Friday, August 24, 2012

Tributes to Mike Boogie #BB14

One from the cameras.  Check out Frank getting a nosh in, in that second picture.

And Frank is wearing Mike's Coach Boogie hat and shirt.

Big Brother After Dark - HOH On the Reg, Son 8-24-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 10:00 pm BBT on Thursday night, and in the wee hours of Friday where I live.

Tonight was an EXPLOSIVE live CBS show, featuring the double eviction of Mike Boogie and Ashley Iocco.  Ashley went to the Jury, and Mike Boogie went home.  Or somewhere else other than the Jury.

The parts that I found EXPLOSIVE were as follows:

*  Mike found out as he was leaving that Ian betrayed him.
*  Frank found out that Ian betrayed them, and Frank was NOT happy.  He was a BIG UNHAPPY man.  (Imagine how Psycho Sid would handle this sort of thing, and divide by seven.)
*  During his good-bye video, Ian confessed to Mike about his involvement in the Quack Pack, and his role in evicting Mike Boogie.
*  Ian won HOH.
*  Ian nominated Frank and Ashley.
*  Frank won a POV.  Think Clownshoe, but with Clover.
*  Ashley was evicted, but I'm not sure she knew that.

After the live show, a second HOH competition was held, when the live feeds were down.  Well, FRANK won that, too.

OK.  You know what I know about it.

1.  As the show begins we can clearly see Frank with his HOH key around his neck.  The competition wasn't a physical one, so it's not like anybody had to hose off or anything.  I don't think they were covered in anything gross--they just rolled some sort of ball into some sort of target.  A lot of action was taking place in the house.  A lot of nervous energy, mixed with Frank and his Happy Labrador energy.

People are milling around the kitchen and you can just feel the despair.  Frank is very jovial, as well he should be, and he is chatting with everyone and seems pleasant.  There is a Betty Crocker PiIllsbury Funfetti Cake mix out on the counter, and Britney is nosing around with it.  I think she is still whining about it being her birthday.  Britney's whining is nowhere near as much as someone like, say, Danielle Donato would be whining.  Danielle Donato expected the entire house to celebrate the week before, during and after her birthday, like a 6 year old.  Britney tells Danielle that they are going to use the oven first to cook pizza, then they can make the cake.

Dan went into the DR hallway, and was finishing up some sort of verbal exchange with Frank as he went in.  Dan mentioned someone who "had to win everything but she made it to the end anyway".  Frank said "but I've got a better social game then her...give me some credit bro!"  (Rachel?)

(I don't think Dan ever opens his mouth unless it benefits him, so he must be trying to pressure Frank into thinking he can't win with Dan.  Dan is all about Dan.  All day.  All night.)
Frank spoke with Joe on Skid Row as he started packing his things.  He told Joe that he didn't need to worry---Frank wants Dan out.  All he asked for in return was a vote to evict Dan.  I guess Frank knows better than to depend on anybody like Joe for deals. Frank apologized to Joe if he was rough with him tonight---he was frustrated about Mike, yadda yadda yadda.  Joe says he understands, and he can take it.

2.  Britney is worried, and told Ian on the couch that Dan might throw her under the bus.  Ian will do what he can to save her if possible.  She doesn't think that Frank seems mad at Ian.  Ian said that his decision that he made in the live show was tough.  Ian is swinging one leg back and forth, since he can't sit in the hammock, I guess.

Joe wasted no time going to Shane and recounting his conversation with Frank.  Shane says that is quite a statement----Frank only wants a vote and no future promises.

Britney tells Ian that last week he told her that if Mike left, he would need some people.  She thinks that Frank will keep his word and keep Britney safe.  She whispers that he HATES Dan, so that Ian can remember this when he is talking to Frank.  Britney talked to Frank earlier about her vote to evict Ashley---she told Frank that Ashley "freaking lied to her".  Ian got up and walked away.

Ian is expecting an HOH basket in the storeroom.  Dan is the only Have Not, and Frank had a hand in this as the new HOH, apparently.

