Thursday, August 30, 2012

And the New HOH is.....#BB14

Dr. Ian Terry.

Joe has to hula hoop every hour, on the hour.  Shane is dizzy and is taking his time getting up.  I would try to climb up on that sun.  It looks so squishy and comfortable.

Shane Asks for a Meeting #BB14

and the group will give them 5 minutes to chat.  Ian thinks that's a good idea.  After they go inside Shane asks him if he really wants this.

Ian says yes and that both he and Danielle will be safe, with no backdoor.  Shane dropped and Ian is the new HOH.

Shane says he respects Ian for the hard effort and lays there saying he is dizzy.  Ian won't get down until they tell him to.


In the storage room, Dan asks Dani if she trusts Shane.  She does.

They don't know inside that Shane just dropped.

Still Holding Strong #BB14

Ian and Shane have now been up there about 100 minutes.  Dan and Frank just whispered on the sidelines that they both may be Have Nots this week.  I guess they are assuming the HOH will appoint them, but I don't know if that was announced.

Dan announces this is the Homecoming King vs. the Valedictorian.

I thought Shane was a goner about 30 minutes ago but he seems to have been energized by the two man race.

Jenn and Frank mumble about nominations tomorrow.  Not a joyful conversation, as you might guess.

Still Spinning #BB14

On the sidelines Dan has started talking, as even he lays on his side.

Dan:  I was hoping we could sit down.

Jenn:  Yeah, I thought that was a seat at first.

Joe:  Well, that wouldn't help me with my big booty.

I think Joe's punishment had something to do with a hula hoop.  I don't know how long he needs to do it.

That background is the coolest ever. 

Ian tells Shane he sure could use that bathroom tonight, to "get one in".

Shane says me too!

Ian points out that the earth in the backdrop is about four times the size of Saturn.  Ian asks if they know what the rings of Saturn are made of?  Turns out it is ice and dust particles.

All of a sudden Ian is the most interesting people in the world now, right?

Danielle called out to Shane and said she couldn't look over at him because she'll get sick.  He says that's okay.  I think Danielle is the only person there who doesn't need to worry about getting nominated, no matter which guy wins.

Frank has the song Round and Round by Ratt in his head.  Ian has that song That's Not My Name in his head and Jenn approves.  He should hear that band live, she says.

It's Down to Two #BB14

Danielle goes over the side and vomits, with Jenn nearby making soothing comments.

Shane calls out to Ian and says how bad do you want it? How bad do you want that HOH bathroom?

Ian:  I'll get one out tonight, for sure.

Shane:  Over my dead body!

Dan said he wants to lay there for a few minutes.

Long FISH break.  When we return Dan is still laying there.  Probably plotting the next move.

They're Hurting #BB14

and their chatter has quieted.  They all to try and shift and stretch however they can.  Ian said it is harder for them when they spin slowly.  The Pirate Ship gave them a break when they leaned back, but Ian says there is no break here.

Dan burped and apologized to his mom.  He just said something about loving Chelsea and that was the sweet spot in his head.

Ian says the HOH sign is from the Teddy Bear Mattress competition.  Frank says there are a lot of back drops up there and Ian says he is enjoying looking at them.

Frank must be nervous, looking at Ian up there.

Joe:  Who's got another 6 hours in them?

Dan:  I got 12 hours if it means I get to see Chelsea.

Joe.  Yeah, I kinda want to see her, too.

Jenn guffaws at that.

Danielle's down.  She says she needs to vomit.

Dan's down.  He apologizes to Chelsea.

And We're Back.. #BB14

and Danielle, Dan, Ian and Shane are holding on. Joe and Jenn give encouragement.  Here comes the big thing to swat them.

Ian is chattering along and looking at things on the roof.  Shane is squatting down to save his legs and Dani does this too.

Dan is quiet. A plane flies overhead.  What must this look like looking down from an airplane?

Shane says BB told them to wear short sleeves, because that rope is tearing up his arm.  He just got that crap in his mouth again and is hating it.