the house and Jenn said she remembered it.

Jenn:  Oh yeah...I saw that and it was a total pageant dress. I was like, here's Miss America up in here..

Dani:  Really?  You thought I looked like Miss America?

Jenn:  Yep.

Dani held up another dress and said, I wore this one the first night I was on the block.  Jenn said she remembered it and Dani commented that she looked "like a present" because of the big bow.

(That dress was horrid and ill-fitting.)

Jenn made some kind of comment about "your boyfriend Shane" and Dani said, "he's not my boyfriend".

Jenn:  That's not what he said!

Dani:  What?  He said he was my boyfriend?  What did he say?

Jenn:  Umm..He said something about having to chose between his Coach and his girlfriend.

Dani swears that they haven't even kissed since that Pirate Ship, and that's not okay. She'd love to kiss him again.

Jenn:  Then why don't you?  Just slip him one.

Dani:  Oh.  Nothing's worse then trying to kiss somebody who doesn't want to be kissed.  No thanks.

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Kara Strikes Liquid Gold #BB14

Kara Monaco has just announced that she is the new St. Pauli Girl.  How cute is she in her little outfit? That would be a great Halloween costume.

Congrats to my favorite Playmate.  Cha-ching!

Danielle's Wrestles the Alligator #BB14

More About Pandora and Jessie #BB14

Ian is outside telling Dan, Frank, Joe, Danielle and Jenn about his Pandora's Box experience.  He could see the Christmas tree with presents under it and the card said that if he entered, he could have the best Christmas ever.  All of the presents are his to keep after the game.



The tree was covered with candy canes and tinsel.    The first gift Ian opened was a mug that said World's Best House Guest.  After seeing that he was worried that all of the gifts would be gag gifts.  He also received:

*  A new shaving kit with a razor and shaving cream
*  Socks, boxer shorts, and a new tie
*  A bunch of science toys, including a telescope that Ian says is "sick"
*  Pool toys, as you can see below
*  The new hammock outside is the one gift he won't take home.  It is very expensive and doesn't squeak like the old hammock.  (Thanks, Pandora!)
*  A J.Crew button down shirt and pajama pants
*  A kit to make a paper mache volcano

Frank had told Ian earlier that he had a dream that Ian was up in the HOH making a paper mache "house of congress".  They think that is a weird coincidence.  They're going to make the volcano together later and Dan thinks it will be "epic".

Frank asked Ian if the Diamond POV was hanging on a tree branch and Ian says he wishes, but no.

They said Jessie was really shaking and Joe told everyone that professional wrestler often take speed to "hype themselves up".   No comment from Frank on that, of course.

Jessie found that white gravy Joe made for dinner on Wednesday and turned it upside down and said he hated Joe for making that.  Ian says Jessie missed the box of Pop Tarts that he put in the freezer, and Dan mentioned a "secret stash" of stuff that Jessie missed, too.  Ian says they are all welcome to enjoy his HOH candy if they have a sweet tooth.

Frank was going to start ripping on how short Jessie is, saying he's got a good six inches on him, but decided not to.  Jessie told Dan he was "skinny fat".  There are gift bags on the dining table that I think contain healthy stuff.  Dan thought they were going to be full of Mr. Pectacular T-shirts.

Dan and Frank both wished they had some of those T-shirts.  Frank wanted to wear it this summer and sell it on Ebay.  Dan probably just needed some new T-shirts.

Here are some of the pool toys. 

Frank saw something in the pool that looked like a lugie and said it was disgusting.  He says he's seen that before.  Ian came over and scooped it up.    (I'm guessing Joe, right?)

Dan still has his champagne from the 24 Hour House Party and wonders if Jessie got that, too.  Jessie poured each beer down the sink and the "two huge jugs of iced tea" that Joe just made.

Pandora's Box AGAIN! #BB14

and somehow it involved Jessie Godderz coming in the house again.  Jessie took all of their junk foods and booze.  I'm not sure what Ian got---I just came home and turned on the feeds.

They also have a tiny dining table as you can see, and they say the house is a mess.  There are a lot of things on the kitchen floor.  Jenn is trying to organize a cleaning process to get everything back in order.  She's mad that Jessie took her Lactaid milk---she begged him not to take it since she can't drink milk and needs it for her protein shakes, but he took it anyway. (I'm sure she'll get that back at some point.)

Supposedly Jessie made Dan take his shirt off, and hit on Danielle.  They are complaining about the food Jessie left--organic foods.  Looks like there is a new hammock in the backyard---maybe that was part of Ian's reward from Pandora?  He said there was a Christmas tree with different presents--I think he had to select a few for himself.

Joe:  He poured out my fucking iced tea!  Fucking dick weed!

Shane is so pissed because he has been hording his beers to catch a good buzz. And now they are gone.

Dan and Frank grumbled about the upcoming nominations in the Boom Boom Room.  Dan told them that during BB10, if there was any sliver of conflict in the house, he would amplify it and put it out in the open to create more stress and conflict.

I think Frank is finished wearing his Carrot Costume.   I think Jessie made fun of Frank's body hair and Frank told him that he was a lumberjack.  Jessie said, "you are?"

 Look at this pigsty they live in.

The trumpet sound goes off, indicating it is time for Joe to start hula hooping.  He picks it up and tries to get it started. After doing this all night, Joe hasn't learned much about it.  He can't get it going around his waist for more than one rotation.  He has no idea about the required hip motions.

 He ended up rotating it on his arm and they all agreed that was a form of hula hooping.  Jenn was humming and tapping along with the trumpet---it's a form of music, I guess.

Ian also got a telescope and he is going to put it together later

About Last Night... #BB14

Although preempted by the NFL games, I was able to watch the CBS show live through an internet link.  Thanks to the people who contacted me with various ideas for that.

A couple of thoughts.

1.  I thought Britney's dress looked like something a performer at Opryland would wear.  You know, a clogger.

 She looked pretty in it, but c'mon....on the live feeds she bragged about how it was one-of-a-kind from a "little boutique in New York City".  Honestly I was waiting for her to do a little jig on the front steps of the house.

2.  I enjoyed the segment on the Brigade and was totally surprised by that.  I guess they had to fly all of those guys in somewhere to tape it since Britney's nomination on Monday afternoon.  It certainly was the Enzo Show, wasn't it?  I didn't think Hayden said one word, but I just checked the tape and he did say about 5 words but the camera wasn't on him at the time.  I wanted to get a better look at what was going on with his hair, frankly.

As a former Big Brother winner, that's kind of sad, isn't it?  Don't look for Hayden to appear on All Stars.  Danielle wants to hook up with Hayden---shocker!

3.  And I loved that they showed Matt's Halloween costume he wore for Hoffoween.  A funny and great tribute to his friend Britney.  Britney was in her Goth Pageant Phase when that picture was taken, apparently.

Shane Has Blisters #BB14

on his hands and Danielle wants him to just sit down for a minute so she can look at them.

His hands really hurt and he just squeezes them in that towel.

Jenn is sure she's being nominated, she murmurs to Joe.  Joe has to hula hoop for one minute every hour on the hour, when he hears boot camp military music.

Shane is taking a shower and shampooing.  I can't imagine that feels good.  Danielle tells Shane she threw up twice.  She's going to shower next but she tells him to take his time.