Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Brother After Dark - Strained Relationships and Sprained Ankles 8-20-12 #BB14

This episode aired on Showtime at 9:00 pm BBT on Sunday, and in the wee hours of Monday where I live.

Shane is the HOH, and Mike Boogie and Frank are on the block.  Frank won the POV yesterday, so Shane will need to name a replacement nominee the next day.  Tensions have been riding high as Frank and Mike have pushed hard for Shane to nominate Dan, or if not Dan, Joe.


1.  The show begins in a typical manner.  People are in the backyard.  Mike is stretching and getting ready to workout with Frank.  Ashley is laying in the hammock with Ian.  He has one foot on the ground and is rocking the hammock.  Britney is laying alongside on the ground.

Ashley is saying that she likes it when everyone is outside together, with no sneaking around plotting and gaming.  They may be getting beer tonight, and they discuss how it felt so competitive in the early weeks to get your share.  Ian mentions the night where JoJo drank about 1/3 of Wil's beer when he wasn't watching.  Britney says that people often take sips of other people's drinks when their backs are turned.  Britney got in the hammock with them.  They're all small---they fit.

Ian says that he is moving out of the Boom Boom Room.  The girls ask why and he says Dan asked him to switch beds with him.

Ashley's eyes get big and she says "Gulp".  (Dan doesn't want to sleep in the same room as Frank, and Boogie I guess. For a few more nights.)  Ian needs to speak with Frank about it first, since Frank is affected by the switch.  They discussed how hard it was to sleep in the Have Not room, particularly the first time with no padding on the textured steel frame, and BB didn't let them sleep on the floor.

2.  Shane and Dan are playing pool.  Dan still insists on wearing his red headband.  On the hammock Ashley reached up and touched Ian's shoulder and he grabbed her hand and said "what are you doing?"

Ian likes the squeak of the hammock, but Britney doesn't like it.  Joe says he likes it, too.  Joe is getting ready to work out. 

I think Ian just said he would wait to have sex until his wedding night, but I am only guessing that based on the conversation afterwards.  Ashley asks what Ian's mom is like.  She has a good sense of humor, and probably thinks a lot of things on BB are funny.  She also likes Survivor.  Ian doesn't know who her celebrity crush is--they have never had that conversation.  Ashley wants to know her likes and dislikes.

Ian says she likes iced tea, TV, and reading gossip magazines.  Finally they badger him so much that he gets up to go somewhere else.  Britney told Ashley she was starting to feel like a third wheel out there, with all of "the gropage", then says the two of them are getting close.

Britney then goes into a detailed description of her furniture at home.  I think she said it is light blue microsuede.  Ashley asks a lot of questions--does she have blankets on the furniture?  Does Molly sleep in her bed?

Molly always sleeps in the bed with Britney and her husband, but it sounds like she chooses a different spot every night.  Britney says she gloats about it when Molly chooses her side of the bed and makes sure that Ryan knows that.  Ashley would love to get a dog someday. 

3.  Frank and Mike are running in the backyard, back and forth, back and forth. Ashley asks Britney if she knows yet what Shane is going to do tomorrow.  She wants the girls to stick together in the game.  Ashley thinks Jenn is in favor of a girls' alliance but she worries that she goes back and forth telling info to Mike and Frank.

Dan is playing Ian now in pool and has a habit of saying "scratch-y, scratch-y" when it is Ian's turn to shoot. It is a cringe-inducing phrase every time.  Ian beats Dan just about every game.  He's a good pool player.  Ian is going to make a pool trophy out of "one of the hipppo's in there".  I assume he is talking about a ceramic hippo, and not any actual people.

We see a quick snippet of Danielle and Britney in the kitchen, talking to Jenn about a topic known and loved all over the internet.  Trey Gorman, Danielle's real "boyfriend".  You know Trey, right?  The guy Danielle had two dates with the week before she was sequestered for BB?

Britney, to Jenn:  We say "Forgot About Trey".

Jenn:  No, it's "Forgot about Dre".

Britney corrects Jenn and the cameras change.  Then we come right back and apparently Britney is grilling everyone about what they think their romantic situation will be when they get out of the BB house.  This is likely a ploy so she can talk about her own wedding AGAIN, and all of the sex she and her husband have on Saturday nights.  Ashley and Britney have baked cookies, and they are all picking at them.

Ashley says her love life will probably to right back to talking to the "two assholes" she was talking to at the beginning of the summer and the cameras change.

