Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why is Danielle Crying? #BB14

What is the matter with her?

The HOH contest should be held pretty soon.  We have about 2 hours before Showtime starts, so I think they will hold it very soon.If they don't then it won't be until after Showtime ends.

Ian and Britney had a little celebration in the Arcade.  They agree that was one of the greatest BB shows ever.  At home they both would have been going crazy.  She assures him he'll be okay, he made a big move and it's okay. 

Meanwhile Danielle is boohooing with Jenn on Skid Row.  Britney just came in and I think something must have happened to make Danielle mad at her.  Britney says she needs to talk to her sometime.  Maybe Danielle is mad because Frank pulled Britney and Shane aside during the show.

Oh Jenn is telling Danielle that America probably loves her.  I wonder why Danielle thinks America doesn't love her?  Did she get boo'd?  I don't remember.

Ian wants Pop Tarts in his HOH basket. 

Boo Hoo Boo Hoo #BB14

And we're back, and it seems like the Ian show.  He is going over what was said and is sure that Mike hates him now. He is pacing in the Arcade with Jenn and Britney.

Britney's happy to see Ashley go...she was tired of her lies.

Danielle is bawling in the bedroom.  Dan is whispering stuff, enjoying the show.  I think that Mike may have been on the other side of the wall outside and he yelled at Dan during or after the live show.

Ian meets with Frank in the storage room and is acting like he just went crazy for about 30 minutes and doesn't know why he did it.

OMG Frank is going for it.

CBS Live Show Update #6 #BB14

Ashley's POV speech is a disaster.  Just wait until you see it. Julie had to shush her twice.  Instead of a speech Joe did some hand movements to signify getting rid of Ashley.  He was breathing VERY hard.  Maybe he couldn't speak.

Jenn:  Voted to evict Ashley
Shane:  Ashley
Britney:  Ashley
Frank:  The terrible Chef Joe
Danielle:  Ashley
Dan:  Ashley

But Dan had to make his smart comments to Julie about fireworks in the air.

Ashley loses.  Ian says he's sorry and hugs her.

Alison Grodner can relax now.  Frank lives on.  When he found the clovers and POV in the balls the audience cheered.

Ashley loves Julie's "side pony".  Julie says that is sweet.

(I love a side pony, but Julies is sculpted.)

Oh Frank is pacing the house and is mad about what just happened.  He had to be bleeped a little.

Ashley sees this on the monitor and laughs.  Now Julie tries to have a conversation with Ashley, but it is really hard to follow.  She looks cute in her headband but she just did a physical competition and she's a little mussed up.

Oh wow Julie asked her one question, and Ashley answered it for about 5 minutes.  Julie just thanked her and basically told her to STFU. 

Is Ashley stoned?

Now Frank is yelling and he is pissed.  FYI the HOH will be held tomorrow, probably, if not tonight. 

Tense, tense end to the show as Frank patrols the house, muttering things and fuming.

CBS LIve Show Update #5 #BB14

After commercial Frank is in the bedroom with Shane and Britney, breathing hard as they try to guess what Ian will do.

Frank took himself off the block, and Ian put Joe up on the block.

Joe is gripping the chair before we vote, and looks like he might pass out.  Maybe we will get to see Tartersauce the medic visit the set.

Of course Joe is fine.  He is hyper-caffeinated from all of the iced tea.

We'll see the vote after the break.

(I don't like Julie Chen's look tonight.)

CBS Live Show Update #4 #BB14

The POV is the Clownshoe set, except it is a rainbow.  It's a physical one called Somewhere Over the Veto.

They must find two clovers inside the balls, then a POV symbol. Only one clover at a time.

Frank Shane and Ian run hard.  Ian's back first with one.  We just saw a cameraman.  Frank has one clover.

Joe has one clover.  Danielle and Shane both find theirs.  Shane took a funny spill.

It's FRANK!  It's FRANK bitches!  Frank yelled something at Ian.  It wasn't nice.

CBS LIve Show Update #3 #BB14

Ian nominates Frank and Ashley.  Frank looks stunned.  Ian referenced some words that were said at the door a few minutes ago and said he had to do it.

I guess Frank went off on the traitors during the commercial.

The POV is next.

Alison Grodner must be crapping herself. 

CBS Live Show Update #2 #BB14

The HOH contest is a Before and After game.

Ashley out first.

Then Dan, Jenn and Joe

Frank out next.

Britney out.

Tie breaker between Danielle and Ian.

Ian wins.  He is the next HOH.

Julie says get inside houseguests and they run inside.  Ian is going to nominate someone next.

