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Big Brother After Dark - Froogie Under Fire 8-19-12 #BB14

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday night, and early Sunday morning where I live.

Shane is the HOH, and blindsided Mike and Frank by nominating them on Friday.  Earlier today, Frank won the POV, so now someone else is going on the block on Monday, to replace Frank.

Poor Shane keeps trying to evict Frank, but it's just not working out.


1.  When the show opens Mike and Frank are working out, hard, at the weight bench outside.  They have been running and doing cardio for awhile now, but were briefly interrupted about a half hour ago with an indoor lockdown.  During the lockdown, BB gave them an outdoor grill.

Joe is cooking chicken at the grill--it's a Weber Genesis and he says it is a pretty good one.

(I have the same exact model in my backyard and can vouch for it.)

Danielle was planning to cook the chicken in the oven, so Joe just put it on the grill instead.  Joe also cooked salmon on the grill and was eating a piece of it in front of the camera outdoors, with his hands and no utensils.

Inside Danielle made Mac and Cheese and they also have leftover mashed potatoes.  Dan loves the mac and cheese.  Britney chews with her mouth full and it is gross.  Now Britney decides to head in a nasty direction at the dinner table, by asking Dan if he thinks his wife enjoys the break from him attacking her every day.  She asks the same question of Joe but he doesn't answer.

Dan says he feels like a thirsty man who never knew how important water was, and he's gone 40 days without it.  Ian says "that's right...last time you didn't know that...".

Danielle said that was personal and Dan said he didn't want to talk about that.  There is a brief moment of tension at the table.  Ian apologizes.  So maybe Dan and his girlfriend during BB10 never had sex.  Who knows.  I certainly don't want to hear about Dan's sex life, or lack of sex life. 

Britney likes to turn the conversation to sexual topics--she likes the attention apparently.

2.  Joe comes in from the grill and Shane asked him to sit down and eat.  Joe said, no, he'll wait until later to eat.  (I guess he's not going to tell them about the salmon he just scarfed down outside.)

Now Britney talks about another one of her favorite topics---her frequent travels and how cultured she is.  She says she visited Picasso's birthplace, but doesn't care for his art.  She crows that she also visited The Prado, which is "a very famous museum in Madrid".  Ian brought over the huge mac and cheese pot and served Britney a spoonful of it at the table.  He loaded up his own plate with four huge spoonfuls of mac and cheese.  No, it's more than four now.  More like seven or eight.  No kidding.

Britney comments that Jenn is a pretty healthy eater.   She tells Jenn about an avocado that she hid in Ian's sock drawer several weeks ago so she could eat it the next day.  (I think she has to hide them from Joe.)  They forgot about it and Ian found it recently and it had fur growing all over it.

They discuss Ian's metabolism and how much he can eat and stay slim.  He is back up to 125 pounds now, after being off the slop diet for a few weeks.  Britney can't finisih her mac and cheese and calls Danielle a bully for hounding her about it.

Ian used to eat competitively, he says, and was in a Twinkie eating contest.

Ian:  On a good day I can eat about 8 of 'em in a minute thirty seconds.

He doesn't wet the Twinkies down, but he has a glass of water to drink while he competes.  He has eaten several boxes of Twinkies at a time before, but that was all of the food they had in the house.  (Obviously during college. I think Mrs. Terry would keep a better pantry than that.)

Jenn has visited the Coney Island hotdog eating contest before.  There used to be a bar called Beer Island right down the street, so she would go there with her friends and get a table and "made a day out of it".  They discuss that radio contest where the lady won a Wii and died because she had to drink so much water.

I have analyzed it, and Britney actually talks while she eats.  I'm hoping she knows better than to show us all what is in her mouth while she is chewing.  Maybe not though.  She also rests her elbow on the table and picks at her scalp, right at the table.

3.  Joe talks about grilling pineapple.  Jenn says that just gave her a "lady boner".  Britney complains about a former boyfriend who grilled pineapple but didn't clean the grill afterwards, so the hamburgers tasted like pineapple.

Jenn eats some salmon that I guess was baked.  She asks Joe if it is "baked at 400 for 10 minutes" and he says yep, that's how you do it.  Mike is eating salmon and a vegetable at the table silently.  No carbs or conversation for Mike right now.