 Frank found an orange water bottle on one of the lockers in Skid Row--it is Ian's so Frank brings it to him and tells him to open it up.  Ian did and nearly vomited when he smelled the contents.  He doesn't know what he left in there, but it wasn't water.  Frank said he nearly vomited, too, when he smelled it, and Britney can still smell it in the air around the couch.  Ian didn't even remember that water bottle.

Britney tells Ian to "do whatever he needs to do", but to still watch her back.

Britney:  You took a huge risk tonight, and showed us what we need to see, and we need to have your back now.

She wishes she won that HOH.  Probably due to her birthday...of course.  Ian has his leg crossed over the other, and is rocking that back and forth.  I don't think he is capable of sitting still.  Dan has sidled up on their conversation and is sitting in one of the red nomination chairs.  (How appropriate.)  They don't speak, they just watch the people in the kitchen.

Ian leaves and Dan asks Britney if Ian thinks he is going up.  Britney says no, but whispers that Ian "needs to push Dan and Joe" for nomination.  Britney said she told Ian that he will "have to vote for Dan", and then she said Ian said he knows and sighed.  Britney mouths to Dan that he "can probably get Jenn".

Dan is silent, wheels turning.  He is not wearing a headband tonight.  He thinks the ball game was much easier in practice.  He and Britney aren't sitting very close to each other, and Britney covers her mouth as she speaks so it doesn't look like they are talking.  She picks at her face constantly.

3.  After the commercial Frank has joined Britney and Dan, and they discuss the ball rolling comp.

Britney:  I guess there's always next week.  Eff my life.

They all laugh.

Dan asks Joe if he can make that banana slop bread.  Joe can make the slop bread, but Dan can't have any banana candy sticks so it can't be flavored that way.  Shane has joined them and Frank says he now has 3 HOH and 3 POV wins under his belt.  Before he came in the house he said he would have 3 and 4, respectively, so he tells them he is almost there.

They wonder what will happen tomorrow, since there is no Food Comp.  Maybe a Luxury competition.  Dan hopes that America will award him some extra food.  (They did:  Mozzerella and Matza)  Frank recommends Mike's protein coffee shake and says it is delicious.   Frank says the slop burgers Joe made were great and he always at them "on the reg".

Frank:  I feel like I deserve a Maker's Mark.  C'mon BB.

Rachel got a bottle of Patron when she was HOH, but they can't think of anyone else who got hard liquor in their HOH basket.  They rehash the Clover competition and where their clovers were hidden.  Frank found his first clover and didn't think it was the right thing.  He was nervous he would run down with it and find it wasn't the right one.

Frank wishes they had a crowd back there to watch. When he heard the crown cheer when he found his last clover he was "lovin' it".

(Everyone heard those cheers and knows what's up with America loving Frank.)

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And the Nominations Are....#BB14

Dan and Danielle.  She is not hysterical, compared to last night.

In the HOH, Shane handles a banana.  Don't believe me?

Dan chats with Britney at the sink.  He is going to tell Ian that if he doesn't use the POV ball to save him, he will not give him a vote in the Jury.  He is saying this in front of everyone in the kitchen.  Ian says Jeff and Jordan forgave Shelley.  Dan is really being tough on Ian.

Britney is so uncomfortable she reads a complete recipe out loud from the Ralph's package.

Frank settles down to listen to his tunes up in his HOH suite.

Nominations are Over #BB14

and there are SERIOUS technical difficulties with the sound in the house.  Frank is up in the HOH and they can all hear Ian in the DR.

They yell and yell that they "can hear the DR" and no one seems to care. 

Jenn:  This is the 4th time this season!  This is dangerous!

We go to TRIVIA. 

Pandora Blew Through Town #BB14

and has left some sort of mess.

Ian won a POV and Frank tells him not to feel bad---Ian needed to win it so Dan can't win it.  It was a ball that said POV on it. He can use it to save someone if he would like to.

Frank:  And we need that, right?

Danielle is very upset and is talking to Dan in the Arcade.  I think Frank won $3,000.  Britney came in and congratulated Frank.

How awkward is this hug?  Looks like she is being gently assaulted.


Frank hugs Ian and he is babbling.  At one point Ian says "you do you" and Frank says, "I thought we were working together!"

