Saturday, August 25, 2012

Is Ian Going Quackers? #BB14

He sits and reads his letter, obviously in distress, talking to himself.  He walks around aimlessly, looking for someone and frustrated.

Ian went up the HOH and Danielle kind of asked him to leave them for awhile.  He left and stood over the stairs, alone.  I heard him tell Frank that he spent some time with the psychologist, and he is having trouble reconciling his behavior in the house to the person he is.

Frank gave up the right to play in the next two HOH contests.  He already couldn't play next week, but now one more week is added on.  Frank asks the girls to keep him safe until he can play for HOH again.

Sure they will Frank.  Sure they will.

Dan Has a Plan #BB14

and it involves "exposing everything" when he comes out of there.  Dan's back is against the wall right now---he has nothing to lose.

When you see the camera shot sitting on the door like that, you know something is about to happen.

And Britney bounds out of the hallway, shaking the shackle chains and asking where Danielle is.  They get chained together and start learning to walk in unison.

I know I've heard people compare Frank to Carrot Top, but damn.

Jenn met with Frank and his Carrot Costume.  She says the Beast is Unleashed.  She might not use the POV, although she is considering it.   In the middle of the conversation, Ian comes in and says he is going to use judgment and not use his Golden POV!  They all laugh with relief.

Meanwhile Joe tells Britney and Danielle that he saw Frank throw it to Jenn.

Britney had to pee so Danielle held the door for her and laughed at the cameras bird dogging her.

Britney's going to have to take a shower, and warn Danielle about it.  Danielle whispers that she told Jenn not to use the POV, because then she would have to choose between two people she loves.  (i.e. Frank would nominate Britney in place of Danielle).

Frank got DISQUALIFIED after something he said, and he apologized in the DR afterwards.  It sounds like Frank would have won if not for that. 

Jenn Won the POV #BB14

She got to play on a turntable, and burn her tank top.  I think her clothes may be gone.

Dan is partying in his Party Room, eating cake right off the slab.  He says he's got to find a way out of this room, and out of this.

Britney and Danielle are getting ready to be shackled.  Danielle is insecure about her outfit and Jenn consults with her.

Dan wants someone to check in with him every hour, so he knows what time it is.  Dan lays down and talks to himself.  He says he had two opportunities to win POV, and blew it.

Dan doesn't feel like dancing, I guess.  I'm watching the feeds and chair dancing my ass off.  Get up and get it Dan.

Dan mutters to himself that Jenn could save him.

But Jenn is telling Danielle to trust her--I think she took Slop for the rest of the summer, as well as burning her clothes.  So she wouldn't be saving Dan now, would she?

She just told Danielle that Dan started campaigning against her yesterday.

The POV is Over #BB14

and I think Frank is dressed as a carrot. Britney says it is worse for him as the HOH.   Yes, he is in the carrot suit.  And it was How Bad Do You Want It...

Britney is going to be shackled for 24 hours to Danielle, I think.  Frank can't work out in the carrot suit, so he's not working out. He says that it is breezier and more comfortable then the Spiritard.

Frank wants to spend a lot of time in his room this week. Ian says he will be "drinking with a carrot for the first time tomorrow."  They say it was a cool competition and well thought out.  Ian thought it should be more hard core.

Dan has to be in a "party room" for 24 hours with loud music and no potty or anything.  Dan came out of the DR and told them he "can't talk to them."

Dan has a little cooler and the music in the Have Not Room is booming.  Dan says this is great and he spins a little on the turntables and says this is awesome.  The music is  kind of nice---and he has a party cake.  I'm jamming a little with the music.  There are flashing lights and everything.  Dan cuts himself a nice piece of cake and jams, eating it. He's been on slop for God's sake.

Outside the room they can hear the music and Dan talking and Jenn says OK Homey!   They say that Dan has a whole cake in there.

Frank:  A cake? That's tight!

OMG look at Frank in that fucking carrot costume.  Just scroll and watch.

Big Brother After Dark - More Allegations...Whispers.....and Lies! 8-25-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Friday, and in the wee hours of Saturday where I live.

Frank is the HOH, and had just nominated Danielle and Dan for eviction.  Pandora's Box happened today.  Supposedly Frank won a small amount of money by opening the Box, and the house guests had to scramble to find coins and it sounds like crew were on the roof throwing balls at the house guests.  Ian won the "Golden Power of Veto", which apparently allows him to Veto a nomination.  I don't think he gets to play the POV, and I think the Power can be used for a week or more.