In the backyard Dan and Danielle lay on the chaise.  Ian was out there and Dan asked him, "is it just us out here?".  Ian said yes.

Dan:  Anything new?

Ian:  They seem to think that after today they're both safe.

Dan:  Let 'em think it.

They have a lot of candy from the competition today.  Danielle brought Dan a package of candy and they eat it.  The camera won't let us see what kind, but it was made in Bethleham Pennsylvania.

(I guess if you don't have anything to read for weeks, you start reading all of the food boxes and bags.)

Now Ashley comes out and goes to sit in the hammock with Ian.  She is sitting awfully close to him, and talking about how neither Kara nor Wil campaigned for votes.  I think she is worried about being on the block.

Ashley: I had one lollipop!  I could have won!  I was so close!

(Earlier Ian was very angry about Ashley's performance, saying she deserved to go home just for that.)

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Mike is Going to Go Off on Joe Tonight #BB14

Mike:  I could get him an agent the minute we get out of this house, and instead he decides to join Team Dan!  What is someone who lives in Michigan going to do for him?  I live in frickin' Hollywood and I was on a VH-1 show about restaurants!  Dude, you're not going to get famous on your own!  You were making turkey burgers on reality TV!  And now you're in the Diary Room trying to get me thrown out of the game for cheating!

Ashley says  he just kisses up to whoever is in control and they all agree.  Ian went inside and made popcorn to eat while he watches the show.

Father Dan Feels Remorse #BB14

Dan is cooking and telling Danielle he feels badly about what he said to Frank earlier in the kitchen.

He wishes he hadn't responded the way he did.

I saw that exchange, and basically Frank was alone with Dan in the kitchen, and said he wanted to ask him a question---from a game perspective, do you think you made your move a bit too early?

Dan said there have been a lot of assumptions made, but he likes Frank as a person.

Frank said, Yes, it was a bit premature, but it is going to be hard for Dan to get votes with Frank on the Jury.

Dan said, "Likewise" and the word hung in the air for a few minutes.  When Frank walked back through the kitchen he said to Dan, "thanks for that" and then Frank mentioned the good old days when Dan would chill in the HOH and listen to Frank's CD.

So now Dan feels badly about that, and thinks he have reacted better.  Danielle tells him not to beat himself up.

Boo Hoo.  Dan is so freakin' holy.  Sorry.  I'm not a Dan fan and never have been.  I would like him better if he owned his lies in the DR, at the very least.

Check Out Shane's Hair Today #BB14

He's got a different doo today.    He is laying in bed with Britney, telling her about his conversation with Mike Boogie today.    He tells her that he even pulled out the New Hampshire card, trying to build rapport.

Britney said that Mike and Frank were downstairs acting cocky, like they were sure that Dan would go up on the block tomorrow.

Shane:  Why would I do that?

Shane can't believe that Ashley or Jenn haven't come to talk to him about his nomination tomorrow.  It sounds like he is leaning towards putting Jenn  on the block.  He is going to tell her that she represents a possible vote for Mike.

Now Britney discusses Danielle's weird behavior with Shane.

Britney:  She just gives you hints but won't tell you...she kept saying don't you think Shane is acting weird?

They don't know why she keeps trying to stir up trouble, when she is the least targeted person in their group.  Shane says he likes her as a person but in the game she is really annoying.  Shane says he keeps trying to get rid of Frank and he keeps escaping.

Well, I Think I Know Why the POV Took So Long Yesterday #BB14

I heard Mike discussing what happened yesterday after the POV with Frank.  I only heard a few sentences before we got FISH, but what I heard was this:

Mike:  And another thing to tell Shane is, Joe took Ashley right into the storage room and told her, the POV is your's because Mike and Frank cheated!

They were discussing facts to tell Shane to support why he should nominate Dan or Joe.  Frank said that they checked the tape after that.

So if there was a cheating scandal of some sort, Big Brother certainly didn't want us to  know about it.

Froogie Start Working on Ian #BB14

and they are trying to plant ideas in his head about Dan.  Mike says that he didn't just get invited to his wedding with like, 200 other people, but the bachelor party two, with like 8 guys.

Ian:  You met him before this?

Mike tells him how Dan sought him out after winning BB10, and if Dan will do this to him, imagine what he will do to everybody else.