Outside we hear Dan say "scratchy" four times in a row and the douchechills come on strong.

Back inside Danielle is helping herself to a few warm cookies, and Jenn talks about how Ashley's cell phone is blowing up while she's in the house.  Ashley uses a service that transcribes all of her messages to email and she loves it.

4.  Outside Frank and Mike are doing ab work.  Frank has some innovative moves to work on his obliques.  Shane and Joe are doing the same thing on the other side of the pool table.  I can hear either crickets or a high-pitched technical sound in the backyard. 

Shane shows Joe how to do tricep presses using the backyard furniture and they alternate doing those and doing pushups.  Joe's movements aren't pretty, but he's doing the best he can.  (I don't know many people who would shine working out next to Shane Meany.)

Britney doesn't want to leave the kitchen counter but Danielle makes her, and picks her up and carries her to the chaise lounge outdoors.  Shane does his best to coach Joe the proper form with the hand weights, but Joe usually goes back to the wrong form as soon as Shane leaves his side.  Danielle is giggling about Britney's bad mood and goes over to play Cornhole with Dan.

They are going to play badminton and Britney is going to change first.  We see Ian with a white ceramic figurine in the bathroom painstakingly using different colored nail polishes to make his trophy.  He has used black polish to write "14" on the head of the figurine, and appears to be using the different colors to create a triangle of colorful dots, like a racked set of pool balls, I guess.

Outside Danielle is very giggly playing Cornhole with Dan.  Now Ian comes out with his trophy and says whoever wins will get their name on it.  He proudly makes the rounds in the backyard, showing everyone.

I had to fastforward through the Cornhole and the workout, since there was no significant conversation.

Jenn is talking at the hottub to Britney about the merchandise she sells at her shows.  He tries to hire "really hot merch girls" to push her stuff.  Britney wanted to know what kind of stuff sells.  Jenn sells T-shirt, panties, shot glasses, etc.  She says her Jenn City band audience skews a little bit younger, and compares their fans to the Good Charlotte fans.  (?)

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Mike Boogie Wants Answers #BB14

They are locked inside right now, so they are trapped like rats in there.

Mike:  Shane, I just want to know why you gave us the runaround, if you were going to make that decision the whole time...

Shane:  Well, I listened to all information, and had to make the best decision....

Frank:  You made us look like a bunch of yo yo's dog.

Shane:  Well I'm sorry...

Frank:  You can stuff your sorries in a sack, son!

(Another great line from Frank.)

Mike:  Well, you were worried all about how you'd look on TV Shane, and now you just look like Dan's bitch!  You better hope your boss wins HOH this week.

Shane:  Is that a threat?

Mike: No, it's not a threat.  I'm not in the game anymore!  But Frank can back that up next week.  I'm gonna love watching you get played in this game.

Frank:  And it's great for Dan, because he just went from my #1 target to my #2 target.

Jenn eats an orange.  Frank just had one and said it tasted great.

Shane just keeps doing dishes.  Sometimes that is the only thing you can do to keep busy in there.

Joe knows how lucky he is, and for once is smart enough to keep quiet.

Ian rocks back and forth like a mental patient.

Mike tells his former team of Frank, Ian and Jenn that they will surely get taken to the end now, since they know they won't get their vote to win.

Ian, laughing:  You know what that means?  New mountain bikes!

Mike:  Yep, $50,000 for somebody!

Frank, to Shane:  I'll tell you what Shane, your boy over there ain't helping you out at all right now...

Mike:  Yeah, he's sitting over there loving all of this.  Maybe he'll throw the HOH again, too, like I did last Thursday.

I love how you can see Dan reading the Bible just over Mike's shoulder.  Mike walks by Dan and says "Good gameplay!  Good job"

Tension? Nah, There's No Tension....#BB14


Jenn is Mad at Dan Now #BB14

Just now, as she was leaving the HOH meeting with Shane, she said, "you must have some kind of hella deal with Dan, Shane, and I hope it works out..."

Shane:  Not necessarily...

Jenn goes downstairs to the kitchen sink, where Dan is doing dishes, and says, "Until the end, huh Dan?"

No response from Judas Dan.

Jenn, washing a dish right next to him:  Yeah, you'll really like that album.  Especially the first song...the lyrics.....

Silence from Dan.

Jenn starts singing:  You'll look so pretty...digging your grave....