CBS Live Show Summary #1 #BB14

Tonight two people will leave in a double eviction.  Jenn gives a LONG speech when it is her turn.  Mike Boogie thanks his business partner and says hello to his son.  Mike appeals to Joe directly, but in a nice tone.  He was really great, and finished with flair.

Ashley:  vote to evict Jenn
Britney:  Mike Boogie
Joe:  Mike Boogie
Frank:  Jenn
Dan: Mike Boogie
Ian:  Mike Boogie
Danielle:  Mike Boogie

Frank is wearing Mike's Chilltown basketball jersey tonight.  Dan said he "did it for Janelle". 

I will miss covering Mike Boogie.  Always a pleasure to cover with some sort of action in words or deeds.

Ian said something to him at the door and gave him something to take with him.  Ian said that Mike will see some things that happened in the house that he won't like.  He put whatever Ian gave him in the inside pocket of his blazer. Then when Mike embraced Frank as he was walking out of the door he told Frank Ian is not to be trusted.  Frank was on it already.  They expected a 4-3 vote, but is was 5-2, so they know someone lied to them.

Britney's goodbye message was a faux Chilltown "Brriiing" call and was obviously scripted but funny.  Ian told Mike the truth about the Quack Pack in his goodbye message and it was really touching to see Mike's face as he moved through anger to admiration.

That was a new BB history moment, Ian's goodbye message to Mike. 

Big Brother After Dark - Mike Faces the Facts - 8-23-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Wednesday, and in the wee hours of Thursday where I live.

Shane is in the last days of his HOH reign, and Jenn and Mike Boogie are on the nomination block.  One of them is going home on Thursday night, and maybe even both of them, depending on how the double-elimination goes. I don't think there is any way that Mike can stay tonight, barring some sort of unexpected Producer intervention.

1.  The show opens with a small group sitting in the HOH talking about Jeff's eviction in BB13.  Jenn must have watched this series (probably in sequester) and mentioned how Jeff stormed out of the house and then realized he didn't get to say goodbye to Jordan. Jenn mentioned the clown shoe.  Shane commented that Mike Boogie seems to be taking it better than he thought he would.  Ian said maybe he is now, but when he came out of that DR after being nominated he was furious and meant everything he said.  They all seem to be expecting a double eviction tonight---maybe that is why they were discussing Jeff and the Clown shoe.

Joe came in the room and announced that the "pork chops are ready".  He brought one on a plate to the HOH for himself.  At first I thought he was going to pick it up and eat it with his hands, he was touching it so much, but the camera cut away before he took the fist bite.  I didn't see anybody jumping up to run and get their own pork chop, but maybe we didn't get to see that part.

On Skid Row Mike is folding clothes, packing a huge suitcase and talking to Frank. When he left BB7, he had a "Chilltown '06" T-shirt in his hands and threw it out to the audience when he came out to meet Julie Chen.  (I remember that...)  Then a few years later Dr. Will was making some sort of appearance in Savannah Georgia and a lady showed up and said she had driven for 8 hours to see him.  She had the T-shirt and wanted Dr. Will to sign it.

Mike says he's been thinking about it, and this eviction is kind of like his eviction from BB2.  He left the house early, after the efforts of a "41 year old redneck" who hated him.  (Kent?)  He knows that Dan is behind his eviction, and he's kind of trying to act like he doesn't care. But he does.  And he did back then, too.  He is happy that Frank gets to stay, and will be cheering Frank on from home.  His life during BB2 was so different---he owned a bar back then (Belly) but his life was much different back then.  Mike seems wistful and may even be a tad teary.  It's a real moment for him with his new friend Frank.

2.  Back in the HOH Ian is telling everyone that they will have another fast forward and double eviction when they are down to six.  Joe announces that he is "going to get more pork chops".  Britney comes out of the HOH shower wrapped in a towel.

Mike and Frank have moved to the patio.  I guess Mike has finished packing.  He says that he feels badly about his relationship with Dan now.  It's not like Dan lives in LA or anything, but Mike would have liked to end things on a positive note.

Mike:  Maybe we should have gone and talked to him after the nomination, instead of taking such a hard line....

Mike says that the night when Dan asked to speak to Mike alone and he said no, that is when he thinks he became an absolute target.  Frank thinks that Dan truly is sorry that Mike has to leave, but Mike isn't so sure.  Everyone probably thinks that Mike will come back to the finale and "be all jolly" but Mike is just coming back on finale night to fulfill a contractual obligation.

