Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shane Tweets....Again. #BB14

I guess the most exciting part of Shane's tweets as HOH this week is his use of the word Quack twice.

I think CBS and AGP need to re-think their use of Twitter for the game.  The best part of Twitter is that it is interactive.  This just feels so one-sided.

Maybe they could find a way for more people to tweet, and maybe answer a fan's question.

One of the only things I liked about Glass House was the Fanswers.  The players could ask a secret question and then the host would read the answer only, leaving the questions as a part of their imagination.  So the answer read might be "Never", or "Skid Row", or "JoJo".

Maybe they could have a contest where the HG try all week to get the most followers for their BB Twitter account, and the one who does is notified secretly and wins cash.  You know the paranoia would drive people crazy. 

***ALSO***  I don't think the Quack Pack will be under the radar much longer.  I heard Ian today stressing out about what he should do about the vote after Mike is evicted.  Should he blame his vote on Joe?  I think Ian shouldn't be so vocal about his clear self interest.  Dan took a lot of crap this week and Ian can't expect to stay under the radar with his betrayals much longer.  It will be hard for him to stay under the radar after Thursday's double eviction...

Frank's Show and Tell #BB14

Frank, Mike and Ashley appear to be the only ones awake right now in the BB house.

A few minutes ago, Frank was in the kitchen and found a spoon in the drawer that was filthy, with stuff "stuck all over it".  There he is, in the upper right corner, showing us the dirty spoon.

Frank:  Can you believe that?  That is disgustin'.

Then Frank goes outside and Ashley went into the DR.  Mike and Frank said that Ashley is a "fucking gamer" and they are so thrilled with her efforts to help them.

Frank said in front of her that "Joe might be the swing vote, but Ashley's the frickin' MVP!"

Then Frank was alone on the patio for a few minutes and told us all he's been having a rough week, but if they can pull this week out he's going to keep fighting hard.  He says everybody else in the house is lying, and Dan is trying to keep his mouth shut so he doesn't have to lie.

Frank:  I've been straight talkin'.  A straight talkin' Em Effer.

Ashley comes back out and they chat about "Twinkie Day" at his high school.  He wanted to know what Ashley's real hair color is, and she said it is dirty blonde with red undertones.  Frank thinks that sounds like his hair color.

Ashley's school had Backwards Day, and Twin Day, and Spirit Day.  Frank dressed up like Batman at school in 2002.  He rented it from a nice costume rental place and it was "rock solid".

Mike said earlier that he was calling them "Father Dan and his Number One Alter Boy".  Mike says that phrase says it all and they all agreed.    Ashley says now that Dan is acting a lot "how real priests act, and it's unfortunate".

Mike discussed the movie The Tao of Steve, but then admits that he's never seen it.  He says it applies to a higher power of thinking, but as it applies to picking up chicks.

(I've seen that movie----it was kind of a nerd cult classic when it came out.)

Mike says that kids he knew who were from religious families were often the most screwed up.  Ashley chimes in that the preacher's kids are always sluts.

They hear Jenn getting called to the DR and they hope the DR gets her all pumped up.

Big Brother After Dark - Hiding in Plain Sight 8-21-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday, and in the wee hours of Tuesday in my home.

Shane is still HOH, and he nominated Jenn Arroyo in place of Frank Eudy today, since Frank used the POV to save himself.  Mike Boogie is still on the block, and is predicted to leave the house on Thursday.


1.  The show opens with Britney sitting on the patio with Ashley and Joe.  Joe is complaining about having a migraine, and Britney is telling him to go to the DR and ask for medication.  Joe usually takes Imitrex, but did not bring his prescription to the house with him.  Britney says there many different options, but she used to sell Frova in her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep.  (Frova is made by Endo Pharmaceuticals.)  Britney shows Ashley her "scar from BB12" on her hand and the cameras change.

In the bathroom, Danielle and Frank are talking about acne.  Danielle has accepted the fact that her face is going to break out in the house, and likes the way her skin looks better with the make up.  Frank wishes he could use make up sometimes, when his face breaks out, but so far he's been lucky in the BB house.

Danielle says Jenn is apparently very angry at her, and just walked by without speaking to her.  (Jenn's nomination was about 6 hours ago, so she's had plenty of time to cool off.)  Danielle tells Frank that she expected someone else to be nominated. She really likes Jenn "as a person".  Frank wants to chat later after his workout.

2.  Frank goes outside and starts stretching.  His hamstrings are tight.  Mike Boogie is going to wear the same neon yellow T-shirt his has worn for the last few nights for his workout.  Frank says he should have taken Ashley's yoga class, his legs are so tight right now.

In the HOH we see Shane wearing a blue Vermont T-shirt, recounting the conversation he had with Frank when Frank said they looked like yoyo's now.  He is talking to Dan, saying it sucks for him now because if Frank makes HOH, Shane is gone.

Shane:  It sucks for me---I made a big move for the alliance.  And no one is going to put Jenn up again with the way's she's acting....no one should treat Danielle like that right now!

Shane's T-shirt has black and white cows on it.  Dan says all they need to do is win HOH and he tells Shane about BB10, where his alliance started winning and then things took off.  Shane says it is going to be horrible if someone like Joe makes Final Four.  Shane knew he was a target before, but he really knows it now.  He hopes the group can meet once a day to check in with each other.

Dan wants to know what happened with Danielle.  Shane said she asked Jenn a question and Jenn made a "stink face" at her and Shane saw it in the mirror.

(OMG how HORRIBLE for Danielle.  ha ha ha)

Dan reviews the situation..they could have evicted a floater, but then Mike and Frank would still be in the game.  He says Shane's resume will now include knocking out a former winner of BB.  He knows Shane has been carrying the group and Shane wants the others to step up now, too.  Shane talks about when Boogie "threatened him".

(They are making way too much about what happened earlier.  Dan sat there like a pussy and did not say a word while Mike was talking to him. )

Oh, OK.  Now Dan says that if Shane had lost his temper with Mike, Dan would have "taken him in the Arcade Room".  Dan says that Mike Boogie is starting to see the light, and mentions what he said to Dan about none of this being personal and getting over it after the game.

Dan: I think he's one of the most emotional players in the house. And Dr. Will was one of the least emotional players in the game. I watched how he handled things, and he was just like, whatever...I'll bet Danielle is having an emotional DR now.

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