Ian told them that Joe was up until 4:00 in the morning.  He got drunk and then grilled pork chops.  Ian said that he "fucking ate them like this, with the grease just dripping down his arm".

Frank:  That's disgusting...

At one point Ian  says that "he is friends with Dan, but this is a game and they need to understand that".  Frank jumps right on that and wants to know what Ian meant.  (It did sound rather revealing.)

Ian:  Well, this is a game.  And I'm friends with Dan, but I wouldn't hesitate to nominate him.

Frank: OK. I gotcha.

Ian says if he won next week, he would nominate Joe and Ashley.  He's good friends with Ashley, but he will nominate her.

Jenn comes out and it turns into a Team Boogie meeting.  Frank starts talking about how they are all sick of Joe not washing his hands and touching the food, and using all the ground turkey.  (Jenn  has been PISSED about the ground turkey.)

Jenn said last night Joe would go to bed, then get back up and come back outside, like it was a vigil.

More Vintage BB7 Pictures #BB14

I watched a few more vintage clips from the BB7 All Stars feeds that are stored on the SuperPass website.  It was fun to watch these so if you have a SuperPass subscription I recommend surfing around in this area of their website.  They are in the Video section--you will see drop down menus for every season since BB6.

In this clip, Dr. Will and Janelle are laying in bed and chatting.  Dr. Will is doing the talking, but all we see is Janelle.   There is heavy flirtation going on.  Will is telling her that Mike Boogie is a HUGE Big Brother fan but likes to play that down to appear cool.  He says that during BB6, Mike would call Will and describe Janelle, and how cool as shit she was.

Of course, Dr. Will is way too cool to ever watch Big Brother.  Uh huh.  I believe that.  Yep.

You can see the impact that Dr. Will's words have on Janelle.  She didn't need a spoon to eat this up.

This next clip I kind of hesitate to post. but hey what the hell.  It's right there on the SuperPass website.  If you don't know, the All Star season was NUTS.  They were always drinking and partying and messing around.

In this clip, Erika and Janelle put whipped cream and ice cream on Dr. Will's stomach and eat it off.  Dr. Will wasn't exactly NOT enjoying it either, as you might imagine.  Erika and Janelle both took bites (or licks) at least 4 times.  I guess Mike Boogie was in the HOH room, because we can hear him say that he was going to come downstairs and work out with them, but it looks like plans changed.

Will stands up at the end to wipe off his stomach and the girls say his abs are hard enough to eat off of.  You can see Janelle look up at Mike in the second picture.   No clue about why Erika was wearing a tiara.  I'm sure they were wasted, big time.

I also watched a clip from the SuperPass BB6 archives titled "Drunk Janelle".  I only took one picture but she was pretty lit in this one, and is going off about the Nerd Herd.  Howie, James and Rachel were there.  James was mortified about some of the things she was saying, and even said that they shouldn't be making personal attacks against each other.

I remember Janelle was calling Jennifer "that Mexican whore".  (ha ha ha)  And she would act like she was going to find the Nerd Herd and then would say "Howie, stop holding me back!"

Howie was no where near her, of course.  This is a funny one to watch but it will make you miss Janelle if you are a fan of hers.  And who isn't, right?

Wil Has Released Himself on Louisville #BB14

and is tweeting again.  I expect to enjoy Wil's entertaining tweets.  Here is one of his first after eviction...

Love it.  I think that is his beloved old dog Belle.  Note that he swore on Belle's life, and lied, so that should put to rest all of this swearing on this and that they do in the house.  It doesn't mean anything, and no one should fall for it.

Nicely appointed kitchen, huh?  The Heusers have good taste.

Dan Invited Mike to his Wedding #BB14

and also to the bachelor party.  Mike wants Frank to point that out to Shane, that Mike was the first person Dan wanted to speak with after he won BB10, to get advice on what to do next.

Mike:  And he still credits me to this day for the good advice.  And then he asked me to his wedding...

Frank:  Did you go?

Mike:  Nah..

Frank:  That's why we're in this situation, dog!

They laugh.  Mike says to point this out, and to say that if Dan will fuck over Mike Boogie, who he calls a friend outside of this game, and and invited him to the wedding, what will he do to someone he has known for 43 days?

Frank:  He's Essing your Dee, man.

Mike doesn't understand that slang.  Frank explains that Dan was sucking his dick.