3.  Mike gives his usual shout outs to Kim Grant, Joe Vance and Will Kirby, even though it's in the evening now.  He's not sure if they watch the Showtime show, but he knows they will be watching the CBS show on Thursday night.

Mike:  Hey Dr. Tattoff....I might see you tomorrow...come on by at Brady's bedtime if you'd like to...

Frank chimes and says "Hey Dr Tattoff" to Will, too.  Frank thinks they will have Mike go to a hotel Thursday night, but Mike doesn't think so.  His house is so much closer that they will just take him there.  (I  don't think Mike has a choice in the matter--I think he has to stay in the hotel with a police officer next door---it's a legal thing.  Janelle said you are allowed to drink but have to leave the door between the adjoining rooms open.  They are worried someone will "hurt themself".)

Mike has an idea that his mom might be out in LA.  He says maybe she heard about the house vote and stayed home in New Hampshire, but "part of him thinks she will be out there with Brady" when he is evicted.

(I think Brady will be there...the interest in Mike's baby situation has been OFF THE CHARTS this year.  More popular than Willie's stuff, and Janelle's eviction---nearly one of the top search topics for all four seasons I have documented on this website.)

Mike gives a shout out to Wil Heuser---too bad Wil is in Kentucky or Mike would go out for drinks with him and laugh about this while thing.

Mike:  No more jokes about Jodi, though!

They laugh.  Mike is going to order some sort of "boat camper" shirt online as soon as he can and might wear it to the finale.  (I guess is is a Wil thing.)  Maybe he mean's Wil's captains hat--that was a cool hat for sure.

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Frank and Mike Convene in the Arcade #BB14

Frank did reappear and the two of them went in the Arcade to chat.  Frank said that he stayed up long enough to say Happy Birthday to Britney and then he went to bed.

Frank says it is hard for him to give up hope at this point---Joe approached him last night and said that he might switch his vote to keep Mike at the last minute.

Mike:  I know...I'm really focusing on my speech tonight--I'm going to address Joe and his family in Kentucky....

(Even if Joe switches his vote, it won't save Mike unless Ian does too.  Which won't happen...)

Frank is going to let Joe have it if Mike leaves.

Mike:  If that happens, can you wait to do it until after the applause dies down?  So I can watch it on the monitor?

(ha ha ha)

Frank:  Yeah, I'll say Levi, don't bother with mowin' the lawn, your dad's a piece of shit!

 They laugh.

Mike wonders if Joe was serious about changing his vote 10 minutes before.  Frank thinks he was.  Mike says Joe doesn't need to "tell him shit beforehand", he can just vote that way.  Mike wants Frank to remind Joe that Mike told him several times last week when Joe was on the block not to worry, that he wasn't the target.

Mike:  You tell him we did right by him last week....

(Mike also mentioned he "had Danielle and the 455 stuff".. I think he is referring to his speech topics, but I guess we'll figure out what he meant tonight, live on CBS...)

Frank Sporting Undies This Morning #BB14

Usually, the male house guests put on shorts or something before they start moving around for the day, but not Frank.  I guess he knows that none of the ladies are out of bed at this point.

It's just us, Frank.  No worries.

Frank uses the WC and chats with Mike about how long Mike has been up.  I think Frank is going back to bed since he was up so late.  He weighed himself on the bathroom scale after peeing but does not comment on the results.

This is Frank standing on the scale.

The resemblance to his father is uncanny sometimes.  I just saw Frank in the dark bedroom, putting on shorts and a T-shirt, but I lost sight of him.  Maybe he did go back to bed, but with more clothes on.

Oh, BTW Danielle is in bed with Shane in the HOH Room.  But we all know there is no hanky panky going on in there.

Mike Boogie Awakens First, As Usual #BB14

It is standard operating procedure for Mike Boogie to get out of bed first in the Big Brother house, and to make the first pot of coffee.

Today is no different, even though it is a certainty that this is his last day in the game.  He did some stretching and then waited patiently for his coffee to brew, thinking and pondering silently.  As usual, I think he is concerned with not waking anyone else up, not just for their consideration, but to have some time alone.  Some of the most important conversations occur early in the morning, while everyone else is still out cold.

I think he just went into the DR for a few minutes, and is now mixing up his customary coffee-protein shake.  Mike Boogie is a man of habits, many of which are good.

There are quite a few noises to be heard--some distant thumping and a drumming sound.  Like equipment is being dragged around.  I am assuming the racket is coming from the backyard.  Mike is locked down indoors this morning, so I don't think he will be able to address us as he usually does.  Bummer.