Ian:  Well, I'm easily influenced, and I get flustered when I have to make decisions.  So you do what is best for you and I'll try.

You can see the dawning realization on  Frank's face.  He is alone in that house.

So Frank opened Pandora's Box but we don't know yet what he got---it was something bad, since it was good for the house.  They had to run around and find quarters and use them for prizes.  They had an hour to search.  Ian lied about it and somehow screwed Dan over. He won a POV---maybe the only POV this week.

Danielle only found 1 or 2 quarters.  Jenn really wanted to win this one.  Shane dumped out the bathroom trash can to find quarters and is now tasked with picking everything up.  I can't imagine the filth he had to touch in the process.  At least he wore gloves.


Dan yelled at Ian "I'll rat your ass out!" and now he is worried that Joe or Jenn would figure out what that meant.

I wonder what was in Pandora's Box?

Dan is laughing that they have a shot now....because Ian is holding the POV.

FYI...Pandora May Be On Her Way #BB14

I am working today but have the live feeds on in the background.  I feel I must tell you that the HOH room has been locked down for quite some time.  The house is abuzz with rumors about Pandora's Box.

Frank had a long talk with Joe about the ways he and Mike were betrayed by Dan, and Joe certainly "Yassir'd" him all over the place.

Then he went into the Have Not room to tell Dan that maybe Pandora will save him.

I hope Frank is smart enough to think clearly about this. He shouldn't let a few promised prizes get in the way of giving Dan the boot this week.

Frank Takes Office #BB14

BB gave them the wake up call this morning, and everyone is anticipating nominations to happen soon.

I'm not so sure about that, but I do know that BB wants them to start worrying about it.  Of course.

Frank had to make some shoutouts,which BB interrupted, but it was funny to hear Frank give shout outs to Mike Boogie's people.  Like Kim Grant and Joe Vance.  (ha ha ha)

Frank was singing Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard) this morning under his breath.  He is wearing Mike's "Coach" cap.  He apologized to Nana and his mom for "all of the cussin'".

Ian is rocking outside, already a nervous wreck, and Shane is pretending to be in a good mood with his happy face on.

That orange cloth you see below was significant--I think the ants are back?  Because Shane and Frank were looking and talking about it.  No doubt there was plenty for the ants to snack on around there, since it is next to the blender and coffee station.

 Frank went up to the HOH where he made the shoutouts described above, and gave Ted a shout out for being back up in the HOH.  Ted is still sporting his Spiritard and there is an unfortunate hole in the bottom of the costume.  I think BB has told Frank to stop calling Ted Ted, since that "name is copyrighted".

 Jenn came upstairs and apologized for making such an early visit, since they both "have their sleepy pants on".  Am I missing something about Jenn's makeup?  Is some of that permanently applied to her face?  Did she sleep with it on?  Because damn that is some heavy shadow.

Frank tells her that she doesn't have to worry to day, and neither does Ian.  Dan is Frank's target, and he says he's not going to "pussyfoot around like some other HOH's" about his intentions for the week.  Jenn understands that is what Frank wants and says she will vote how he wishes.  (Let's face it, getting Dan out is good for everybody, even Danielle.)

Guess Who the Lone Have Not Is #BB14

Father Dan Gheesling.  Yep.  I think Frank had to appoint someone, and Dan volunteered since he has not been one before.

I saw Ian on BBAD last night tell Dan that he wanted to volunteer, but then remembered that he might get an HOH basket so that changed his mind.

I did see Ian get his HOH basket and will document that on today's BBAD summery, as usual.  I also watched Dan grimly drink a protein shake while everyone else dove into Ian's Kit Kats.

Dan is Frank's target this week and he made no bones about that.  It was clear.  This game will continue to be interesting, as the Quack Pack starts turning on each other.  Who will Frank play with next week?

You can see Dan in the top left box below, snoozing in the Have Not room.  I tried to get a close up of Camera #1, but for some reason it isn't working.  Usually the Have Nots use all of the extra blankets, but since Dan gets to use all of them he might be fairly comfortable.  And it might be nice to have a room to yourself---a nice dark room.

Do You Know Who Won the 2nd HOH Last Night? #BB14

Well it was Frank, of course.