Then she walks down the hall to Skid Row, saying "It's your homie Jenn City!"

NOTE:  If you don't know, Jenn's last album with Kittie was called Until the End.  Dan told her he wanted to have that engraved on the inside of Chelsea's wedding ring, because the phrase touched him.  She said the whole album was about the problems that Kittie had with the record label, leading to their break up.

Britney is making toast and you can see her chewing with her mouth open in the first picture.

Jenn went into the bedroom and whispered with Mike, Frank and Ian about her conversation with Shane.  She says she asked point blank questions about who said what to him about her, and he couldn't answer.

Frank:  That motherfucker doesn't handle hard questions very well....

At some point, Dan might get tired of Ian being the good guy all of the time, while he takes the heat.  But right now the arrangement is certainly working for Ian, isn't it?

**Also**  Maybe it's okay for Jenn to sing her own songs in the house?  I don't think they've ever had that situation in the BB house, but if she co-wrote the songs with her band, surely she can sing them?

The POV is Over #BB14

and Jenn Arroyo was nominated.  She is upbeat and is telling Ashley she is going to "keep doing dishes and will come up with a good speech".

Mike looks reflective.  Ian just came in and gave them a big song and dance about how sorry he was about it all.

Now Danielle is in the HOH saying that Jenn made a comment downstairs about not being able to trust anybody.

Danielle:  She is holed up in the arcade with Ashley right now.

Britney is going downstairs to talk to Jenn but Jenn passed her in the hallway on the way to the kitchen.   Jenn is making noise in the kitchen, acting like she is happy, and Britney asks to speak with her alone.

Frank and Mike whisper on Skid Row.  They know Mike is gone. 

Britney wants to tell Jenn that she is not the target this week. Then Britney's main concern seems to be to let Jenn know that she HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  And she didn't know who Shane was going to nominate!

OK Britney.  We believe you.

Jenn says that she is campaigning now, and wants to stay in the house.  Jenn doesn't know it, but she really needs this to get some camera time.   I'm sure Production needs to start featuring her more now, too, since it looks like she might be there for awhile.

Then Ian came into the Arcade and Jenn cursed and let him know that she was "fucking pissed".  She said that "Dan had obviously been throwing her under the bus."

Ashley went into Skid Row and gave Mike a hug, saying she was sorry her positive vibes didn't work for him this week.

She went upstairs to talk to Shane, and wanted to know "what the hell is going on".  Shane tells her that she is on the block because she represented a potential vote for Mike to stay.

She mentioned that she was upset about the rumors of Mike trading her, and she would not have voted for him anyway. Shane says he hopes she doesn't have to experience this herself---it is hard to have to nominate someone else, but she is obviously up against a much bigger target this week.

Jenn:  Pawns can go home, too!

Shane has yet another new doo today, gently tousled bangs, still with the upward swoop.

The POV Ceremony is Underway Now.... #BB14

At least, I think it is.  I just came home and turned on the feeds to see Frank making one more pitch to Shane.  Shane seemed receptive, but I've certainly seen him act that way and then turn around and tell Britney he just placated Froogie.  They were talking about Dan and his sneaky, evil ways.  Shane was not impressed by Dan's performance in the HOH a few days ago, when he wanted to speak with Mike and Britney alone, rather than the entire Silent Six.  That move made Dan look shady and Mike...well, less shady.

Will Shane nominate Dan in Frank's place?  Or Jenn, as expected....

While that conversation was happening, Jenn was telling Mike and a few others about her old job in Marketing at the Virgin Record Store in Manhattan.  Union Square,too, I think.  The big one.

She was talking about some boy band that said during their concert at Madison Square Garden to "come on by the Virgin Megastore tomorrow to see them".  That appearance had not been scheduled and thousands of kids showed up to see them.  Virgin had to close part of the store to cordon off the crowd.  Jenn indicate that the store would usually charge the record label (or somebody) to pay for store closures, security, etc.  They were all pissed.

I got the impression it was a kiddy band, and not N'Sync or Backstreet Boys, but I could be wrong.  Jenn said she worked for the record store for 5 years.

Then she started to say that the craziest crowd she saw while working there was for LL Cool Jay.

Mike Boogie:   LL Cool Jay?

***FISH*** for about 15 minutes now.

Will Dan be pissed?  Will Boogie give a scathing message to the house guests when evicted on Thursday?  Will Chef Joe be released into the general population instead of Mike?

I guess we'll know very soon...