The situation got ugly, and it sounds like both Ian and Dan ruffled feathers with their behavior--pushing and shoving to try to win. I think Dan yelled something at Ian like, "I'll rat your ass out in a heartbeat!" 

That shows you what Dan is all about, and why he is so quiet all of the time.  If he said what he was really thinking, he would have been booted a long time ago.  Anyway, Dan has been worried what Jenn and Joe thought about that comment, because they were right there when he slipped and said it.


1.  The show opens with Danielle laying on the HOH couch chatting with Frank. She is telling him why she had problems with Ashley.  Ashley had apparently yelled at her because she was jealous of Danielle's friendship with Jenn.  Ashley thought Danielle was going to "take Jenn away from her".  Plus Danielle remembers that Ashley and Janelle had said catty things to her in the early weeks of the game.

Now she tells Frank that she had problems with Boogie, particularly his choice to play for the $10,000 instead of the HOH.  Frank says Mike thought he was safe, so that's why he did it.

(I am from the South, but listening to Danielle's accent really makes me crazy.  If she doesn't stop saying "Boogie" I might have to stab somebody.  He's gone Danielle, stop saying his name please.)

In the backyard Britney is sitting in the hot tub in a bikini, with only her legs in the water.  Britney likes to show off her body, but she is one of those people who acts like she doesn't.  She's married, for God's sake!  It is getting cooler in California, and both Danielle and Ian are wearing jeans, which is nice to see for a change.

Dan is all bundled up, laying next to the hot tub, asking Britney and Jenn about living in NYC.  Jenn is talking about the Virgin Megastore and how it closed when Forever 21 bought the building. Jenn and the other employees spraypainted something all over a wall (?) that said Forever 21's clothes were shit and they hated them.  The Lowes theater also closed---they were paying about $70 per square foot to lease their space in Union Square because they had been there so long, so the owner of the building sold it and it was better for them.  Jenn used to DJ in the record store for special events and worked in Marketing.  Now she talks about working with Salt and Pepa and how cool Pepa was.

Pepa didn't want to be interviewed, but when she met Jenn she really liked her and was happy when she introduced herself as Jenn City.  Jenn had about 30 minutes to prepare for the interview.

2.  Ian is spending time alone in the backyard, swinging in the hammock and whistling.  The water in the hot tub is really hot so Jenn has to get out to cool off, too.  They wonder what happened to all of the towels in the house---Britney is having to use a small hand towel and she complains about it.

Jenn jumps up to do some laundry and Britney said she didn't make that comment so that Jenn would do that, but Jenn says everything is "straight filth" and she is down to her last towel, too.  I mean, she literally jumped up from laying down next to the hot tub and went over to get started.

Dan's sweatshirt has a football schedule printed on the back of it. He has Britney look at the dates and is trying to determine if the football games start this weekend.  The think next weekend will kick off the season.  Dan misses his wife Chelsea and knows now that he won't see her until September 19th.

Now Ian comes out to the hot tub and Britney and Dan tell him they are going to try and get a quick meeting in, but "fucking Jenn" has been siting there the whole time.  Ian is whispering about his DR session and says "they didn't give him anything".  I think they are trying to get hints about what is going on, and what is going to happen.  I think Ian said they asked him if the new alliance will benefit him more than the Silent Six, or something along those lines.   BB warns them not to discuss their DR sessions.

Jenn is back out there now, and they notice some nasty paper towel that is "swirling in the hot tub".

Jenn:  Let's clean it out!  Fucking shit!

Britney and Ian go inside.  Britney is going to change and then they are going to meet in the hammock.  Outside Dan and Jenn are alone and Jenn tells him that she'll "take care of Danielle in there with every fiber of her being".  Dan says Danielle is really loyal--he just doesn't want her to do anything stupid.

Jenn:  Until the end, I will stay with that fucking chick.  I'll run everybody else over to save her.

Dan hasn't had to worry about Danielle's loyalty for one second of the game. 

Dan:  That's why I think it's better for her,and for you if I leave.

Jenn can see a way to win now, and she's excited about it.  Dan says there are really only 5 Jury spots left, and then it is a competition with the Final Three.  Jenn did really well today--Dan says the two of them were neck and neck.  Jenn was up late with Danielle, letting her know everything was okay.  Ian comes out with a Diet Coke and tells Jenn he's going to the hammock, because "that's his spot".

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