(ha ha ha  Frank has the best slang.)

Mike thinks he is a nice guy outside of this house, but in here Dan is a fucking liar.  Frank thinks it will be hard to leave that reputation at the door for him after this season.

Mike:  The thing with him, is he doesn't have any absolutes.  Like I would absolutely not vote against you.  He got lucky with Memphis...if he wasn't certain that he would smash him with the votes, he would have taken that old man with him in the end.

Frank:  That's somethin' I've gotta tell let him know that is how Dan plays this game.

Mike Talks about his Tennis Player Friend #BB14

who won the women's doubles title this year.  She got injured this year but was top ranked going into the Olympics. 

Mike can't wait to hear the scores from Wimbledon and the Olympics.  He says into his microphone that he doesn't want to see them on Thursday, though.

Mike has been to 7 US Opens, 2 Australian opens, and several Wimbledons.  He saw Andre Agassi win a gold medal and he was with Brooke Shields at the time.  He took pictures of Andre looking up at her and mouthing words during the game.  His friend gets him great seats in the boxes, so he sits near celebrities.

Dr. Will's brother in law (Erin's brother?) actually coaches Andy Roddick.  Mike saw him there at Wimbledon and chit chatted with him.  Andy was with Brooklyn Decker and so Mike got to meet her and make small talk.

**Did you know that Jordan Lloyd went to high school with Brooklyn Decker?  Here a picture of Jordan on the homecoming court of Butler High School.  I think that is Brooklyn standing next to her.***
I have to admit I don't really know who Brooklyn Decker is, but I know she snagged a big tennis player and is a blonde now.

Mike tells a story where he ended up taking some serves from Pete Sampras after practice one day.  Mike was nervous and made a joke about Pete winning 14 grand slams.  Pete joked about Mike's backhand and let Mike hit a winner off of him.  Mike says it was a Bucket List item and on the way home he called every kid he ever played tennis with in high school.  He says Pete's wife came out there and was "hotter than holy hell".

**Pete Sampras said hi to me one time at a tennis tournament.  But I had to say Hi first.  I was so shook up I left my favorite jacket in the Port a Potty.  I couldn't remember which one I went in to so I could get it back, so I sacrificed it.  Pete has a very hairy chest but a smile like Adrian Grenier.  Yummy.***

Froogie Discusses Their Options #BB14

They are sitting on the patio discussing how they will "divide and conquer" today with the other house guests over the next two days.

Frank notes that Britney is extremely concerned about looking like a fool.  She told Frank about how she went online and read on websites that the fans thought of her coming in as a coach like a joke.  She was very embarrassed about that.

(Hi Britney!)

Frank thinks they can play that up, that she is going to get played trusting Shane and Dan, and this is a way for her to get the last laugh.  Frank knows that at this point they need to express loyalty and that they will owe her for the rest of the game.  Mike agrees, and says the next month will go fast.  They plan to bring up how she had to deal with Willie in the beginning of the game, and had to work her way out of that ever since.

Mike:  I wish she was a morning person---this is the best time for us to talk.

Frank is going to play up the fact that people get starstruck by Dan, and forget what a schemer he was in BB10.  He says when they spoke yesterday she said she was so freaked out the first few weeks that she was actually working with Janelle, who was one of her BB idols.  He is going to play that up, that Dan is so dangerous and she doesn't want to learn that the hard way.

Mike is going to start saying things to quietly disparage Dan, like saying, "I feel so bad about this...Frank is unemployed and really needs the money, but I trusted Dan  in this game and I think I ruined his chances now".

Mike is excited about the many routes they can take in the net two days.

Mike:  Tell Shane, who do you think Dan is going to put up when he decides to start winning?  It's going to be you, dog!  And you can't play next week.

**I know that Mike Boogie is a polarizing figure in the game, but I love his strategic fighting spirit and the way he shares his strategy with us every day.  Once he is gone, the quality of the live feeds is going to drop significantly, in my opinion.  Mike is a damn fighter, and I would want to be on his team.  I respect that he does not lie in the house like everybody else.***

Mike:  I'm going to pull out New England today....all the fucking stops with Shane..

Frank:  His sister is pretty fucking hot....

Mike: Yeah!  And moving to my home town!  Can you imagine if she was single?  I'd have to go see my Nana and take a crack at that POV!